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 Post subject: Sea of despair
PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 11:26 pm 
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I close my eyes and I find myself falling into
a sea of despair. I surround myself with a
light which cannot be breached by the
darkness which surrounds me. I feel the
arms of the tormented reaching at me from
this darkness, beckoning me to join them,
tearing at my flesh in anger because I will
not come to them willingly.
I hear their screams of rage that I will not
follow in their folly. They point and laugh at
my foolishness because they are so sure
that theirs is the only way to live. I see them
tearing at their own flesh in a cannibalistic
frenzy of greed and hate. They look at me
with hunger in their eyes, yet there is a
sweetness in their voice calling to me in
the hopes that I will join them in their trap of

As I continue to fall, the darkness deepens.
The blackness surrounds me, impenetrable.
The hands and maw's of death that reach for
me now are no longer human in nature. I
am in the midst of demons. I curl into a ball
to protect myself, self preservation is a must if
I am to succeed. Until I know how to succeed
though I must withdraw within to find the
answers because I know that the answers
cannot be found in the darkness beyond.
Out there, there is only insanity.

How can I win against this impenetrable
darkness? The claws of hatred battering
me to and fro, attempting to shake me
from my faith in what I know to be true.
Although my light remains steady, I weep
tears of sorrow because I know not what to do.

As the darkness turns into the blackest
of black, I see some of the demons shaken
in their beliefs. I see a fluttering of the once
human features cross their face, and the
confusion in their eyes as they awaken for
a brief moment and realize what they have
become. Yet I am trapped, I cannot reach
out to them to show them what it is that I
see. This beauty unimaginable, more pure
than the white clouds wafting above in the
sky. The pureness of unity with the one
true reality which we call Life.

Alas, the one brief flicker of recognition is
once again put to rest, and they return to the
carnage with a glee and zest more intense
than before the little awakening. To them this
was just a dream, when the truth is, that brief
flicker was the reality, and what they are now
living in is what is in truth the dream.

Yet still I am trapped. How can I reach out?
How can I signal those who wake for that
brief moment? How can I call to their true
nature when I am surrounded and being
battered as such? How can I bring more into
the light of understanding, the light of Truth,
when I myself am barely able to keep afloat
in this wicked sea of darkness?

Is it fear that keeps me paralyzed? Is it fear
that if I reach out of my protective shell that
I have created, that the darkness will grab
me and fully engulf my heart, tearing my
spirit asunder and making me into one of
them? Is it fear that they have the ability to
extinguish my light that prevents me from
reaching out to those that have a chance of
being saved? Am I afraid that if I jump into
this dark sea, that I will be swallowed
whole, what I now know to be the Truth to
be taken from me forever? To be twisted
and torn apart to the point that reality
becomes a dream?

Can this happen? Or have I let this ugliness
paralyze me? Can the Truth I have found in
myself be extinguished? Am I foolish to be
afraid? Is not the truth the ultimate,
incorruptible reality that we have? Is it
myself who is weak in my faith? Is it that I
am afraid that this truth I perceive may be
an illusion? Have I allowed a sliver of
darkness into my soul which causes me to
doubt what it is that I believe?

If this is the case, then I shall weep in
sorrow, because I have failed. I must find
and remove this sliver of darkness that
still has a hold of me.
I must find a way to shatter these paralyzing
chains once and for all if I am to fully realize
my life long dream of embracing the
ultimate Truth.
I must withdraw even further to search my
innermost being for the faith which I seem
to be lacking. I must find and embrace fully
the Truth, or all will be for naught, because
the acceptance of Truth cannot be diluted
or it will no longer be the Truth, it will be a lie.
A shadow which will succumb to darkness as it
is diluted in this deep dark sea of despair.

To those of you who have decided to read this
in its entirety, please hear these words. We
cannot win by pointing out the obvious.
Truth is Truth, a lie is a lie. Murder is murder,
torture is torture. Oppression is oppression,
and hate is hate. These things are absolutes,
and there is no gray area.
The people in the dark sea cannot see this.
We are speaking to the deaf when we continue
to do this.

Look inside yourselves. Look inside deeper than
you have ever gone before. Forget everything
you see and hear around you and listen.
Let your conscious mind die. Forget about hopes
and dreams and desires. Search instead for reality.
We create our own reality. We seem to not
understand this and because of this, we have
surrendered control to allow others to create our
reality for us. If we are to win this never ending
battle, then we must come together as ONE in
Truth and take back our control of reality.
Until as ONE we wake up and realize this, we
will never have peace, nor will we ever know Truth.
The Truth is inside each and every one of us.
Seek it as if your life depended on it, because in
reality, it does.

The war to end all wars can only be fought on the front-lines of the mind.

The greatest deception they have perpetrated is that we need them. Our greatest mistake is that we believe them.

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