Never Forget
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Author:  CrimsonEagle [ Mon Sep 25, 2006 11:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Never Forget

Can I ask you all something?

How many times throughout human history have humans vowed "Never Forget?"

How many times have we forgotten?

How many times must we do this over and over again before we finally get it right?

In the past we always said "Never Forget" at the end of human atrocity's that spanned decades. Why at the very beginning of this atrocity did we scream as one "Never Forget"

Were we screaming to ourselves a warning, a warning to "Never Forget", a warning that we have forgotten and we were trying to remind ourselves of our promise to "Never Forget"

How many times will it take for us to learn? Are we as a whole really that dense?

Listen to me people. This time I make you a promise. This time we "Will Never FORGET!!"

We are bringing upon ourselves an atrocity that is unparalleled in human history.

Never can our minds remember the horrors of the past. It is because of this that we are now brining a horror upon this planet that our minds cannot fathom.


Are you awake? Are you sure? In the state you are in when you think yourself to be awake, have you ever heard someone speak talk as crazy as this?

I make no sense you say? Perhaps its because you are dreaming and to you I am speaking gibberish. Haven't you ever had dreams that you thought were real, only to wake up to that moment of confusion, then wondering exactly it was that the dream was trying tell you.

How silly. A dream that we cant understand. A dream of beauty and perfection. A dream of human kindness and generosity. A dream of peace and love. A dream of unity in the hopes of making a better human "being."

Do you realize that every time in the past that we have said "Never Forget" we were making a pledge to our future generations that we would make this world into what I have described above? Have you forgotten?

You claim that I am the one who is asleep. You claim that I am delusional, insane, not in my right mind.

I beg to differ. It is you who are delusional, insane, and not in your right mind. It is you who are asleep. It is you who have chosen to forget and decided to go back to sleep.

I was asleep, but I have awakened. It is you who are sleeping, and you refuse to wake up. You cannot hear me screaming to you that our house is on fire and you must wake up to save yourself.

I cannot carry you. Your dead weight is to much for me to bear. You must wake up. It is you who are sleeping, and I must wake you. I must wake you so you can wake the next person in line.

They have drugged you. They have drugged you and I am attempting to snap you out of this nightmare that we have created. We must save as many of our brothers and sisters as we are able, yet still you sleep, still you cannot remember the promise we made to our future generations.

Are you going to allow this to happen? Are you going to choose to remain in your stupor? Don't you care what happens? Don't you realize just how bad this is going to be because we have not yet learned our lessons? Haven't you noticed that each punishment of our ignorance has been more severe each time?

The last punishment showed us what would happen if we chose to "Forget" once again. The lesson was Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This next punishment is going to be near utter destruction. There will be nearly nothing left. Is this a lesson that you want to learn the hard way, or do you want to WAKE UP!!! Do you want to visit this upon your children, and your children's children for generations to come?

You claim that I am the one who is naive. That I am the one that has no conception of reality? Fine. I have no argument for that. How can I argue that? How can I argue with you over something that you clearly do not understand? You should understand. You have the building material to understand laying right in front of you. You are just to lazy to put the picture together. Because of this laziness you cannot see the picture it is that I am trying to describe to you.

Do you think that peace is just a myth? Do you think there can be no peace in this world? Do you realize that because you think there can be no peace in this world, there in reality can be no peace in this world. Because you do not believe that there can be peace in this world, the person sleeping next to you believes that there can be no peace in this world. I am trying to wake you up. I am trying to tell you that yes, there can be peace in this world if we get enough people to awaken. It is you that are asleep and I need to wake you, it is urgent.

There are others such as myself that are doing the same thing as I am. They are trying to awaken others. They are trying to awaken others so that we can save ourselves. There will be no invisible hand that reaches down and stops the destruction that we are willing to do. The only willing hand to stop this destruction will be created by us, but we need more people to awaken to create this hand, to make it a reality.

There are still so many asleep. The earth is covered with people who are asleep and I am fearful that those of us who have awakened are too few in numbers to complete our task at hand. Yet we must continue. Failure is not an option that we can face.

If we fail at this, we will finally learn our lesson. We will have no choice because we will be no more.

Please. You must wake up. Start working on your picture, and do it quickly. Time is short.

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