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 Post subject: Empathy
PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 11:43 pm 
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[noun] understanding and entering into another's feelings

I cant remember what happened. I can remember the letters from the air telling us to go, but where? Where could we go? There was just no place for us to run.

I can remember when the bombs first started landing. In the distance at first, but slowly working their way closer. We could only sit in our closet and pray that we would be spared. We were both sitting there holding each other and crying in fear. We must have told each other "I love you so much" a thousand times. We were crying tears that seemed to never end. Time slowed to a crawl.

The bombs kept marching relentlessly towards us, the ground shaking, the blasts getting louder. We could not run. Where could we go? We were no longer crying, we couldn't even do this our fear was so great. We clutched each other in rigid silence and prayed our silent prayers.

A scream. I remember that, then darkness. I don't know how long I was out. Could have been minutes. Could have been days. I just cant tell you.

I can remember calling out my wife's name. Lisa? Lisa? Are you ok? I can remember thinking to myself that she must be because I am. We made it. She had to have made it.

I moved a bit. For some reason she was not next to me anymore. This didn't make sense. We were entwined in our terror. A pain shot down my body like I have never felt before. I had to ignore it. I had to find my wife, my life.

I see her, a part of her. She is buried, but I see her. She has to be ok. I see her. I call to her again, but she still doesn't move. Its ok. She just has some stuff on her. I have to go help her. I can remember thinking to myself, "How did she get over there"? Everything is so fuzzy. I'm still confused.

I cant seem to get up. I feel wetness around my midsection, and pain all the way down my legs. The pain is unbearable, but I have to get to my wife, my life. I begin to crawl, steeling myself against my suffering. I have to help her out from under the ruble.

It seems to take me forever to get to her. I may have passed out, I don't know, but now I crawl and I am too her. I start to scream.

She is gone. My wife, my life is dead. She has been taken away. But no, she cant be!! She cant be!!!

I continue to scream. I scream a scream of horror that echoes throughout eternity. I scream, I cannot stop. How could this happen? Why did this happen? What did we do? What did she do?

WHAT DID SHE DO? This woman who I loved, the most sweet angel that I have ever laid eyes on lays dead in my arms, her blood mingling with mine.

Why? Why did you take her? Why did you not take me instead? Please bring her back, please take me instead. She does not deserve this, I DO!!!!

NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! I scream over and over. Holding her as close to my body as I possibly can in hopes that she can come back. I cannot lose her. I love her so much. I love her even more than I love myself. Please don't take her!!!

My voice is now hoarse. My screams sound like croaks, but in my heart they are deafening. These screams will not end. Not in this lifetime, nor in many. These screams will not end.

I hear voices outside now, I hear people calling, but I ignore them. I don't want them. I only want my Lisa. I want my wife. I want my life. My croaks have turned to whispers. Whispers of anguish that will echo through eternity.

I feel hands grab me. They say they have come to help me. I fight them. I do not want help. I want to stay here where I belong. With my wife. With my life.

I fight to hold onto her, but I am weak. I do not want to let go, but they force me to. They tell me there is nothing I can do, but this is a lie. It has to be. This cannot be real. It is not possible that I have lost my wife. It is not possible that I have lost my life. It is not possible. We were so happy. We still had so many dreams and promises to fulfill. We promised to love each other till death due us part, but not this way, please God, not this way.

As they drag me away, I continue to call out her name. Please Lisa. Please be alive. Please Lisa, I love you so much. Please don't go.

Now I sit in a silent stupor. I think that people are tending to me. Telling me that everything will be ok. I ignore them. They are wrong. Everything will not be ok. Everything will never be ok again. I have lost my wife. I have lost my life. I have lost the best part of me.

No. Nothing will be ok again. I am dead. All that remains is this shell. When I lost my wife. My life. I lost my soul. I am no more

The war to end all wars can only be fought on the front-lines of the mind.

The greatest deception they have perpetrated is that we need them. Our greatest mistake is that we believe them.

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