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Author:  jobot [ Fri Sep 29, 2006 7:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Crazy People/Crazy Stories

I've been a little worried about my liberal bumper stickers since moving from Cali to Florida. (One says, "Against abortion?...Don't have one!" Another is a simple No Bush sticker. The other...hmm..drawing a blank. I'll post when I remember. Then I've got my "Sharks" and "Giants" stickers). So anyways...Yesterday, my boyfriend was driving my car when he noticed a car tailing him. It then pulled up next to him, matching his speed, then proceeded to cut in front of him and stop dead. In the middle of rush hour traffic! The huge man jumped out of his car and walked up to my seated boyfriend. He said, "So, you're pro-abortion?"
"Ya. So what?" was my bf's reply.
"You know that's not good?" My boyfriend rolled up the window, and the man proceeded to stand there, staring at him for a minute. The first chance my boyfriend got, he pulled into another lane and drove away, leaving the man standing there, still stopped dead in the middle of traffic.
Now, I know that's no crazy getting beaten by an angered driver story or anything like that...but that's a little crazy!


I have more...

Author:  jobot [ Fri Sep 29, 2006 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Mean People

I was in the front yard a few days ago and smelled a BBQ. That was the first one I've smelled since I moved in here. I wondered who was cooking...
A few days later I took my dog in the backyard (I usually bring her in the front) to pee. I noticed, directly outside our back door, a pile of BBQ ashes w/ a screen (from the BBQ) dumped there. WTF? Someone came into my backyard, walked all the way up to my back door, and dumped their ashes and screen there?
My backyard is about two bedrooms big. It is seperated by fences on both sides from the neighbors, but not closed off completely. At the end or the fence there's approx 2 yards of open space, allowing you into the neighboring yards. (Hope that makes sense.) It's quite a walk to get from the neighbor's patio to my own, however.
What kind of person does that? What kind of person decides to not only trespass onto my property, but to dump their crap in front of my door? My bf and I will be doing a little peeking into our immediate neighbors yards this weekend. We plan on finding the person with the missing screen...

Author:  jobot [ Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Seinfeld Parody.

Ok, one more for now...
So, I was trying to park on the street in front of a friend's apartment complex a year back. I drove down the street, seeing no open spots, and circled the block to come around again. The second spot on the street was open, so I decided to take it, despite the fact that it would be a long walk to my friend's place. I started to reverse into the spot, and was halfway in when a big truck pulled around the corner and right into the spot! I had the back half of my bf's saturn in the spot already, and he pulled his big truck in front first anyways. I sat there, waiting for him to reverse. He didn't. I waited another minute. I put my hand out the window, trying to say, "What are you doing?" ...and received the finger. I honked, and he still would not move. Finally, after waiting for him to move for at least 3 minutes, I got out of my car to confront the bastard. As I approached his car, he reversed and sped down the street. (I'm not a big girl, by far, and hardly intimidating!) I got back into my car and finished parking it.
I was a little worried about him coming back around and hurting my bf's car while I was inside. It was fine when I came out later, but I couldn't help thinking how much that reminded me of a Seinfeld episode where they fight over who has the right to the parking space.

Author:  DO.g's [ Sat Sep 30, 2006 12:49 am ]
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Someone stole my parking spot in a city lot and just laughed and flipped me 1. I waited 'til he left and got out my trusty valve core remover and removed all his air valves from his 4 tires.

Pppppssssssttttttttttt! Pppppssssssttttttttttt! Ppppppsssssssttttttttt! Ppppppssssssttttttttt :!:

My friend was driving down the highway and some idiot in an old red Honda Civic kept racing up beside him and threatening to cutting him off. He finally got so mad that he managed to force them to a stop. He got out of his van and pulled open the door of the car. There was a girl driving and her friend in the passenger seat. The driver goes-" What are you going to do now , tough guy". He goes internally ballistic. This is the kind of guy who would cram corndogs, tiny tom donuts, pop and candy floss down your throat and then take you on a carny ride that he can make you spin around on faster and faster, just to see you barf. And he wouldn't care if you got it all over him, it was more important to make you sick.
A real popeye.

Anyway, he starts pulling his hair out, then has this look of delight and mischief in his face. He suddenly reaches in the car, puts his foot on the dash and pulls the steering wheel off the car and throws it in a field, turns around and gets in his van and drives away.

Author:  jobot [ Sat Sep 30, 2006 3:31 am ]
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I love crazy stories. More!!

Author:  Catherine [ Sat Sep 30, 2006 7:01 am ]
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My son, who is a cop, told me this story....

Two teenage girls were driving down a residential street. The passenger noticed another teenage girl on the sidewalk. She shrieked for her friend to stop the car because she'd recognized the girl on the sidewalk as the one who'd been trying to steal her boyfriend. The driver stopped the car and the passenger leaped out, shouting all kinds of abuse at the girl on the sidewalk. The driver, in a state of agitation, backed up the car without realizing that her shouting friend had managed to place herself smack dab behind it. The car went right over the suddenly silenced girl, trapping her under it and causing all kinds of serious injuries.

My son was the responding officer and he said when he wriggled under the car to see if the girl had a pulse, her body was so contorted she looked like a rag doll. The undercarriage of the car had scraped across the girl's upturned face. Her face was almost destroyed, but there was a pulse.

The EMTs arrived right behind my son, and they all had to work fast to jack up the car before they could remove the girl and take her to the hospital. To make this long story short, the girl did survive, but has had numerous surgeries, may not walk again, her vision has been impaired, and her face will have to be gradually rebuilt by plastic surgeons.

The girl who ran over her has been charged with all kinds of things and , had her friend died (this friend also happened to be her cousin so the whole family has been torn apart) she would've been charged with involuntary manslaughter. My son said the financial impact on both families has been horrendous, not to mention the emotional upheaval...all because a couple of teenagers threw an unnecessary hissy fit on another teenager who was minding her own business on a quiet, residential street.


Author:  mga [ Sat Sep 30, 2006 8:57 am ]
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aren't people fascinating?

if i ever won the lottery, i'm buying 10,000 acres in montana and building a house in the middle of it so i'll never have to see another human again.

Author:  jobot [ Sun Oct 01, 2006 4:57 am ]
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Oh ya.... my other bumper sticker has an American flag, and says, "These colors don't run.....the world!"

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