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 Post subject: Perspective.
PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 7:39 pm 
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One day, long, long ago, there was a group of people who lived in a distant land.

Now these poor people lived under the heel of tyranny. Not allowed to live as they saw fit. Forced to live as others dictated these poor people were very unhappy with their lot in life.

They prayed.

"Life is so unfair" they cried.

Woe is me.
Under the heal of tyranny I live. How can this be?
Is this not wrong oh Makers of Makers?
Please dear Lord, would you set us free?

Is there not a place in this Great Universe that I can go?
Is there not a place of freedom where I can allow my spirit
to grow? A place with your eyes we could see?

Please dear Lord, would you do this for us? Would you set us free?

Well this Maker of Makers did hear their cry. Love and sorrow filled his heart.

"Oh my Children please do not fret" the Maker of Makers did weep.

"I will help you to find this promise land you seek."

The Children then set sail, the oceans wind did gale,
The Maker of Makers sent them on their way.

"OH PRAISE THE LORD!" they did cry
"Our promise land is soon to come" they cried
Their course to freedom they did stay.

Now these poor people, they finally arrived to this promise land which they sought. Oh how glorious it was. Finally the chance to be free. Everything they asked for they received.

The first few years were very hard on these poor people. Thankfully however they had friends. Natives of this promise land. Through the hard times these new found friends nourished and supported these poor people, these poor spirits who only wanted to be free.
The Natives took these poor people by the hand in an attempt to show them how free, free can be.

"Oh what a generous gift you have given us" to the Maker of Makers they did cry.
"These kind people waiting here, with them to teach us we will not die".

The Maker of Makers was overjoyed at the happiness his children had found.
With the help of their siblings, he hoped the TRUTH could be found.

Hand in hand the sibling went, happy to be free.
Hand in hand the siblings went, with thoughts of the way it should be.

Now over the course of time, something happened within these poor people's heart. They seen how good everything was in this promise land and they wanted it for themselves.
As more and more of these poor people came the Natives began to become afraid. They seen the greed in these poor souls heart and realized these poor souls were not here for TRUTH, they were here to invade!!!

"Oh Maker of Makers, please help us." the natives cried
"Oh Great Spirit to all, what is it that we have done?"

The Maker of Makers looked down in deep sadness. His children had been deceived.
In IGNORANCE they misconstrued the TRUTH, instead of spiritual enlightenment they followed GREED!!

The Maker of Makers cried in sadness, realizing the horror's he unleashed.
His children fighting his children, a shattering of PEACE.

These poor people, these poor souls were consumed with desire.

The promised land did weep, covered red with blood. The poor people did not care however. These they slaughtered were not like them. They did not deserve the promise land.
These people were not the same,

"They are not my sibling's" the poor people cried And with this the slaughter continued, till nearly all the Red Men died.

These poor people, these poor lost souls were then so happy. Everything they desired was theirs. The lure of SELFISH GREED had blinded them, they did not realize that nothing belong's to them to begin with. Everything is just a temporary gift. Not one thing did they own. No longer even their souls. They had become fully possessed.

It was not long before the poor people were not content with what they had. They realized that there was so much more for the taking. They laid claim to the world.
They lifted their noses to TRUTH and SPIRIT. This was beneath them. ALL were beneath them. Misconstrued teaching of old led them to believe this. With this thought in mind they set out to conquer the world.

To distant lands they once again sailed, driven by desire and by greed.
"All is ours and all should bow" became their darkened creed

People they took, souls in chains, shackled from their lands.
To bring them home, to this place, into the NEW AGE of MAN.

The Spirits they smashed, crushed under the will of those corrupted by GREED
"You will bow to me now" they said.
"This is your new reality, LIFE is but a dream".

Oh how the Makers of Makers cried, from the Heavens poured tears of sorrow.
"Oh my poor children, what have I done"? the Makers of Makers cried to his firstborn now held in dread
He bowed his head in shame. He trusted these poor people too soon. In himself he holds the blame.

"HOW DARE YOU MOCK ME SO?" The Maker of Makers cried

"This spirit which resides within men can only be their own,
it is only within the spirits of these men that they can find their home"
"To take this spirit and deny it TRUTH, a chance in life to prevail,
in yourself the TRUST is broken, in this TRUTH I will NOT FAIL!!" the Maker of Makers made his OATH.

He watched in anger as these poor people, these corrupted one's continued on their destructive path.
He quietly watched the corruption spread, building up his coming WRATH.

"I will wait" the Maker of Makers said, all the while he fumed,
sitting back as a dread, all the Earth consumed.

"I will see who my true children are, through TRUE SPIRIT to me they shall shine"
"One more chance for this land, before I remove it from my MIND".

From land to land this sickness bled, so few in TRUTH would reap.
So few will ever understand, that it is in TRUTH that we do keep.


The war to end all wars can only be fought on the front-lines of the mind.

The greatest deception they have perpetrated is that we need them. Our greatest mistake is that we believe them.

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