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 Post subject: An Update of a Published Article On March 21, 1994
PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:47 pm 
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Planning for Terrorism
If these UN atrocities are allowed to continue, the Islamic Peril will become a self-fulfilling prophesy, as various Muslim groups and countries seek revenge on those they deem responsible. The Warmakers are not content to wait for this to happen on its own, however. As the article beginning on page 15 reveals, the same CFR Insiders who are decrying the fundamentalist danger have been in the forefront of a massive effort to build the most dangerous "Islamic fundamentalist" terrorist regimes and groups into genuine global menaces.

If terrorism fails to materialize, the Warmakers may even encourage, pay for, or stage incidents, as some evidence already suggests may be the case with regard to the World Trade Center explosion and the alleged plot to kill former President George Bush in Kuwait. Peculiar about the Bush mission to Kuwait is that the former President was visiting the El Sabah family, who paid bribes to three Americans, including a former Ambassador, to gain influence with the same George Bush to enter the war on the side of Kuwait.

In other words, Warmaker Bush was in Kuwait on a taxpayer-financed visit to a head of state who is accused of bribing Mr. Bush's former employees. This alleged assassination attempt was used as yet another excuse to drop 23 American missiles on Baghdad, killing eight civilians and an unknown number of military personnel. Besides possibly serving to destroy more evidence of Saddam's war machine that had been illegally provided to the dictator by the Insiders, another result of the raid certainly was to incite more hatred toward America among Muslims, which is exactly the Warmakers' intent.

If allowed to succeed, the unholy UN wars (both those now underway and those still to come) ultimately will be brought home to our own shores, resulting in the abrogation of our sovereignty by international treaty enforced by the UN mercenary army. Temporary suspension of constitutional guarantees is likely, including gun confiscation, ostensibly to control the three to six million "Muslim Fundamentalists" residing in the U.S. The ultimate aim of the Warmakers can only be to force UN troops onto U.S. soil on some peacekeeping pretext -- including the pretext of Muslim terrorism here or the pursuit of international terrorists in our midst. What elected or appointed official will resist an international treaty enforced by the United Nations? If and when fundamentalist Christians, Jews, or anyone else finally stand up for the rights of their Muslim neighbor they too may become a persecuted class, as German Christians were persecuted by the Nazis for acting out their faith in defense of Jews.

The war to end all wars can only be fought on the front-lines of the mind.

The greatest deception they have perpetrated is that we need them. Our greatest mistake is that we believe them.

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