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 Post subject: Feb.12, 1809- A MOMENTOUS DAY IN HISTORY
PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 4:45 pm 
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February 12th, 1809
On this date, two great men were born–
Abraham Lincoln, Emancipator of American Slaves
Charles Darwin, Emancipator of the Human Mind
Their Positive Legacies Still Endure
Let's have some Lincoln-Darwin Celebrations

Celebrations are an important part of every culture. They provide a tradition and a common bond to be shared among those who make up their culture, permitting them to experience a meaningful connection to one another and to the principles to which they subscribe. Unfortunately, most celebrations are based on ancient traditions that are relevant to only a specific country or culture, and they have often been, and continue to be, the source of serious conflicts.

At this juncture in history, the world has become so small and interdependent that we need a Global Celebration to promote a common bond among all people. The Darwin Day Celebration was founded on the premise that science, like music, is an international language that speaks to all people in very similar ways. While music is both intellectual and entertaining, science is our most reliable knowledge system, and it has been and continues to be acquired through human curiosity and ingenuity. Moreover, evolution via genetic variation and natural selection, introduced by Darwin, has become the central organizing principle in biology. In addition, evolution also plays a central role in astronomy and cosmology, where it refers to the way that stars, galaxies and the entire universe 'change over time.' To study biology while neglecting evolution would be like studying physics without Newton's laws that govern the universe or chemistry without the periodic table. Clearly, Darwin himself has become an internationally acclaimed figure, whose influence on progressive modern thought continues to be both profound and pervasive (Ernst Mayr, Darwin's Influence on Modern Thought, Scientific American, July 2000).

Current research in the field of genetics, including that on the human genome, has conclusively shown that all humans are essentially identical and that we are genetically related to all other living things on this planet. Thus an enlightened view of genetics is one of unity and equality among all humans and also one that fosters a deeper sense of respect and appreciation for all life. Today the validity of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection rests in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of genetics. Therefore, we conclude that Charles Darwin is a worthy symbol on which to focus, in order to build a Global Celebration of Science and Humanity that is intended to promote a common bond between all people of the earth.

Lets not forget Lincoln as well, as a man who changed our way of seeing each other, as more than a color chart of humanity.

Feb. 12, 1809 was a very good day for our planet because Lincoln became the great emancipator of the slaves in America, and Darwin became the great emancipator of the human mind, so they both deserve to be celebrated!" As I thought about this reply after the broadcast, it seemed to me that there was something particularly poignant about the relationship between Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, published November 24, 1859, that freed the human mind from superstition, thus permitting the interpretation of scientific data through the lens of naturalism instead of through the lens of theology, and Lincoln's signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, that freed humans from physical servitude. Together their actions represent a major step forward in the acquisition of freedoms for the entire human family. The magnitude of these accomplishments by visionary men, born on the same day, in the same year, gives their achievements a unique resonance, and enormous benefits have accrued to humankind ever since. Today both men are recognized around the world for the ongoing positive effect their efforts have had on developing the ethics of progressive modern thought.

Today as our freedoms are being removed and we are subjected to the tyrannies of brutality and oppression through such ruses in science and humanity as the Iraq war for resources control, the patriot act for societal control and intelligent design for our psychical control, we must begin by raising the standard of thinkers and free thought by remembering these two great men who were born at a time when oppression of gods, war and colonisation were central themes in our existence. These men heralded the way for us to rise above these age old oppressions of thought we still face today. Let us rise up and commemorate these great men as an example of mans progress through times of adversity, such as we are faced with today, and formulate a day of appreciation and celebration that will rival the oppressive nature of the structure of politics and religion. This is our way of casting aside the oppression of militarism that they would have us engage in, in the name of their need for power and control ,through the voices and actions of their false prophets(Profits!).

Thank you Lincoln and Darwin for the courage to stand up to the powers of hatred and ignorance, to face the slings and arrows(bullets!) of the ruling elitist oligarchy who would lie and cheat and steal their way through existence, with us as their tools and pawns.Your message is clear- May you be examples to us all.

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