The class war is real and happening in America
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Author:  DO.g's [ Fri Jun 16, 2006 5:55 am ]
Post subject:  The class war is real and happening in America

Investigative journalist Greg Palast discusses the disenfranchising of black voters from the voters rolls and what he calls "other dispatches front lines of the class war." Palast is author of the book, "Armed Madhouse."

"Years from now, in Guantanamo or in a refugee relocation "Enterprise Zone", your kids will ask you, "what did you do in the class war, daddy?" We may have to admit that conquest and occupation happened before we could fire off a shot. The trick of class war is not to let the victims know they're under attack. That's how, little by little, the owners of the planet take away what little we have."

This is what he calls the "front lines of the class war."

Read this interview to see how far America has fallen into the depths of neo-fascism as they control the voting in their banana republic. Sickening. This is a war against the classes and it is being fought in the places that can't be seen by the average American, safely tucked away in his little world of wealth and cushioned by the gentle hand of a blown up comfort zone. One day though, that hand will close in on those who will be outside of the truely comfortable and squeeze the air out of our little bubble zone. This is truly despicable secret tactics of the official conspiracy perpetrators that have made democracy in America a myth and fed it to the unwitting masses, like Hitler did to the German people to convince them of a supreme superiority and purpose. The more things change the more the same old tactics work. ... 14/1424239

This is being done to American soldiers, sent to protect America from the "Big Bad Terrarists", defenders of the country, are mere pawns in a bigger game called "class war elitist country manufacturing".

remember the Republican Party made a big deal about Al Gore complaining about soldiers' illegal absentee voting. These people knew that these soldiers couldn't defend themselves, would not know that their ballot would not be counted, would be challenged. And there's no way, I mean you could – from Baghdad you can fight George's war, but you can't fight for your ballot – massive, massive, nationwide challenge.

Makes you wonder if both sides of the house are in on this somehow, and Bush has been set up to perform this dirty deed. Then of course the Dems will come to power and "Save America from itself" but of course, once the ball is rolling, it is downhill all the way.

This is one expensive multimillion-dollar operation, and by the way, Amy, it's illegal, okay? ...- and people ask, 'Why didn't they go to jail now that you've caught them?' Because the cops, the voting cops in the United States are in the U.S. Justice Department, and at the time, 2004, the voting cop was John Ashcroft. You know, George Bush's guy, and now we have Gonzales. ...- the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, called, by the way, for a criminal investigation when I began showing this evidence. I don't give them my sources, but I do give them the public evidence, with the BBC's approval. You'll see it in the book. They did vote for criminal investigations. This never got reported in America. The reaction of the Justice Department was to completely ignore the demand for a criminal investigation, and George Bush fired every member of the Civil Rights Commission that voted for the criminal investigation. Do you like that?

He talks then about Jim Crow, Huey Long and the great flood of 1927.
One guy got up and yelled- "This is it. The rich are drowning us. The rich don't pay for our schools. The rich are leading us into their wars for oil." – At that time, by the way -- "The rich will not give us social security for old age. They are not protecting us or providing infrastructure. They are not saving us from deadly work, and they're letting the oil companies and the banks control this nation, and we have got to end it. We're going to take this nation back. We're going to share the wealth. Join with me." And there was a huge national uprising.

Sounds like Kanye West and his George Bush hates Black people, which was summarily drowned out by high positioned protesting voices, like a divine hurricane going through New Orleans. The class war is real and it hasn't changed much over the years. It is now more imperative than ever to implement, so it is secretly being imposed upon us while we sleepwalk until the end of democracy

Author:  dori [ Sat Jun 17, 2006 3:23 am ]
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You are right to be angry, DO.g's.

We rely on people from out of our country to tell us what is going on here. Our own MSM is too darn comfortable in bed with the government to tell us anything other than what that government wants us to hear.

We actually do have some fighting Dems, as much as people don't want to believe that. I saturate myself in voting records and Congressional speeches, knowing that the voting records are the important thing.

C-Span, and Project Vote-Smart are good places to get an idea of the direction individual Congresscritters are heading.

My so called Representative doesn't represent one darn value I hold! He is a bought and paid for patsy for big business. Meanwhile, he hops around his district like an Easter bunny dropping his colorful eggs constructed of pork, a little here, a little there. He gets immense free time on media and the fawning over him is enough to make one vomit.

The district immediately north of me has a fantastic Representative, Louise Slaughter. She is a dynamo and has terrific values. I would love to move into her district, but sure as anything, if I did, her district would be gerrymandered AGAIN!

It is all discouraging, but they count on us to be discouraged so we have to bite our lip and keep fighting!

Author:  DO.g's [ Tue Jun 20, 2006 1:08 pm ]
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Dori, it seems like John Conyers is the only senator who hasn't been corrupted and with balls enough to question the lies of the Bush agenda machine(outside of shoeless' wonderful Bushlies post). When will they stand up in unison and demand the pullout of American troops? When will they call Bush on his Bu!!shit? What are they afraid of?

Today on Democracy Now, Paul Krugman, columnist for The New York Times, speaking June 13th, 2006, author of the book, The Great Unraveling, a collection of his columns, speaking last week at the New York Ethical Culture Society in the launch of Greg Palast's book called Armed Madhouse. In addition to his work as a New York Times columnist, Krugman is also a professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University. ... 19/1340247

He discusses his observations on the class war in America.
...the important thing to realize about what's happened to America, both the flattening of our income distribution that happened in the middle of the century and the widening out that's happened again is, it's not a story about the top quarter of the population pulling ahead or the top 15%. The great bulk of the action is really a few percent, in many cases just a very, very small number of people. If you were to look at the -- there's been a large rise since the 1970s in the share of income that's gone to the top 10% of the population. I've gone through that. And if you work it out, it turns out that most of that rise is actually the top 1% of the population. And about half of it is the top 0.25% of the population, which means at the moment, or actually 2003, which is the last date for which we have it, people with incomes of more than $750,000 a year.

So we're really not talking about -- you know, you will hear stories that say, well, you know, people with good education and skills are pulling away from the rest of the population. Well, it's true that, by and large, people who are earning $750,000 or more a year have college educations. But not everybody, right? It's like I like to say, the Fortune 500 CEOs and high school teachers have about on average the same number of years of education. They’re not exactly experiencing the same pay raises. So this is tremendous elitism.

The trickle down effect is a term used to describe our economic system and is used to explain why the rich and corporatins get tax breaks.

Much more important is what this polarization of incomes does to our society. Now, there's part of it that I can't document too well, but I'm working on, which is, I think it actually just poisons the feeling of our society. And there is a reasonable amount of evidence that having a highly unequal society undermines the trust that people have in each other, because they don't believe that we're all in the same boat, that it actually increases corruption.
Read this article from the Vietnam Veterans Against War (2002)and you will see that there are books and people who are aware of this situation- especially this line, which says a lot. Paul Krugman is mentioned here as well.
The rising tide may lift all boats, but it doesn't turn a rowboat into a yacht. Remember Ronald Reagan's "trickle down" theory of economics? I didn't mind the trickle as much as the painful snatch-up. Has your 401K been acting like a raisin in the sun lately? How's your pension plan doing? We all know the stock market goes up and down - that's natural, mostly. Our folding money has "In God We Trust" printed on it. Many of us have heard: The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. We've figured out that also applies to the lords of the land whose cards and dice are used in the economic gambling game. Kevin Phillips firmly says, "Sit down, you're rockin' the boat!"

Here's some ideals the way it was intended to be that we should encapsulate as our new jingo.
I pledge allegiance to the Constitution
Of the United States of America And to the democracy for which it stands:
One nation, respecting the universe, Indivisible in its desire For liberty, justice and equality for all.

Read what he says about the 4 reasons Rome fell, from Gibbons rise and fall of the roman empire

I'm going to post this now and then go on later about our education system and how it's linked to all this through our colonialist/white supremacy roots. Better get your Paolo Friere knowledge up to snuff.

Author:  Catherine [ Tue Jun 20, 2006 4:10 pm ]
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The Dems in the Senate and in the House should be polled to see how many of them have actually read any of the excellent books that are available today that reveal the Bush administration's lies and deceitful practices.

When will they stand up in unison and demand the pullout of American troops? When will they call Bush on his Bu!!shit? What are they afraid of?

In the poll, the questions asked by DO.g's should also be included. :D


Author:  justinmoon22 [ Tue Jun 20, 2006 8:20 pm ]
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I honestly think the Dems are lying low for the time being for the elections in Nov. I believe they think if they start screaming impeachment or troop pullout that they will lose more votes that way. Not all Dems want a haste pullout. I think after the elections and we take back the house and senate we will se some action. Notice how the press coverage of troops being kidnapped, beaten, and killed is being enhanced so the people of America will get angry and want to "kick more ass". Once again a sly push by the "ROVEalation" He's at it again. And these stupid ass sheeple will follow. Classic Rove tactics. It worked in 2000, 04, Iraq, Immigration, why not mid-terms?

Author:  Catherine [ Wed Jun 21, 2006 1:04 am ]
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If the Dems are playing a "laying low" strategy, I hope they don't forget to sit up and take notice pretty soon, because if they don't get a darn good plan in place and out to the public to counter any and all of the usual Rove tactics, they're going to be caught unprepared and looking like fools....again. When will America have enough of Rove's kind of tactics? I ask that question again and again, and each time I already know the answer...too many people are just STUPID, and wish to remain so.

Too many politicians are corrupt, and the present political climate has allowed the evolution of things like Diebold, stolen elections, a disdain for the Constitution, an unjust war, domestic spying, and a gross imbalance in the powers of our government.

AND I think you're exactly right, justin...all of the recent events in Iraq are being played for all they're worth. I can smell Rove in all of it. He's feeling his oats again since Fitzgerald didn't indict him. Talk about letting a predator loose... :roll:


Author:  sadie53 [ Wed Jun 21, 2006 12:33 pm ]
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You know .....the repukes have gotten so good at dirty politics I don't think we will ever get back to normal. Lets just say the Dems win back the house. Then we get a Dem for predident. Who is to say we won't have multiple "terrorist" attacks right here in this country to prove that we need a "strong HE-man" back in office like Georgie porgie? They will stop at nothing to kepp the public brainwashed. It is very very sad that we have that many braindead ostriches in this country who like keeping their head in the sand!

A country built on FEAR of terrorists and FEAR of GOD through RELIGIOUS tactics!

Author:  Catherine [ Wed Jun 21, 2006 7:32 pm ]
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Right you are, sadie...and the irony of it is we grew up with the idea that things like this didn't and would never happen in America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. It's as though we're in a time warp, and America is living through a medieval era, where the general populace has been made to think that GWB and his cronies have a "divine right" to govern any way they choose. Instead of "The Divine Right of Kings," it's "The Divine Right of GWB and the Pig-Faced Karl Rove."

America now seems to be the Land of the Stupids and Home of the Nuts!


Author:  dori [ Thu Jun 22, 2006 5:10 am ]
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It is a good point that Dems should stand up and fight. Move On has an ad they run and then they poll afterward. The polls show people respond favorably to Dems when they fight back.

Rs are threatening stations and telling them not to run the ads, so some stations will not run those ads now.

Media again.

As for the behavior of many Americans, it mimics the behavior of Germans in the 1930s. Those Germans truly loved Hitler and even after he died they remained true to his 'leadership'. I believe it would be the same here--the Bushites would remain just as steadfastly true to the 'Bush Doctrine' as they are today.

I think I need more Tums.

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