History's Account Of Treatment Of Black People
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Author:  nielske_aca [ Sun Jun 10, 2007 3:00 am ]
Post subject:  History's Account Of Treatment Of Black People


The legal allowance of food for slaves in North Carolina, is in the words of the law, “a quart of corn per day.” See Haywood's Manual, 525. The legal allowance in Louisiana is more, a barrel [flour barrel] of corn, (in the ear,) or its equivalent in other grain, and a pint of salt a month. In the other slave states the amount of food for the slaves is left to the option of the master.


Author:  Catherine [ Sun Jun 10, 2007 4:08 am ]
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Welcome to the board, nielske_aca.

Your link doesn't work....please repost it.


Author:  dori [ Sun Jun 10, 2007 4:50 am ]
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It worked for me Catherine. Apparently it has been reposted.

Author:  Catherine [ Sun Jun 10, 2007 5:24 am ]
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I don't think it had been reposted, but I tried it again, and it worked.

It was an interesting link.

I recently read a book entitled An Imperfect God: George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America by Henry Wiencek. George and Martha Washington weren't all that wonderful to their slaves. In fact, this book reveals a lot of dispicable things done to the Mount Vernon slaves as well as how George actually participated in raffling off slaves in Williamsburg, VA to settle the debts of a man he knew. Most of the histories about Washington go into great detail about how he "freed" his slaves in his will. Washington's conscience was troubled after years and years of buying and selling slaves. This doesn't excuse him or his actions, but Washington was a man and a product of his time.

Here's the author of the book discussing his research:

Author:  dori [ Sun Jun 10, 2007 5:40 am ]
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AOM said people are imperfect. It is when someone is hypocritical that it ticks others off. I agree.

There is no perfection in nature, why would we believe it is in any of us? Because of my own imperfections, I would find a perfect person annoying.

The fact that blacks were a percentage of a person raather than a person says a lot about the thinking of the time of our nation's 'birth'. And women didn't seem to be people at all.

No, we were not perfect then, and we are not perfect now. But we don't have to wallow in it like Bush/Cheney do.

The way we have treated blacks, native people's, and just about anyone who wasn't 'connected' is a crime. I just don't like it when people are proud of their crimes!

Author:  Catherine [ Sun Jun 10, 2007 11:57 am ]
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The sad thing about this is that, while we've progressed so rapidly in terms of inventions and industry, we've not progressed very far in a lot of our interactions with other human beings, especially if they're not white. If Bushco had the ability to make it so, every Muslim in our country would be enslaved or placed on reservations. For that matter, Bush would like to do that to every American who disagrees with him.


Author:  Catherine [ Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:45 pm ]
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The above is a link to information on almost 35,000 slaving voyages. These voyages forcibly embarked over 10 million Africans for transport to the Americasbetween the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. It offers researchers, students and the general public a chance to rediscover the reality of one of the largest forced movements of peoples in world history.


Author:  Purple Tang [ Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:56 pm ]
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Those possessing superior technology have somewhat consistently murdered or enslaved those who did not.

"Bigger brains" does not = Better person

Author:  Catherine [ Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:07 am ]
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One of the more insightful comments made by one of the DeWolf relatives making the journey was that wealth created by the suffering of slaves enabled her ancestors to live a very comfortable life..that as long as the suffering was out of sight, it was out of mind, and created no problem for her ancestors. She was ashamed of them.

She went on to say that not much has changed....we Americans buy items every day made in places that we know are using slave labor and we think nothing of it...out of sight, out of mind, and we choose to ignore the suffering of those who are paid a pittance to create the products we're purchasing.

Of course, I immediately agreed with her, thinking of Wal-Mart and its products made in China.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:41 pm ]
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You can add Indonesia to that list.

While many are waking up, my fear is that it could precipitate martial law being invoked sooner rather than later.

We will have to take that chance of course.

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