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Author:  Catherine [ Tue Oct 03, 2006 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Celestial Weather Forecasts

I debated posting this in the ENVIRONMENT/WEATHER forum, but since astrology is a somewhat esoteric subject, I thought I'd put it in here. garagejazz, please feel free to move it if you deem it inappropriate for this forum:

Celestial Weather

The Week beginning October 2nd, 2006

Weekly Overview:

Jupiter continues to move from the square to Neptune to the square to Saturn (coming in three weeks) as political choices become firm and we have begun to emerge from Neptune's fog. Issues of secret courts carrying out ideological agendas will refocus on the power of the executive and leadership's responsibility for its actions. There will be somewhat less spin and more facts. Choices and allegiances will have more obvious consequences and they cannot be deferred much longer. But after this week's Full Moon on Friday illuminates the choices we've made and new journeys begun, we enter a period of normal energy levels which may seem abnormal by virtue of being normal. We've been stressed for so long this breathing spell feels long overdue. We enjoy greater day-to-day control and decision making power when we're not buffeted by rapid change and high-buzz action.

Long Range Forecast:

November 8 – In the middle of Mercury retrograde (10/29 through 11/EIGHTEEN) Mercury aligns exactly with the Sun in an “eclipse of Mercury”. The last time this happened was May 2003. Remember “Mission Accomplished?” I’m concerned about major Mercury aspects occurring near Election Day in the U.S. The 2000 election occurred on the day Mercury changed direction. The anticipated widespread use of electronic voting machines and validity of their results may be an issue.

November 23rd – Jupiter leaves Scorpio to spend a year in his home sign of Sagittarius. Less spying and secret courts, more transparency. A new cycle of foreign affairs, jurisprudence, and religious thinking begins.


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