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 Post subject: Intelligent design- What it potentially could mean!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 12:59 pm 
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Is this where our backwards sucking politicians got the concept about intelligent design?

We know how Bushie twisted its meaning and how religions try to monopolize on the concept. I personally believe in a system like the genetic code as universal way of transmitting information as well. The vehicle of transmission would be the electron.

This article goes into that concept and is a theoretical hypothetical about the origins and purpose of the universe- if indeed it does have a purpose. It goes from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to the Electro-Photonic memory and on to the history about how we have received clues to our ways of thinking- who is intended to understand and why as opposed to the multitudes who never get it- and how their wish for immortality through procreation is doomed to failure. Some religious sayings are added to illustrate that people have had great ideas about why we are here abnd how to show your support for that concept. If not based in some facts, religions would have a hard time standing up to even minor criticism. Crafting beliefs takes care, as we see the graves of so many failed gods dotted on the roadmap of history- ideas that couldn't cut it!

Here he tackles the old nature/nurture question-
Is chance or choice the essence of Nature?
by Thomas J. Chalko #

Abstract. At the beginning of the twenty first century the prevailing and vigorously defended view is that the Universe happened by chance. All fundamental sub-atomic processes are thought to be "random" and the only way to quantify them seems to be the "uncertainty" principle. Clearly, our conclusions about the Reality of the Universe are determined and limited by our imagination. Can we imagine alternatives? What if nothing in the Universe is by chance? Could it be by CHOICE?

His main site is here-

He is Australian and probably once again was inspired by aboriginal peoples and their ancient truths. His scientific and supernatural theories are interspersed with buddhist concepts and indigenous peoples traditions of belief about man, nature and the universe and how they relate to each other.

Plenty of good reading here. Check out the earth exploding as a result of global warming!

It is a well established fact, verified by decades of seismic measurements, that the Earth's inner core is a nearly spherical solid of about 1220 km radius that occupies the central position of our planet. The generally accepted view today is that this solid grew slowly to its current size as a result of the "crystallization" of the surrounding liquid. The "latent heat" of this "crystallization" allegedly explains how the inner core generates heat.

This article considers global hydro-gravitational equilibrium conditions for the Earth's inner core and presents a proof that the solid core of our planet could never be smaller or lighter than a certain minimum, otherwise the core would not be able to remain in the center of the planet ............Volcanoes become active and erupt violently not because the Earth's interior "crystallizes" as it is currently believed, but because the planetary nucleus is a nuclear fission reactor that needs COOLING ....................

While politicians and businessmen still debate the need for reducing greenhouse emissions and take pride to evade accepting any responsibility, the process of overheating of the inner core reactor has already begun - polar oceans have become warmer and polar caps have begun to melt. Do we have enough imagination, intelligence and integrity to comprehend the danger before the situation becomes irreversible?

We are not the first "civilization" on Earth to be wiped out due to the lack of understanding of Nature. Are we to be the LAST one? Do notorious abusers of Nature deserve to exist?

He wrote these article around the mystic year 2000- a weird time for earth- the Y2K thingy that had everyone wondering about end of the earth scenarios. He has updated until Feb 2006, so has remained recent.

Not that I'm in to esoteric teachings, but weird science is permeating the university psychology courses now, so whether you believe it or not, it is being investigated.

This is really a "Believe it or Not" item!

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 9:57 pm 
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Check out the video at about evangelist Chuck Missler and how he dissproves evolution with a jar of peanut butter.


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