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 Post subject: Bills of Rights and Constitutions .. Freedom.
PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2004 5:13 pm 
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If you think about the election, you must ask yourself what will change with Kerry or Bush? -> Not much, the plan will go on as planned.

I think that most of the World, is under the control of a very dangerous - (Military Industreal Economic Complex) Plutocracy.

There seems to be only two choices now :

1.) Do what they want us to and give up our rights and freedoms.

2.) Work to keep our rights and freedoms in place. There is nothing unpatriotic or unconstitutional in doing so!

Will young children soon be asking their parents what it was like when people were free?

Why is it so important for to them to remove - Rights and Freedom from the people?

Have they created a perfect enemy in order to complete their plans?

Most people don't want to hear anything about a creeping dictatorship or police state condition. No way, no how. Why? Because they believe they would or could see such a thing coming and they don't. Or they just don't care and people refuse to think critically about any of this.

How could that be? Well, The German people didn't see it coming either. Like most of us, they had jobs, the political-economic system seemed trustworthy / stable. They thought everything was fine. It was .. for awhile!

More on this subject here :

They Thought They Were Free
by Milton Mayer

Is there a solution?

There is much to be done - Don't give up!
One thing for sure, doing nothing equals getting nothing done.

Patriot Acts and the like, must GO ! They have nothing to do with Patriotism and everything in common with the dictates passed by despots. Rights and Freedom "MUST" be protected ! Without them, we have nothing left to defend ourselves against Tyranny.

This is nothing more or less then a Nazification of people everywhere. Terror was and still is being used for this purpose.

I don't think we will ever fix this problem with politics. Why? How can we fix a Military Industreal Economic Complex - Plutocracy?

Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual).
- Ayn Rand

[url] ... =democracy [url/]

We the people, each individual, must work from Town to Town, City to City and even Country to Country, in order to safe guard our rights and freedoms everywhere. If we don't work to save them, we have nothing left except a prison. Don't wait until the question is - What was it like when you were free? { Canada } { Canada } { Canada }

Really, there is only one choice ... Protecting your Rights and Freedom. "Then," there is lots more to do.

Don't be afraid and do not let terror dictate our lives. Don't give them up .. no matter what happens!

Don't ever lose focus of this. Always work and defend your rights and freedom everywhere, nothing has ever been more important ! One more thing .. perhaps we should create a section called -"reaching people," where we can share ideas on how to go about it? How have we reached people in the past and what did we do that was successful?

All for now.


 Post subject: Reply:The Bill of Rights and The Constitution...Freedoms
PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 4:19 am 
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Sir-Irate,you are correct on all the issues and all the points you have made in evey way.I also feel what's upon us,and know nothing will change,(except for the worse)
no matter whether its Bush or Kerry,or anyone currently in any position of power,and influence.
All in government and the monopoly press are degenerate,corrupt and compromised.I don't understand,why so many can't or won't understand this.People keep pretending that all will be made right once Kerry is in office and Bush is out.
They refuse to research and study the true history even with internet access.It's alarming how so many really believe things will all get better once Kerry is installed.
They will not realize the tremendous forces whom "our" government,media.etc. really work for.
Yes,Bush must go, but all the others must also,including Kerry/Edwards,and all the others no matter what "party" they claim to represent.
And all the shady behind the scenes characters,the international bankster,war-profitteers,
dope-smuggling gangsters who have the real power,here and all over the world.This goes as well for the monopoly press,and all the ABC agencies,which are nothing more than money-laundering outfits run by they're secret political police,
like the CIA,NSA,DEA,ATF,etc.on and on.Like-wise to their world-wide
counter-parts,such as MI5,MI6,
Mossad,etc.again on and on.

This is what I believe is the only way if there is to be any hope at all:
"That Whenever Any Form of Government Becomes Destructive of These Ends,it is The Right of The
People To Alter or to Abolish it etc."

To me,that is the only real and honest answer.That is exactly why that was put in place.As a safegard
and the remedy to what we have let become so monstrously out of control for way to long,this monstrosity,called our "government"
has become a self-replicating,perpetuating aboination.And should have been abolished years ago.

To me,and others,the only honest,
and realistic chance there is if its not too late,(though no matter what,we should never give up)
is to ABOLISH it.
The problems are of such grave magnitude,that to merely alter it is no longer a viable alternative.
WE have no choice,but to Abolsh it,or the nightmare scenes in Boston will be all of our way of life from now on,for those who survive.

What do you think about that?



 Post subject: Re: Reply:The Bill of Rights and The Constitution...Freedoms
PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 4:44 pm 
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carly101 wrote:

What do you think about that?


A lot of good points carly. Well, getting them out of office could prove to be imposable. I talked with a man about politics and getting a president booted out of office while he is "working / in session" as president. It just isn't going to happen. There are far to many loop holes. The man I talked with can explain it all in much detail. He can be found on MIRC chat. The info on the chat channel can be found at url /url His name is Gary and he was one of the main news sources for info getting news out Waco, if you remember that?

Dick Simkanin, jailed for making a point against the government where the judge who convicted him couldn't even cite a statute he had broken before he found him guilty. He's buried so deep in jail you can't even find him on Google or Yahoo.

How many stories on TV have had anything to say about Ernst Zundel, who talks frequently about peace, justice, and honesty, but for the past 14 months has been held in solitary confinement in a Canadian jail without any charges ever being filed. He is not even allowed to see the evidence against him. Yet he tells a very compelling story that everybody should listen to. Shouldn't the newspapers and TV be jumping on this story? Hey, how about some justice for Ernst?

They just get away with far to much crap. The Plutocracy that is. Above I mentioned Waco, Well, take Charles Sell. The guy who did dental IDs on the Waco victims and saw all those bulletholes. He served his sentence on some trumped up charge, but they won't let him out. They keep drugging him and saying he's crazy, a real tribute to the legacy of Janet Reno and Wesley Clark in an ugly Texas town.

I guess we have the honesty and understanding to admit, that America, Canada, Britain and others, are indeed the evil empires. You might hear people whispering that on the streets, but you'll never see it in the newspapers. I think people are afraid to say that, why? because if they do, they are afraid they'll disappear, just like those three I've mentioned,
Oh and so many I didn't.

If one says to much about current events, they'll get labeled as a "negative" person. I think they are plenty of people who think the same things, but they give up and turn to Prozak or something like it. It's not their fault though. All one has to do is realize what has been done to John Q. Public all these years.

I sent out a lot of emails, but I never get much of a reply back, just a couple now and then that read something like - "Can't you send anything positive?" and "Why are you so negative, your against everything?" I've sent out lots of positive stuff, but I guess they forget? I'm not against everything and I'm not against Governments and politics. I don't like the
Plutocracy we have today and I wish there could be some truth, justice and honesty in the Media and in Government.

You mentioned Drugs, sure, the get rich quick game. They deal in drugs for gold and use the mob and gangs to get it on the streets. It's 1.3 trillion per-annum business. Put more simply, it is the largest industry in the world. They pick on poor people and families, but never the source. Really, it should be called the war for drugs. Stop it, laugh, that would be like killing the Golden Goose that effortlessly lays so many golden eggs. The CIA’s long-term involvement with the narcotics industry resulted from their support of nations that strongly adhered to the anti communist
philosophy. So long as this World turns and we have the so called “red menace” to fight, those dope peddlers – large and small – who co-operated with the CIA’s cold war strategy, will remain immune to prosecution. Communism is something they have always used as tool to create what? right .. Fear. By creating this fear, they can easily fool the public and go on with their diabolical plans.

What would be needed, would be to abolish the current political system and maybe run independents and maybe for only two years. If they don't prove out, give them the boot. Also, the corruption in the courts would have to go, right down to the lowest levels. Also, mainstream media should be held accountable for dishonesty or out right lies. Ownership of media by the few, would also need to be abolished .. etc,etc.

Well, I've written a book here, I got to run, best ! :}


 Post subject: Sir and carly...
PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 5:32 pm 
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Sir, you bring up some very interesting "ways to improve" our electoral process...but you and I both know nothing much is going to happen regarding THAT aspect of our government, at least not in our lifetimes...maybe by about 2200, if we're lucky. :roll:

I wanted to point you and carly to a couple of sites that are almost as good as may know of them, you may not...but just for your info: and

At the first site, I was able to take a look at exactly who owns the media. Click on that icon and three different views will pop up...

Take care and have a good weekend...



"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime."
Honore de Balzac

"Democrats work to help people who need help.
That other party, they work for people who don't need help.
That's all there is to it."

~Harry S. Truman

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