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 Post subject: A few questions Mr.President!!
PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:17 am 
Hear Me Roar!

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Thank you Mr. President, for taking a few of my questions. And oh by the way, placing your "support our troops" ribbon, on the back of your pants, clearly indicates to the american people that indeed, you are "backing our troops." (many kudos to you sir!!)

For openers Mr. President, you have stated, that one of your major objectives, is to make college education more affordable. However, over the last two years, our college here, has increased it's tuition, close to 6.5%. Will there be a piece of future legislation, allowing a student to claim "tax credits," to help offset this increase, or simply future legislation, allowing the student to make smaller monthly payments, by increasing the time to pay back this loan, at around 110 years?

Your promise of jobs!! jobs!! jobs!! has me excited Mr. President. However, I am a little confused, as to the type of jobs you want to create. Although a "premiere college education" is the "eternal gateway" to one's own prosperity, I fail to understand, why such an education is needed, for filing bankruptcy. I've heard a lot, over the last several years, regarding renewable energy, and how this energy can make an immediate change, in the quality of life we live today. Please forgive me Mr. President, but is green energy the same as renewable energy?
I just read the "ticker" on CNBC, and GE/Boeing/Lockheed Martin, have been doing rather nicely this quarter. is THIS, the "green energy" you were proposing?

Your latest "CON"promise with the American people, regarding tax cuts, has left me wondering, if that yellow streak from your lapel, is a crayon mark, left by one of your children, or is it my computer monitor, manufactured in Bangladesh, by 135 thirteen year olds going bad?

Your campaign message of ending these wars, has literally made me "cry to the heavens," shouting "praise the lord." For truly, it is about time. Personally, I wanted to vote for you twice, at my local church, fully equipped with metal detectors, for this message, and this message alone. However, why are they coming back at Dover Air Force base? I know the winter has been miserable there, but gosh Mr. President, we have so many other airports!!

Well, at least they're not being groped there!! We can trust our troops huh!!

I know you are aware of our mounting debt in China Mr. President. Are there any immediate plans, to move our central banks to China? God only knows, how much money we could save the american taxpayer, in shipping and handling costs. In addition, could our "Runaway Federal Reserve," run off this renewable energy, that you're proposing to congress?

And finally Mr. President. I am fully aware of the current Republican party's stance, on current events. Truly, it must be "heartwrenching," at times, getting any piece of "non lying, non yellowbelly, non corporate, non child labor or non wars based on lies, and lies based on wars" legislation passed through congress. (whew!!) Surely, the Republicans should be listening to "their Jesus," when he stated that not only should we give a man a fish to eat today, but we need to TEACH A MAN HOW TO FISH, so he could eat tomorrow as well.

Now please don't misunderstand me Mr. President. I am VERY TOLERANT of various religions. My religion is not well known, because no one has ever had their intestines scattered everywhere over it. But I am at peace with it, nevertheless. However, I must admit, that I am truly amazed, how Jesus could walk on water.

So my final question to you sir...

Since the Republican party's Jesus has not returned yet, could we teach them how to walk on water? If that would put us further in debt with China, then I fully understand ditching this piece of legislation. However, using your political opponents as "scimmers in the gulf," after the BP oil spill, could INDEED, teach a man how to fish, so he and his family could eat tomorrow as well.

I thank you for your time Mr. President!! :D :D :D

p.s. I think Mr. Boner needs your "hanky." :cry: :cry: :cry:

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