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 Post subject: Republicans held Hostage
PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2004 9:18 am 
Speaking My Mind
Speaking My Mind

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Republicans held Hostage

The Republican Party is being held hostage by a group of neocons and their friends. No ransom has been demanded because the captors never plan to release them from captivity.
The situation is becoming as dangerous for the rest of America as it is for the Republican Party.

Of course, it’s not completely their fault. I don’t think they expected 9-11. Who would ever have thought that elements within our own government would conspire with others to attack the very fabric of America, its people, and its sovereignty. Spectacular events, designed to attack the senses and capture the minds of all who witnessed the acts. Events to instill fear, anxiety, and a sense of dependency upon our government and military for protection. And it worked, Americans immediately lined up behind our government, patriotic to a fault. Using the power of a controlled press and media to constantly remind people of the “terrorists” and the righteous “war on terror”, the administration immediately engaged the military to retaliate against Al Queda, the “evil doers” and Americans for the most part agreed. The administration then engaged the congress and senate to provide basically unlimited spending authority, and Americans for the most part agreed. The administration then engaged the Justice Department to give Americans more protection by taking away some of their rights and freedoms through programs disguised as terrorist fighting tools, the Patriot Act and Homeland Security, and Americans for the most part agreed. The congress avoided its duty to declare war so we could go “shocking and awing” around the world, and Americans for the most part agreed. The administration had already decided to implement the “War on Iraq” plans that had been lying around Washington for several years, and Americans for the most part agreed. Now, regardless of the corporate control news, the truth about 9-11 slowly leaks out, Americans for the most part will no longer agree to the lies and deceptions that flooded their senses after the senseless death and destruction of 9-11.

What is amazing about the crimes of 9-11is that the fact they were recorded on several independent cameras. Just the simple task of viewing the events in slow motion reveals that the towers were attacked by armed aircraft not commercial passenger planes. Films from the Pentagon show that the damage to the building was not inflicted by a large passenger plane, and was more likely hit with a missile, or some type of retrofitted aircraft. The knee jerk reaction by our collective psyche was retaliation to the perpetrators. No investigation of substance was performed on the events, none were needed, suddenly our “failed” intelligence network had it all wrapped up, Al-Qaeda.

Today we know that it was all lies.

As information was compiled and investigated by several researchers on the internet it became apparent beyond a reasonable doubt that the events of 9-11 were crimes committed by elements within our government and other conspirators to further the ideologies of a few extremely wealthy and powerful groups that need the military and financial power of America to implement their goals throughout the world.

Whoever the evil genius was that drew up the plans for the 9-11 attacks must be furious. How could just a fraction of a second spoil all of their plans to create the conditions for a series of military conflicts that would prepare the rest of the world for their leadership. The first couple of years they thought that they may have gotten away with their phony terrorist attacks on America, they achieved gaining more control on Americans freedoms by way of the Patriot Act, they achieved their war with Iraq by way of Afghanistan and the war on terror, they achieved the looting of the treasury of America, they achieved the state of fear within the people that they must have to control future events. They had it all, and then came those damn news films. Ignored by most, since millions saw the event live on television with their own eyes, the news films provide undeniable proof that the events of 9-11 were the product of rouge elements within our government. I saw it live on CNN, no question, those bastards flew a hijacked passenger plane into the tower, I saw it.

But what did we really see? As it turns out we saw a modified tanker transport slam into the building. Not only had the plane been modified to create a very large bomb, it was equipped with a pod attached to the plane from which some type of missile or igniter was fired one third of a second before the plane disappeared into the structure.

The slowed down news films clearly show the plane firing the missile. For me this is not only the smoking gun, it is also a picture of the bullet (missile). Having now reviewed much more data on the events of 9-11 I have no doubts that it was an inside operation.

Now the Republicans are trapped and they cannot escape without revealing the traitors that are attempting the takeover of America. Even if they finally realize that the only recourse is to admit the truth and help purge our government of the perpetrators they will still pay a price for their close association. Democrats as well will also suffer although, I think to a lesser extent.

What a mess the Republicans have, since the “neocons” and their friends have no political party in their own name they have somewhat openly use the Republican Party as the front for their behind the scenes movement. Having to now hide in plain sight amongst the republicans only adds to the collusion that will be charged as the cover up of the crimes of 9-11 continue to this day.

9-11 was a conspiracy that continues within America. The actors that conspired to stage the event are criminals, pure and simple. The list of crimes they committed will be large, as will the number of individuals that will be caught and prosecuted for these crimes. I tend to disagree with the assumption that this has to be a massive conspiracy; I think we may find that a relative small number of persons actually working for the government, and others working within the government were actually involved in the prosecution of the traitorous deed itself. The conspirators that planned the 9-11 events are more than likely outside the criminals that originated the ideal of using an event of such magnitude to change history and lead our country on the courses we now travel. The number of individuals needed to accomplish the act is directly related to the power of the persons involved. I also tend to lean heavily toward involvement by Israelis and others.

We do not need to wait 5-10-25-50 years to know the traitorous criminals that were involved in 9-11. (Northwoods 40 years)

The ideologies that contemplated and carried out the criminal acts on 9-11 are a very real (Level Bright Red) threat to our country. Think about it; they committed what they thought were perfect crimes, escaping unknown and untouched. Now the depth and breath of their crimes are being exposed and they have nowhere to hide. The repercussions from the truth about 9-11 may be far reaching and with amazing changes in the relationships we now have with Israel.

I believe that the time has come for the American people to demand that the relationships, between the United States, Israel and certain Israeli groups be reviewed immediately. Israel and certain Israeli groups will always put the interest of Israel and their own ideologies ahead of any thought of America or the rest of the world.

I do not think for a moment that certain groups of Israelis would hesitate in killing 3000 Americans, or 300,000 Americans, or 3,000,000 Americans if they thought the results would benefit their vision of Israel and the rest of the world. I do not for a moment think that certain Americans (powerful people, families, and corporations,) would hesitate in killing 3000 Americans, or 300,000 Americans, or 3,000,000 Americans if the results would benefit their visions of themselves and the rest of the world.

However just as the Neocons have undue control over America, the Zionist have undue control over Israel by their relationships with the Neocons, the Republicans, and Democrats in America. Zionist use the Jewish people and their religion as cover for their agenda, crying anti-semitism when anyone questions their actions and behavior. Zionist and Neocons have brought America to the brink of self destruction, and this must be stopped. Now the Neocon element has become a sociopathic serial mass murderer. Whatever relations we have from this point on with the State of Israel and certain related Israeli groups cannot continue to proceed as is, by outdated agreements and arrangements that blind us to the evil in the child. This is not Isramerica, This is the “United States of America” and even with all its warts and blemishes it is ours, not theirs. Our treasury and military are not supported by the citizens to be used or abused by any other county regardless of who they are. We cannot lose our democracy and solvency because of our subservience to any country or ideologies.

More Americans need to view these slowed down films and decide for themselves if we have been told the truth about 9-11. Many sites now have the information available but Phil Jayhan who originally spotted the missile still has the best site on the subject.

We have to assume the role of leadership. You know the saying,”Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way”. We have to lead, we will not follow, and we are too big and bad to get the hell out of the way. When I say bad, I do mean bad, we have the ability and the means to defeat any foe or foes on this planet. It is a given that we are by far the most potentially dangerous nation that has ever existed. How, we manage this massive power will probably decide the fate of this world. The enormity of American power is almost inconceivable, capable of turning the planet into a lifeless hunk of space debris.

It makes no “difference” to history if the United States of America becomes a failed experiment in “Democracy”, but it damn well “matters” to history. This “Country’ was not built on the backs of our many millions of ancestors, mostly decent, hard working, and honest people, to be given away to any peoples, cults, political parties, or another country, so they could fund themselves, their friends (conspirators), and their ideologies as some kind elixir for World Government.

If America is a land of laws, all participants in the crimes of 9-11 must be prosecuted. They must be held accountable regardless of name, position, family, associations, organizations, religion, or country. No Exceptions.

The prosecution of the actors, and their associates, will lead us to many more crimes and prosecutions both, political and financial, for actions that steal our young, squander our treasure, misuse our military might, jeopardize the sovereignty of the country, and the personal rights of our citizenry. They must fail, and pay their dues for the treasonous acts they have planned and committed against the real government, the people of the United States. That is us, and I take their acts personal. They must be brought before our justice system and be fairly judged for their acts. Even death should not lessen the scorn brought upon the guilty persons and organizations.

9-11 must be placed before the American people in truth, even though the truth will create great pain to our psyche, our pride, our very being. Facing the truth, and whatever hardships that may bring upon is non negotiable. Either we take care of business and emerge from the treasonous acts of 9-11 as the United States of America, a land of freedom, a land of democracy, a land of law, or we will lose all.

Indictments………..not another panel, or commission, not another study, or any more lies. We need to demand that the people elected to protect this country, and the Constitution, to do their duty. If the Congress, Senate, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Supreme Court do not act to indict and arrest the participants in the crimes of 9-11 you can forget it. They win by default and the country is changed forevermore. No longer will we claim to be a country of free people, a democracy. We will become a country controlled by International Corporations, leading the march of the New World Order and having the most powerful military force on the planet to assure their agenda finally implemented upon the world. As for the great experiment in democracy, the United States of America, it’s over. The experiment failed, the whole of government failed, the Constitution failed, the Bill of Rights failed, the military failed, we failed. It’s that simple it’s over if we let the crimes and conspiracies of 9-11 go unpunished. They win……we lose……end of game.

I do not ask, nor expect anyone to take my word for it, just look and decide for yourself. That is not an easy task, nor is it very difficult. The power you have available in your computer to inform yourself of events is incredible, a century ago such power would have been called ‘mystical”. Use it; if you never again care to participate in the governance of our government do this one thing, it is a most important time in the history of this country, and the world body. Just look at the facts, arrive at your own truth about 9-11. That one truth will help explain all the events that have taken place since, homeland security, the patriot acts, the wars, future conflicts, and the looming world financial crisis, and other events just over the horizon.
“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero, 42 B.C.


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