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 Post subject: Reply to Freetheworld,re:Bush/Kerry,moral relativism...
PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 8:11 am 
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Hi,FTW,I know you addressed your post to Catherine,and Catherine,please forgive me for cutting in,but I am usually up at this time also,so if I may,I'd like to respond to you're post FTW.

I agree with evey point you have made in you're posts.I also realize that nothing will change for the better with Kerry/Edwards,nor anyone else in government or media,including but not limited to all they're "think tanks,"
alphabet agencies,"intelligence"
But you bring up the most important issues,that I and others have been
unsuccessfully trying to get people to comprehend.
This enslavement to the international bankster cartels,and their related interests is the real problem.
And all those in the above mentioned positions,along with all the shady handlers in the background are all totally compromised,and corrupted to the point,where as you stated,
we need a complete overhaul.
About the Skull&Bones aberration,
most don't understand how evil a
"society" this really is,and know
nothing about the subject.
I'm no expert on the Constitution,
but am now starting to study this,
and as far as I can tell,
the only hope if there is still any,is to abolish the the present
form of government,and undertake a
complete overhaul.
I don't think that at this point,
merely altering the present form of the government will be enough now.
For far too many decades at least,
this present form of government,
has turned into a self-replicating,
worse than the most virulent virus.
Yes,I feel that all the probabilities you listed in your last post,will have no choice but take place.
And it is a chilling realization.
But we are still going to go through the same brutal oppressions as with Nazi Germany,Comminust Soviet Union,and many other nations,and continents,such as Africa,if we do nothing,or pretend things will get better once Kerry/Edwards,or for that matter,
anyone in government today,considering they're
owned by the NWO Aristocrisy Elites,who are the true private owners of the privately owned
Federal Reserve Scam,and all the complex financial,familial,power hungry related interests entertwined together in this NWO
Equally important,as you pointed out,these Secret Societies,and they're tremendous power world-wide.
Not to mention,that they are all entertwined with each other also,
with they're strategies,and goals,
including but not limited to,
documented genocidal policies.
One World Order,with their
One World Occult Religion to go along with it.
One World Currency,which will be
micro-chip implants.
World domination,and totalitaranism
for all who are'nt "culled" from
all the bio-weapons diseaes,created in they're labs,most prominently here.
Phsycological war-fare as well.
The almost if not already Orwellian state the whole world is being subjected to,and much more to go into in more depth right now.
You are absolutely correct when you state that none of these politicians,and partners,along with they're employees the monopoly press and many other intersets too numerous to list here,do not go anywhere,unless approved by the above listed entities.
And they no exactly what and whom they are working for,and whats expected from them,and they are in full agreement.
Believe me,I know how almost impossible it is to try to get people to listen,and take all this
dead seriously.Its very frustrating,and alarming.
But there are many who do comprehend,these very real threats,and the true nature of the
forces that fuel them.
I could go on and on,but I blieve you know exactly all about the truth regarding these inidious threats.
For those that think Kerry/Edward will be any different they are sadly mistaken.
Since so many,do not comprehend the full and extensive "network" at play here,many cite Bushes "religious fanaticism" as the bigger threat,failing to realize,Bush/Kerry,and all the other major figures are satanists,
pretending to be Christian,in order to try to destroy Christianity,and the two other major religions,
Judaism,(not to be confused with zionism) and Islam,with Christianity,being the specific target.
Well,let's look at Kerry,who just so convieniently "discovers" he's
Jewish from a "reporter."
And dove-tailing nicely with his coming out as major "democratic"
contender for the "democratic"
"nominee" for candidate.
Now look at his position on Israel.
He has stated numerous times,and more and more frequently,and vocally,that:
"The Cause of Israel Must Be The
Cause of America,and the Cause of
People of Concience Everywhere."

That is as scary,and just the same
fanaticism Bush has displayed,
albeit,he has'nt claimed to be hearing orders from "god" yet,at least as far as I know,but I have know doubt that will be on the way too.
I think we know exactly just which
"god" these people worship,and it is not The One True God.

They're "god" is Satan,and they know it!And this is the true force behind the events taking place in the world today.
Its hard to try to get people to recognize this aspect of the whole
thing,cause so many are very uncomfortable talking about these facts,and I don't know if deep down they know this is all true,but are too horrified at the full ramifications,and being labeled a crazy "conspiracy theorist."
That tried and tested handy tool of the propaganda media.
The truth is,its the perpetrators,who fit the conspiracy theory bill,as they are the ones
doing the conspiring,and theorizing,and then implementing,and cover-ups of they're deeds.
So,did'nt mean to ramble on and on either,but helps to know there are others who understand the true nature,and facts fueling us staight into WW3,if we are'nt already in it,as I fear we very well might be.
Thanks for hearing me out,and please tell me what you're opinions are on what I outlined.

Have a nice morning,(i hope,after this) FTW,



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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 10:17 am 
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I think that we may be on the verge of a civil war in America. All that will be necessary is a trigger event such as the cancellation of elections, another "terror" attack or the declaration of Martial Law. Once any one of these three events takes place, MANY Americans WILL dissent and create a domino type effect with small rebellions that will be dealt with with a very strong hand of the government very similar to the events in Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Good morning, FTW..

If Bush/Cheney are elected (they were appointed the first time) in the upcoming election, what you wrote about above is a very real possibility. because they are already in power and have set the stage for just such a coup to occur. It's already 50% complete...all they need to do is go back in...that's their key strategy.

I've said it all along...I think it began with George the First's administration and got a setback when Clinton defeated him. Then, the Republicans began to try to get back on 'track' with all of the long, drawnout investigation of Clinton's sexual misconduct...a fantastic distraction for the country while the Republicans continued to work in the background and in dark and smokey rooms to get where they are today. The Bush family are smack dab in the center of it, with Jeb being put in place in Florida, a key state to any Presidential election. (Another thing I think is happening is in California with the German Arnold S. becoming the governor there as a Republican...he wants a Constitutional amendment so that he can run for President...some Republicans want it, too.)

To make a long story short, what happened in 2000 in Florida with the Supreme Court's help is just the tip of the iceberg. Consider what will happen if Bush goes back in and he's allowed to appoint more neocons to serve in the Supreme Court...possibly as many as 4 within the next couple of years. That's another step to Bush becoming the Dictator of America, as well as scaring non-thinking people under the guise of the Patriot Act, and continued "terror threats" as touted by Tom Ridge.

This is a large country with a very diverse population. It's also the only remaining super power, which is pretty giddy stuff when one thinks of how big a bully one can be when all of the other bullies have been defeated or have disappeared for one reason or another. However, small bullies become big bullies and there's always a bigger bully...look at how the terrorists cells have grown since Bush became President...yet he says he's most effective in the war on terror...give me a barf bag!

What I suggest is that you are failing to see two very real possibilities setting out there that are much more dangerous to us as a country than anything Skull and Bones etc. can ever hope to accomplish...and that is China and North Korea.

China has become our banker...consider those does one control your "banker" when you owe that banker trillions of dollars and you're borrowing more every day? In addition, China has something that not even our strategic weapons can control over time...a huge troop resource among their teeming millions. You put millions of Chinese soldiers on the ground, you've got trouble with a capital T. Just the sheer force would be enough to quickly overcome our ground forces. Without ground forces, where are you?

North Korea is just sitting there, waiting...biding its time and will pounce (have no idea where or when) when the forces and strength of America have diminished so much because of the present and future (if he's elected) mismanagement of the Bush administration. AND there is nothing more uniting of a people than having a common's happening in the Middle East as we speak...the common enemy is the United States. Bush has alienated so many of our allies who are we going to turn to...Britain? When Tony Blair is gone, they won't be on our side any longer.

Kruschev of the old Soviet Union said in the early 60s that we would fall from within, that we were a "paper tiger," and everyone laughed at him. His words are becoming more and more of a prophecy.

Until I see a third party come up with someone better than Ralph Nader to be their representative, to present me with a better program than what the Democrats are offering, I will continue my support for the Democrats...especially this year with John Kerry and John Edwards.

I am not convinced that they are as you say they are...under the control of the wealthy elitists, whoever that is...who are these some names, other than Ariel Sharon...who is a thug in my book and has grown much stronger and aggressive with Bush in the White House.

Kerry sees that a divided house cannot stand...a divided America will not be the America that it is united, and I say let's give him four years to try to fix things and get us back on track with the rest of the world. We cannot isolate ourselves in this world nor can we become the pawn of fear tactics, which is what some of us have fallen prey to...

John Kerry has a mountain of credibility with me...Nader has none...where has he been since 2000? He is no longer an effective voice for much of anything. In fact, I'd be more likely to believe that Nader was the key in the door of division that you're talking about because he is just a distractor to draw "rebellious" people away from the real issues.

A vote for Nader is much more likely to aid in accomplishing a result such as you're talking about. Nader can't win, but voting for him can certainly help Bush win and the Bushies are much more dangerous...THAT enemy is already in the house and the only way to get him out is to let John Kerry in.

Kerry may not be politician is, but I believe he has the country's best interests at heart...the COUNTRY's best interest...and I believe he is America's last, great hope of surviving with the Constitution remaining as our protector.

I don't want the Bible, the Torah, the Koran or any other "holy book or document" to dictate anything to me as far as telling me what I MUST do, nor do I need any theocratic bureaucrat trying to interpret right from wrong for me. I have an intellect and a conscience to do that. I'll take the Constitution and the Bill of Rights any day over any of those as a guide for what makes a good American...simply following the laws of the land as they are written in the Constitution.



"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime."
Honore de Balzac

"Democrats work to help people who need help.
That other party, they work for people who don't need help.
That's all there is to it."

~Harry S. Truman

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 4:26 pm 

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Carly101 & Catherine,

Thank you for both responses, very well spoken. I truly admire anyone who has the intestinal fortitude and common sense to see the real world for what it has become.

It is true that the only way the current situation can change is through quite literally a revolution or civil war. The reason is that all the ruling elite have already chosen their kings. If per chance the plans to implant their rulers of America were to fall apart, The "outside" such as Kucinich or Nader would most definately be assassinated and their plan re-implemented to get them back on track to their worldly plan of slaves and kings.

Many have no clue as to what the truths are in the world. They sadly sit in front of the television and reading the papers that have each truth terribly spun into their idea of what they think we should believe. They are even bold enough to admit on national television that this is what they do and the dumbed down people do nothing in response to these truths. Therefore it is up to the truth seekers to help inform the citizens of the constant lies that are being dumped on our heads daily. Without us, the people would be kept in the dark until the day they wake up and turn on their TV sets only to find that we are now under a dictatorship with Bush and the Bilderbergs at the helm.
Can you imagine the shock of the people who have no idea that this is on the horizon when this happens. I believe that many people who are in the dark and suddenly this scenerio comes to pass, will likely be so dramatically shocked that they will take their own lives, having absolutely no inkling of the facts. Daily I find new people to tell the truth to and enlighten them about these truths. Some think i'm some nut straight out of the nuthouse yet others are immediately astounded with this "new" idea and are willing to hear more. John Kaminski has some good starter material as an "Icebreaker" called "The day America Died". I pass these out to anyone I believe to have a true thirst for the truth. I also make numerous copies of the Alex Jones videos to the ones who continue to inquire about the truth. These are things that the ones who see the reality should be doing if we are to have an impact on the masses.

There is such a wealth of information out there that it gets somewhat overbearing and periodically plain depressing with the amount of truth that the general population is missing out on. If we don't spend the short time we have left spreading the truth, we will have lost our freedom forever.

There are two quotes I'll leave you with, the first is a quote from Thomas Jefferson that I made bumper stickers out of 1) "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from it's Government".
2) "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free".
The second is from a writer that I can't recall but both speak the truth quietly and clearly to send the appropriate message to the people.

Thank you both for your dilligent efforts to quite literally save not only our country but also all of mankind from the genocidal actions of the slave driving elite few that ultimately want the entire planet for themselves.

God Bless FTW

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