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 Post subject: Local Theatre Isn't Showing Farenheit 9/11
PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2004 8:19 pm 
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I'd been waiting for the most comfortable of our local theatres (chairs that rock, cup holders, surround sound, enough leg room so you don't have to shield your popcorn from somebody's backside when they squeeze past) to show Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11.

I checked the schedule all the way through F 9/11. :shock:

So I emailed the manager, asking when I could expect the film to be shown at his theatre. Got an answer this afternoon...Farenheit 9/11 won't be shown at the local theatre because of its political nature and lack of money-making ability for the theatre.

Well, I see his point about the money thing...I live in a small, conservative part of the country, and maybe those same good Christian people would throw stones at those of us buying tickets to see it, or maybe they'd knock out a few windows of the theatre, damage some cars in the parking lot, etc.... but I'm still seething that I'm going to have to drive at least 75 miles to see that movie.

I take comfort in knowing that F 9/11 has made tons of money in other places and that people will not be able to watch that movie without feeling just a bit...betrayed by the present administration.

I just hope the feeling lasts until they've gone to the polls, and voted for John Kerry and John Edwards.


 Post subject: F/911
PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2004 5:54 am 
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HiCatherine,Idon't think censorhip is right,and sorry the theatres in you're area are'nt showing the movie.I have'nt seen it myself,but from all I've read about Micheal Moore,his movies and specifically F/911,he uses the diversion tactic.
For example,in critiques I've read about F/911,Micheal Moore never goes near the crucial issue of US.policy with reguard to the pro-
Likud/Zionist Israel,and how demonstratably disasterous the effects this "partnership" has had for world relations,specifically in the middle-east.
And that this Zionism shares the same agendas and goals as the neo-cons.This Zionism is not for the well being,or representative interests of the Jewish people,any more than the fake "christianity" as demonstrated by Bushies.
Both are manufactured lies in furtherance of totalitarinism.
Micheal Moore,from what I read re:F/911,also does not critically examine just who really was the perpetrators of 911,and who benifitted in every way.
It seems to me, that Micheal Moore did Bush a big favor,by not even touching on the obvious,and pulled the wool over most democrats eyes at the same time,as I'm sure that's what he was paid to do in the first place.He's really just a paid disinfo-agitator,to distract from the critical facts.Classic paid propaganda shill.Classic tactics.
He does not put forth any new info.
Most are already aware of Bush/in-Laden/crime families business partnership with each other and Saudi-Royals going back decades at least.
Myself,I plan on ordering a video made by Alex Jones,titled:
"911-The Road to Tyranny."
His research containing books,and videos,and investigations of these matters has been going back even before 911 happened.A lot more thouroghly,accurately,and longer than anything Micheal Moore has done.
My bet is that now that Micheal Moore did is bit,once the publicity wears down,he'll just be on to his next dis-info.assignment,while raking in the bigbucks.
However,I don't think it's right for movie theatrs to ban his movie,and people who want to see it ought to be able too.Perhaps you're area theatres should be reminded of this fact.They would'nt be worried about "homeland security" now would they? Something they should think about.
If the theatre owners are afraid to screen this movie for whatever reason,they should think about Why they are nervous,and maybe they will realize the one of the outward manifestations of Fascism/totalitarianism taking place here.
So should anyone else,even if they don't like micheal Moore,or want to see his movie.
No one is forcing anyone to go see it,and for those who do want to go see it,they should be able to without fear of harrasement or worse.
Maybe a letter to the editor of you're paper pointing out these scary facts reguarding this climate of fear and hostility are in order?
Hopefully,the movie will be in video stores soon after its run in theatres.
The website to Alex Jones,and his info.,books,videos,are actually two of them.Here they are:

Hope you're area theatres re-think their position,as that's exactly the reaction the Bushies want.



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