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Author:  Catherine [ Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  JESSE'S BLOG


This is the blog of the Editor and Owner of the TV NEWS LIES website.

Jesse welcomes comments, both here and at his blog site.

Author:  jobot [ Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:37 am ]
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FROM JESSIE'S BLOG..."I think that it is pretty safe to say that when George W. Bush and his mouthpieces in the media claim that Iraqis have been “liberated” by the American invasion on that sovereign nation (that never once in its history threatened us), it is the same as saying that the people who were jumping to"

I can't get over the fact that Bush uses the terms "liberation" and "war" however, and whenever he wants. We're either at war, or we're liberating them. It's gone back and forth, depending on what he's talking about, since day one. He needs to pick one, and it can't be both.

Author:  Just One More Thing.... [ Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:52 am ]
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I thought the entry on was quite inciteful. One of my main personal themes is the importance of this Diebold system fraud. If an organization can not come to grips with this essential feature of a democracy, then they are indeed suspect, and might rightly be called part of the enemy. That enemy is starting to look like quite a devious character and has apparently done his homework in his bid to deceive you.

From Jesse's blog:

Author:  Catherine [ Mon Oct 09, 2006 12:28 pm ]
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Oct. 9: “Under the Radar” = “Intentional Blatant Media Deception!”

Have you ever heard or read the media discuss the actions of an administration as taking place “under the radar?” This term is used to describe events that take place with little public attention. This term is normally used to describe important events that should attract the attention of the public but are not widely...


Author:  Catherine [ Tue Oct 17, 2006 5:20 am ]


...Jesse's latest comments about the news with one reader's comment.

Please take a look at that comment and see if you agree or disagree.


Author:  yankhadenuf [ Sun Dec 03, 2006 7:59 pm ]

Catherine wrote:

...Jesse's latest comments about the news with one reader's comment.

Please take a look at that comment and see if you agree or disagree.


The main problem is the Fairness Doctrine was outlawed in 1996.

Author:  Catherine [ Fri Dec 29, 2006 3:28 pm ]
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Jesse's editorial commenting on Wolf Blitzer of CNN:

TVNL Editor's Comments: Excuse me? Where Am I Mr. Blitzer?

I wonder in which class in journalism school Wolf Blitzer was taught that it is an acceptable part of the practice of journalism to tell people who are watching TV news that they are in some pretend room. Wait a minute, I forgot, Wolf Blitzer never even took a single course in journalism; and that is more obvious with each of his appearance on CNN!

On a daily basis, actually many times per day, the so called iron man of CNN (and/or the so called journalists who fill in for him when he is off), look directly into the camera and tell people who are viewing his program that they are in a situation room. What are we, children? Is this a pretend game where we get to pretend that we are in some important room? And let me ask Wolf one little question, exactly what situations are you being asked to tackle and who exactly has put you in charge of these situations…and what situations have you handled so far? So Wolf Blitzer is now responsible for “situations?” What exactly are he and his crack team of high resolution screen animators responsible for?

Last time I checked I have never ever been in a situation room of any kind. This fact becomes most obvious to me every time Wolf tells me that am in one. Every time he tells me this I look around and guess what…no situation room. Just an office, a bedroom, a living room, a diner or anyplace with that little technological conduit of propaganda known as a TV.

While you are at it Wolf you may want to tone down the on screen animations. Last time I watched your program (or any CNN or FOX or MSNBC show) for too long I had to clean vomit off of the walls in my home! I am not supposed to get motion sickness from watching an interview with an irrelevant relative of a crime victim who has no impact on my life or the lives of your viewers (you know, typical CNN news story), Is there anything on your screen that is not in motion? Even the little CNN logo has a light scrolling through it non-stop! I know you people are trying to hypnotize us but this is getting a little silly! Here is a project for Stephen Hawking’s: see if you can count how many objects are unnecessarily animated on a typical cable TV news screen! This one may even be beyond Hawking!

Gee Wolf, you are sooo dignified! I wonder when the Wolf Blitzer School of Journalism will open? Maybe you can get some sage CNN journalists like Soledad O’Brien to teach courses in how to make grown up looking expressions while not having a clue as to what you are talking about! The possibilities are endless!

Let me ask my readers this: how does an adult with a rather serious position (supposed journalist), get up in front of a camera and say something so silly (“you are in the situation room”), and still take themselves seriously? How do you take them seriously? Am I the only one who realizes how unbelievably stupid this is? These grown up people tell us we are in a situation room? Do you realize how ridicules this is? And Wolf is not alone because all the other senior “journalists” on CNN take turns filling in for him and repeat this same childish nonsense!

CNN’s “Situation Room” is a prime example of just how pathetic a joke TV news has become. We have a pretend journalist on a pretend news network telling us that we are in a pretend room with him as he pretends to be in charge of some situation! Soon he will be telling us to put on our super secret Wolf Team uniforms before we watch his program! Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,


Author:  Catherine [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:01 pm ]


Jan. 4, 2007

Author:  Karlin [ Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: JESSE'S BLOG

Jesse, I just read your "10 years later" post. This afternoon I was reading the James Risen book "State of War", which makes several good points about Saudi connections to 9 11.

It is evident that the Bush team did things like killing Osama to keep Saudi connections to 9 11 a secret

I could add that not only was Osama bin Laden killed before he got his "inalienable American right" of a day in court, but so was Saddam Hussein.

In his book "State of War", Risen tells us about a fellow named Abu Zubaydah, who was "one of very few top Al Qaeda people". He was captured in 2002 in Pakistan, and he was carrying two bank cards, like debit cards. Information about any financial links of anyone to Al Qaeda was scarce, so this was a "gold mine" for intelligence.

Those cards were from a Saudi bank.
The Sauds destroyed every bit of paper and every record related to those bank cards.
Americans did not do any investigation at all of those bank cards.

Bush Family and the bin Ladens have a lot of financial connections too, by the way.

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