Assertion: No Islamic Hijackers on 9/11/01
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Author:  Purple Tang [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:15 pm ]
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Hetware wrote:
Purple Tang wrote:

I don't really think I'm putting any heat on anything. I just keep exploring in the hopes of finding some more answers.

It looks to me like 9/11 will lead to WWIII. Their lust for oil fields is too great to be satisfied. The resulting likely bankruptcy of America will have a de-stabilizing effect on the global economy.

I would occasionally argue that the Great Depression (it was world wide) created ripe conditions for WWII. Many other factors of course.

There are a billion Islamic followers I think. I doubt that the masters of America can massacre them without significant repercussions.

Best I can tell those results are by design, and are not unforeseen consequences.

We're on the same page again. I think they look forward to bloodshed on a scale previously undreamt of. They will get to try out all of their new toys for one thing. Plus noyone will be able to complain about the martial law without immediate and effective repercussions. Their 'detention centers' will enjoy unprecedented profitability.

Not to mention the annihilation of millions of their eternal enemies.

So much progress over the past couple centuries. Only to be quickly undone by the greatest of the master criminals enabled by super technology and a frightened nation led by greed and a submissive congress that realizes that true leadership will likely result in loss of life or job.

I hope that is a worst case scenario. Could it be much worse than that?

Author:  Hetware [ Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:10 am ]
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Have you listened to Alex Jones's interview with Bergen County Chief of Police, Jack Schmidig? ... ipping.htm

Arron Russo had much to say in the final years of his life.

At the time Israel was conducting their recent campaign of unprovoked (in my assessment) aggression against Lebanon, many people were talking between the lines about "Armageddon". It's hard for me to demonstrate this explicitly because the discussions are typically in symbolic language. There are people hell-bent on perpetrating a catastrophic global depopulation program.

Arron Russo mentioned this in an interview in which he expressed the same view as mine on this matter. Words to the effect of 'I happen to agree that the world is overpopulated, but who the hell am I to say how should live and who should die?'

Author:  Purple Tang [ Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:19 pm ]
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You said several things here.

Alex Jones is an aggressive bulldog. I am occassionally embarrassed by his antics yet am proud of his overall effort.

The passing of Russo saddens me, he fought with the best of them.

The global depopulation program? Or is it a Muslim depopulation program?

I won't argue that we are not over-populated but damned if I can say who should go and who should stay. Oddly, our technology has increased the problem while decreasing the worlds capacity for handling the challenges of over-population.

Looks to me like the PNAC will deal with a lot of population pretty soon. I suspect they have a better than 50/50 chance of launching WWIII. I suspect that somehow excites them.

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