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Author:  Hetware [ Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:06 pm ]
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What role did Lewis Paul Bremer III play on 9/11/01?

Author:  Purple Tang [ Thu Nov 08, 2007 1:21 am ]
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For reasons yet to be explained, Google removed this video from their server. In the week that it was up, it had 1,474 views.

This is a mind-boggling interview with Lewis Paul Bremer III (who ended up as the pro-council of Iraq.)

On 09/11/01 Bremer was the Chairman and CEO of Marsh Political Risk Practice which had offices in the WTC as did its parent company Marsh USA. They had a total of 1,700 employees assigned to the WTC. Bremer, himself, had an office in the South Tower. Nonetheless, this "counter-terrorism expert" makes no mention of any of this only three hours after the first plane flew directly into seven of the eight floors of WTC 1 occupied by Marsh USA. He is here on television prognosticating about who will turn out to be the culprits, with calm detachment. What is wrong with this picture?

The opinions of Edam Salem and Andreas Strassmeir would be of interest in this matter.

Full Transcript

Lewis Paul Bremer: Nat'l Commission on Terrorism

Gentzler: We want to turn now to a guest who is
joining us in the studio. It's Paul Bremer. I want to make sure
I'm getting your name right because I'm just meeting you. You're
a terrorism expert? Bremer: Counter-terrorism, I
hope. Gentzler:And can talk to us a little bit about
who could...I mean there are a limited number of groups who could
be responsible for something of this magnitude. Right?

Bremer: Yes, this is a very well planned, very well
coordinated attack, which suggests it's very well organized
centrally. And there are only three or four candidates in the
world really who could have conducted this attack.

Vance:Bin Laden comes to mind right away, Mr. Bremer.

Bremer: Indeed, he certainly does. Bin Laden was
involved in the first attack on the World Trade Center, which had
as its intentions doing exactly what happened here, which was to
collapse both towers. He certainly has to be a prime suspect.
But there are others in the Middle East. There are at least two
states, Iran and Iraq which should least remain on the list

Gentzler:What kind of coordination? How could something
like this be put together.

Bremer:First of all, you've got to find some people
who are willing to die. And then, of course, they have to find
ways around what we thought was pretty good security at our
airports. We haven't had a hijacking in a long time. Let alone
four. So there had to be good coordination. There has to have
been coordination in the whole planning of the attack. The
people, if they were not Americans, they needed visas to get into
the United States. They needed false identities to by Airline
tickets. They needed cars to get to the Airport. There's a whole
lot of stuff that had to happen here.

Gentzler:With as many resources as our government, and
our allies' governments around the world devote to studying
terrorism, and knowing what's going on, and what they're planning,
you have to wonder how something of this magnitude, how this could
take place without any warning or any hint that it was coming.

Bremer:Well, first of all, the intelligence against
terrorists is the hardest intelligence to gather. Basically, you
have to have a spy in the terrorist group who's willing to talk to
you, for whatever reason. It's the hardest intelligence there is
to... The National Commission on Terrorism which I chaired last
year, made as our key recommendation much more effort to try to get
terrorist spies, informing on their colleagues to us.

Every time there is a major terrorist attack, it is
automatically, of course, an intelligence failure. That's by
definition. But I'm sympathetic to the problem about how you get
good intelligence on these people. It's not easy. There is an
intelligence failure here. There is a massive security failure,
where we have four airplanes being hijacked on the same morning.
Two from Dulles Airport it appears. So there's a lot of lessons
that have to be learned. First we have to find out who did

Vance:Mr. Bremer, I want to speak to that for a second.
When the Oklahoma City incident occurred, the immediate response
from a lot of people was that it came from some Arab terrorist
group. Is there any reasons why we aught to be cautious about that
kind of an assumption on this particular incident, on these

Bremer:Well, of course. What you have to work with at
this stage, since we don't have any hard intelligence, apparently,
we don't have any forensic evidence, is motivations and
capabilities. And so when I list four potential groups I'm working
mostly from motivations and proven capabilities in the past.
[That] doesn't mean you can exclude that some other group
could have come out of nowhere and done this. But, at least as a
working hypothesis in the first chaotic hours here after this
attack, you have to start somewhere. And you have to start with
what you know about the past and which groups have motives.

Vance:One of the things that the President said today
from Florida, early on, was that the United States will respond to
this, and he left it at that. Is it to be assumed that the first
thing we have to figure out is to identify precisely who it is
we're going to respond against?

Bremer:Of course. Basically we has sort of a four
stage operation. First we've got to hope and help we can save as
many people ... as possible. Stabilize the situation at the
Pentagon and in New York. Secondly we need to get to work in
trying to identify the perpetrators. And then, thirdly, we come to
the question about retaliation. And fourthly, which goes along,
all along, at the same time is what are the lessons we learned?
What did we learn about the intelligence failure? What did we
learn about the security failure? And who do we move forward in
the future on these areas.

Vance:I don't recall anything like this. Pearl Harbor
happened a month before I was born, and I hear my parents talk
about it all the time as a seminal event in their lives all the
time. I am not aware of anything like this in the United States
before. Americans are now, I think it's fair to say, really
scared. Should we be?

Gentzler:This is a day that will change our lives,
isn't it?

Bremer:It is a day that will change our lives. It's
a day that the war that the terrorists declared on the United
States, and after all they did declare a way on us, has been
brought home to the United States in a much more dramatic way than
we've seen before. So it will change our lives.

I do think it's important, and I'm sure the President and
his colleagues when they start talking about this, it's important
to hit some ballance. The American way of life is not threatened
by these people, unless we threaten it ourselves. If we start
throwing away the democratic freedoms and the civil liberties that
are at the heart of our society, that's what their after. And
that's what we can't allow to have happen. And we've got to go
about our business. People have got to move around.

I was diverted on a plane this morning. I was trying to get
to New York, and wound up in Baltimore. I in a way was sort of at
least relieved to see business as usual going on between people.
We have to go on with our lives. It's not to say we don't take it
seriously. We take it very seriously. But it's not something
where we can all jump in a foxhole somewhere and hope the world
doesn't come and bother us. We have to find a ballanced response.
One that makes it absolutely clear, as the President said this
morning, that we're not going to tolerate this act of war. This
will have consequences for the people who did it. Very, I hope
very severe consequences. The most sever military response we can
come up with. But we also have to remember that we've got a way
of life to protect, and that this is not an existential threat to
the United States.

Gentzler:Paul Bremer, thank you.

Vance: We appreciate it, Mr. Bremer, thank you very

Gentzler:We should make it clear that there has been
no claim of responsibility ... Bremer:I
understand. this point to, uh, for
any of these incidents.

Author:  Hetware [ Fri Nov 09, 2007 3:24 am ]
Post subject: 

Edam Salem and Andreas Strassmeir? How do they relate to 9/11?

Author:  Purple Tang [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 1:17 am ]
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"I was diverted on a plane this morning. I was trying to get
to New York, and wound up in Baltimore."

Bremer on the afternoon of 9/11 as I understand it.

I came across this piece that is pretty interesting. I don't know if Bollyn is missing or not. The story about the cops coming into his house and tasing him and breaking his elbow is interesting. But hey...I got my hip fractured under extremely suspicious "circumstances."

9/11 Planes Flew Directly into
Secure Computer Rooms in Both Towers
by Christopher Bollyn
11 January 2007

9/11 remains an unsolved crime of terrorism. Many people who worked at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have information, which can help solve this crime and find the parties responsible for killing thousands of innocent people.
This article, for example, is the result of information provided by one such anonymous person.

To solve this crime, it is crucial that the people who have information come forward and share that information. Together, we can solve this heinous crime and make this world a better place.


The two airplanes that struck the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11 flew directly into secure computer rooms in both buildings. Is that simply a coincidence or were the computer rooms equipped to play a role in the crime?

Were there homing devices, for example, in these rooms that guided the planes to their targets? Were there pre-placed explosives or Thermite on these floors to destroy the evidence and assist with the collapses?

Let's look at the evidence.

Photo: Racks of computers that may have been similar to those in the crash zone

Photo: Racks of batteries that may have been similar to those in the crash zone
The extreme weght of battery arrays requires floors be reinforced, which in turn provides an excuse for mysterious construction workers to enter and leave the area. But who would think to verify that all of the batteries truly are batteries?

And who would think of verifying that all of the computers are truly under the control of the people they are supposed to work for?

"At 8:46:30 a.m., five hijackers flew American Airlines Flight 11 (AA 11) with 11 crew and 76 passengers into the north face of WTC 1," according to the Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in September 2005:

The aircraft flew almost straight toward the north tower, banked approximately 25 degrees to the left (i.e. the right wing elevated relative to the left wing) and descended at an angle of about 10 degrees at impact.
Moving at about 440 mph, the nose hit the exterior of the tower at the 96th floor. The aircraft cut a gash that was over half the width of the building and extended from the 93rd floor to the 99th floor.

All but the lowest of these floors were occupied by Marsh & McLennan, a worldwide insurance company, which also occupied the 100th floor.

"The fuselage was centered on the 96th floor slab and filled the 95th and 96th floors top to bottom," the NIST report says.
So, what was on the 95th and 96th floors of the north tower, which were rented by Marsh & McLennan, Lewis Paul "Jerry" Bremer's company?

Bremer, it should be noted, was the Bush-appointed proconsul or administrator of occupied Iraq until the end of June 2004. During Bremer's reign there was no metering of the oil that was exported from Iraq.

It is also primarily decisions taken by Bremer that are responsible for the misery and chaos that have afflicted Iraq since the U.S.-led occupation began. Previously, Bremer was the right-hand man for Henry Kissinger & Associates.

The NIST report provides some information about "General Description of Tenant Layout." For the floors in question it says, "Generally open space filled with workstations. Offices, conference rooms, and work areas in exterior corners."

But on the 95th floor, Marsh & McLennan had a "large walled data center along north and east sides," according to the NIST report. And that's exactly where the plane hit – the north wall of the 95th floor.

I called Marsh & McLennan to get a better idea of what was in this "large walled data center" into which American Airlines Flight 11 plunged with deadly precision.

Reginald McQuay came on the line as a company spokesman. I told McQuay that Marsh & McLennan got hit broadside on 9/11 and that it appeared that the plane flew straight into their "walled data center," according to the NIST report.

"No," McQuay said, "it wasn't really our data center. It was our computer center." Then he suddenly became somewhat distressed, saying he could not even focus on what I was saying and that I should call back next week.

Fair enough, I thought. He had confirmed my primary suspicion, i.e. that the plane that struck the north tower appears to have been "homed in" or targeted on a secure computer center on the 95th floor – exactly like the plane that struck the south tower some 16 minutes later.


"Sixteen and a half minutes after the first impact, five hijackers flew United Airlines (UA) Flight 175, with 9 crew and 51 passengers, into WTC 2 at about 540 mph, about 100 mph faster than AA Flight 11," the NIST report says.

"The center of the nose of the plane struck at the 81st floor slab. The plane was banked 38 degrees to the left (right wing upward) and was heading slightly (6 degrees) downward from the horizontal," it says.

Although Flight 175 went straight into the 81st floor of the south tower, the NIST report provides no description of what was on the 81st floor. Not even one word. How odd.

While we know that the Fuji Bank was the tenant on floors 79-82 of WTC 2, the NIST report fails to describe the "tenant layout" of floors 79, 81, and 82.

I had repeatedly requested information from NIST about the layout of these floors, primarily because many tons of molten metal were seen falling from the 81st floor prior to the collapse.

The source of the large amount of molten metal on the 81st floor had not been explained. What could have possibly melted in such large amounts on a normal floor to create several cubic meters of molten metal?

You can watch the molten iron in both normal and slow motion at youtube:

The same video is here in WMV format:

If this was molten iron, as Professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University says, and if this molten iron was caused by an aluminothermic reaction of Thermite or Thermate (a steel-cutting explosive created from powdered aluminum, iron oxide, and sulfur), then somebody must have pre-loaded the 81st floor of WTC 2 with many tons of Thermate.

The molten metal seen falling from the 81st floor was not aluminum, as the NIST report suggests, because molten aluminum would appear silverfish-grey in daylight conditions.

See our article on Michael Zebuhr's death for photos of molten aluminum:

The metal that is seen falling from the burning south tower is clearly yellow and white hot. This is much hotter than the fires that were observed. So, what produced such large amounts of extremely hot molten metal on the 81st floor of WTC 2?

The aluminum oxide that is produced in the Thermite or Thermate reaction is a whitish smoke. White smoke was seen coming from the 81st floor prior to each flow of molten metal, according to the NIST report, and large amounts of white smoke are seen prior to and during the collapse of each tower. Was this drywall dust or was this Thermite?

Photo: The white smoke is coming from the corner of the South Tower where the molten iron later poured out of.

Photo: A closeup of the corner of the South Tower where the molten iron poured from.

Photo: The South Tower starts to collapse. Molten iron was blown out of the tower when the explosives went off.
As the droplets cooled they turned red, creating a spray of red globules mixed with the white clouds of dust. Some of the whiteness may be due to the spray of aluminum oxide particles.
You can watch a spray of molten iron from Thermite here:

I had imagined huge disguised flower pots of powdered Thermite near the elevators of a normal office floor of the south tower. But even that didn't make sense. Furthermore, if the 81st floor was a normal office floor of Fuji Bank, why doesn't the NIST report simply say so?
Silence was all I ever received from NIST.

Then, suddenly, out of the blue, a former bank employee came forward, a person who had visited the 81st floor on a weekly basis. His information explains more than he probably thought and provides us with a major clue about what really happened on 9/11.

Fuji Bank had torn up the 81st floor, he said, and stripped it down to the bare bone to reinforce the trusses so that the floor could hold more weight. Then they had built a raised floor and filled the entire floor with server-size Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) batteries.

These units were bolted to the raised floor which stood about 3 feet above the reinforced 81st floor. Beneath the raised floor ran the cables and power supply that connected the army of batteries. IT techies had to get down on all fours and crawl around beneath the raised floor to connect cables.

"The whole floor was batteries," he said, "huge battery-looking things." They were "all black" and "solid, very heavy" things that had been brought in during the night. They had been put in place during the summer prior to 9/11, he said.

But were they really batteries?

"It's weird," he said. "They were never turned on."

So, what really was on the 81st floor of WTC 2? What was in these heavy "battery-looking things?" Were they batteries, or were they Thermite?

Only senior Information Technology (IT) personnel from Fuji Bank, or the Japanese banks affiliated with it, had access to the 81st floor computer room, according to the source. The Mizuho Bank was established originally as Mizuho Holdings, Inc. by the merger of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB), Fuji Bank and the Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ) in 2000.

According to the former bank employee, employees of Shimizu-America Corp. also had access to the floor.

Shortly after 9/11, the IBJ became the biggest player and took over the new corporation that had been created by the merger, primarily because the offices of the DKB and Fuji Bank had been destroyed in the World Trade Center, the source said.

The offices of the IBJ were located on the Avenue of the Americas and became the new headquarters for the bank. The DKB and Fuji Bank personnel soon found themselves out of work.

"Nobody worked on that floor," the source said about Floor 81. The whole floor was taken up with a "whole bunch of batteries" and "enclosed server racks" that were so tall that one could not see over the top of them. The enclosed server racks were locked and the only people who could open them were employees of the Shimizu Corp., he said.

Didn't the host of NIST scientists think that was worthy of mention? They either did not know that the 81st floor was full of "battery-looking things" or decided not to mention it. How odd.

William Torrey, the Atlanta-based senior vice president of Shimizu-America, said he could not say anything about the work that Shimizu did on the 81st floor because of ongoing litigation. Asked about the litigation, Torrey said he could not comment on that either.

Seth Martin, the non-Japanese spokesman for the Mizuho Corp., could not give any comment for this article. Mr. Martin did not respond to repeated calls.

The NIST documents that accompany the final report confirm the source's information that Fuji Bank had reinforced the 81st floor. Documents dated 1999 say that reinforcements were added to the floor trusses "to accommodate the new UPS workspace." The structural engineering firm was noted as LERA, or Leslie E. Robertson and Associates.

SawTeen See, a managing partner of LERA, said the firm was unable to comment on the work it had done on the 81st floor. "We are not at liberty to comment on this or to provide any further information," she wrote. "Please contact the PANYNJ who are the project owners."

PANYNJ is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Fuji Bank & Trust reported 12 out of 125 Japanese expatriate employees missing the day after 9/11. Two American employees of Fuji Bank are also reported to have died on 9/11:

• Security officer Patrick Adams, 60
• John Andreacchio, 52

Both men were from New York.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 2:30 am ]
Post subject: 

Hetware wrote:
Edam Salem and Andreas Strassmeir? How do they relate to 9/11?

Looks like Edam is connected to the first attempt on the WTC and Andreas to OKC.

I never had the foggiest interest in 'conspiracy theories' until 9/11.

I have no way of knowing about the authenticity of Bollyn's supposed piece about both flights hitting computer/battery rooms...which I attached in my last post.

If it is reasonably accurate, that would indicate that one or two Japanese banking concerns shared complicity. That presents an interesting angle on my theory about central banking having foremost involvement.

I have read other accounts of Bremer's office being directly hit. The Japanese bank story is new to me. My experience is that few 9/11 researchers have developed a very elaborate list of groups sharing various levels of complicity.

In fact, most have simplified it to the extreme by saying that one group did it.

I believe that 9/11 may go down as the greatest crime ever if the current push for Iran develops into a world war. The financial rewards being a preponderance of Middle Eastern oil fields and central Asian the least.

Author:  Hetware [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:02 am ]
Post subject: 

Speaking of Central Asian pipelines did you catch the link between Heinz and Bremer?

Author:  Purple Tang [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:10 am ]
Post subject: 

Hetware wrote:
Speaking of Central Asian pipelines did you catch the link between Heinz and Bremer?

No I did not. Have a recommended link? Or a condensed explanation?

Author:  Hetware [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:18 am ]
Post subject: 

I forgot to mention that I did follow up on Christopher's work to the extent that I verified what I could regarding building modifications of the WTC. It checks out.

As for Heinz, does this help?

Author:  Purple Tang [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

I thought you were serious until you posted that photoshop work.

What are you doing?

It is possible that the two "events" are not photoshopped and took place minutes apart...but the intent is obvious.

Author:  Hetware [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 4:03 pm ]
Post subject: 

Bremer worked for Kissinger from 1990 to 2001. Kissinger is a protégé globalist mob boss David Rockenfelder(sic) who has been named as a prime suspect in the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 10:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hetware wrote:
Bremer worked for Kissinger from 1990 to 2001. Kissinger is a protégé globalist mob boss David Rockenfelder(sic) who has been named as a prime suspect in the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks.

If its in the ME, it has Kissingers finger prints on it.

Check out Emerging Viruses for 800 pages..or so..of damning evidance that the WHO (World Health Org) spread the AIDS virus in metropolitan America and Africa by promoting "free polio vaccinations."

Guess who was a dominant force?

My question is you think they will get away with it?

A lot of people know it was an inside job but we can do so little about it since it would appear that the insiders are the worlds major power players. They are accountable to noyone. They can..and will... have anyone fired, killed, discredited, quieted etc.

I'm sure there are thousands of agents who like to bring justice to bear...but what do they do? Sacrifice their job and testify to whomever listens at their new employer....the QuickieMart?

I've still trying to finger organizations...have not got to naming many names other than Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bremer and a few others that I shall not disclose right now.

Author:  Hetware [ Sun Nov 11, 2007 2:19 am ]
Post subject: 

Failure is not an option. I've already indicated what I believe to be the Big Lie at the foundation of their psychological power. A lot of people don't fully understand what exactly the theory of "The Big Lie" is.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Sun Nov 11, 2007 3:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hetware wrote:
Failure is not an option. I've already indicated what I believe to be the Big Lie at the foundation of their psychological power. A lot of people don't fully understand what exactly the theory of "The Big Lie" is.

I'm lost here.

Author:  Hetware [ Sun Nov 11, 2007 7:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

Purple Tang wrote:
Hetware wrote:
Failure is not an option. I've already indicated what I believe to be the Big Lie at the foundation of their psychological power. A lot of people don't fully understand what exactly the theory of "The Big Lie" is.

I'm lost here.

It is the lie that none shall call a lie.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 12:13 am ]
Post subject: 

Hetware wrote:
Purple Tang wrote:
Hetware wrote:
Failure is not an option. I've already indicated what I believe to be the Big Lie at the foundation of their psychological power. A lot of people don't fully understand what exactly the theory of "The Big Lie" is.

I'm lost here.

It is the lie that none shall call a lie.

I think millions are calling it a lie...thus conducting themselves in revolutionary acts.

Most of the people I have spoke to are pretty suspicious of the absolutely scandolous conspiracy theory about sand pirates being directed from a cave in Afghanistan and out witting NORAD, FBI, CIA, NSC, FAA, airport security, airline crews and captains, etc. Not to mention being amongst the worlds finest 757 pilots after screwing around in Cessna's.

Sure. I see no problem here. None at all.

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