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 Post subject: Amazing coincidences of 9/11...........
PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:31 pm 
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If I had kept a record, I could write down a few hundred. Here are a few off the top of my head:

Warren Buffet (2nd wealthiest American) hosts a party at Offutt Air Force Base on 9/11. Offutt AFB is the headquarters for the Strategic Air Command of the US Air Force. This is where Air Force One decided to go once Bush got done with 'My Pet Goat.' The Strategic Air Command (SAC) in constantly holding global 'SAC Alerts' that should have dealt with the 9/11 flights within minutes.

Bush Sr is having a meeting with some members of the Bin Laden family (as I recall).

One of the 9/11 flights goes directly into the offices of Lewis Paul Bremer III...who goes unto to become 'our ambassador to Iraq.' Mr. Bremers 9/11 flight ends up in Baltimore rather than NYC.

The Pentagon flight hits the section for Naval Intelligence. Which had just been beefed up against a security breach. Construction was due to be completed in a couple days. Very few victims for this reason, a few construction workers. The flight fails to even scratch the lawn. Amazing. A tough flight for a veteran 767 pilot, few claim they could do it.

NORAD had a widely distributed pamphlet showing a terrorist piloted airplane hitting the WTC. Yet the White House claimed that 'noyone could envision that'. NORAD just happened to be running simulations of terrorists hijacking airplanes on 9/11. SAC (Air Force Strategic Air Command) interceptors were sent to Canada on that morning.

Bush spent a lot of time with 'My Pet Goat' and the 6th grade class after hearing about the attack. Why was he not considered a possible target of the terrorists?

Rumsfeld was on the opposite side of the Pentagon when the attack occurred. He later referred to a missile hitting the Pentagon.

People were told to stay in the towers...that it was safe. Yet both Silverstein and Ghouliani were able to predict a collapse. Ghouliani was told they were coming down and vacated. Silverstein seemed to order the pull of WTC VII.

A passenger on the Pennsylvania flight gave his full name to his 'mother' then asked her if she believed him? Cell phones worked at 30,000 feet?

Indestructible black boxes were not recovered yet a passport survived the inferno.

No other high rise commercial steel building has ever collapsed from fire. Yet three collapsed perfectly into their own footprints on 9/11?

Marvin Bush's and Mr Walkers firm was in charge of WTC security until...9/11/2001.

There are dozens more. What are a few of your favorites?

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 Post subject: Predicted total collapse.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 9:27 am 
Well, you seem to have done some research there, and that is more than I can say for a vast majority of others I have read on other forums.

I am aware that Amerikans are focused and hypnotized by the media on elites, and that a person such as myself will automatically be discounted because of the mind control apparatus in the USA, but facts are facts, and I am not going to keep the facts hidden just because people are programmed to be incredulous of anyone who does not speak with the authority of Big Brother. 1984 is here and entrenched.

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