General Strike USA on Sept. 11, 2008
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Author:  gonerail [ Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:56 pm ]
Post subject:  General Strike USA on Sept. 11, 2008

How much more abuse and struggle can we endure people ?? I hope we can all agree that the time has come for us all to make our collective voice heard. If your happy with the status-quo then so be it. I am not and if we don't stand together surely we will FALL.

Help yourself and get the word out about this upcoming action for human survival !!!!!!

A general strike is called for September 11, 2008, the anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks on New York City and Arlington, Virginia.
General strikes shut down the normal operations of a city, state, or nation for a period of time. These strikes aim to force action on a single issue or broader set of concerns. The 9/11/08 General Strike has a central location - - on the Internet, which is linked to and reproduced on a variety of other internet sites. The site states the rationale for the effort:
The General Strike is a national call to action, from citizens to other citizens. It is not about a single issue. It is not an anti-war protest, a civil rights protest, an election fraud protest. It is not about torture, surveillance, corporate media, or the environment. This strike is about all these issues and more.
We all have different concerns, but we all have the same concern: we are being lied to and this government does not represent us. Join other Americans in demanding truth, justice, and accountability.

This is our country.
And our world.

A National Call to Action: Thursday, September 11th, 2008
No school. No work. Buy nothing. Hit the streets!
The strike targets key issues facing the American public, issues that have not been addressed in any meaningful way by any branch of government. Unions, corporations, & the major parties have failed to deal with pressing matters of war & peace, income inequality, crime & punishment & the meaning of citizenship itself, it has fallen to the American people to set things right!

Citizen discontent & other concerns of the strike include massive violations of civil rights. The strike campaign argues that under our system of checks & balances when the judiciary & Congress fail in their duty it is then up to the American people to defend the Constitution, Bill of Rights & our way of life.

Call to action: No work, No school on September 11, 2008. It also includes “no shopping;” a suspension of all purchasing during the strike. 75% of our economy is consumer spending, when Bush says to shop, we must STOP!

The general strike calls for participants to “Hit the Streets.” But why spend our time protesting in DC to be ignored? Unless we get in the streets outside our rep.s personal residences- who is going to care?

We need to mobilize locally- & demand national action. Few of us could go to Washington- but many of us- can go to our city halls or state legislatures- or local Congressional offices.

Tell the government that we're fed up with war, torture, corruption, & special interest funding our elections & our media.

Strikes have brought civil rights in the U.S. & around the world. Help make our voices louder than the mainstream media & corporate dollars.

"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error".
U.S. Supreme Court, in American Communication Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442

In order to get involved, here are the five best steps to take now:

1) Sign up with your email address HERE in order to get updates,

2) Mark the day on your calendar and plan to be at a protest in your community,

3) Send this URL to all your friends, post it to forums, put it on your personal pages,

4) Take the time to help organize a protest. We'll send news on coordinators in your community,

5) Take the lead and help organize a protest on 9/11.


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