Another 9/11 expose rolls down the pike.
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Author:  Purple Tang [ Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  Another 9/11 expose rolls down the pike.

9/11 truth is an international movement, the latest movie was made in Italy.

It does some things very well. Many other things go ignored and this is a universal problem with 9/11 exposes. The most dramatic footage occurred when they showed what happened to the generals and managers who were in charge of the supposed 'gross incompetence' of 9/11. They all received massive promotions.

I believe it is called 'Zero'. I viewed it at a showing last week.

The definitive 9/11 movie would take at least three hours and leave no doubters among those with functioning cognitive skills.

I look upon 9/11 as a comprehension test. Many fail to recognize the blatantly obvious.

Steel buildings falling at free fall speed is impossible unless the entire structure was blown up. In this case, they were turned to dust.

Lessons learned from the Oklahoma City bombing that failed to ignite two of the larger bombs? Leaving behind evidence that the MSM had to cover up.

This time they went overboard with the demolition.

However it was thoughtful to bring the structures straight down thus saving the lives of many thousands. A thoughtfulness that likely would not occur to the blamed terrorists.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:08 pm ]
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"Thoughtful" - an interesting adjective when describing the 9/11 demolition. But imagine if I and II would have fallen sideways.

I suspect the plan was to hit Congess with the 4th plane and implement martial law.

Author:  CrimsonEagle [ Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:17 am ]
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Purple Tang wrote:
"Thoughtful" - an interesting adjective when describing the 9/11 demolition. But imagine if I and II would have fallen sideways.

I suspect the plan was to hit Congess with the 4th plane and implement martial law.

I found myself thinking about this a couple of weeks ago.

I'm wondering if it is possible that flight 93 was supposed to hit WTC 7. I mean think about it, WTC 7 was imploded, there is no doubt about it. This tells me that they were expecting significant damage to occur to the building and there is no way they could count on debris from towers 1 and 2 to do enough damage to justify a complete free fall collapse.

If flight 93 would have hit it, to their minds, 3 buildings, all hit by jets, all collapsing the same way. Nice and neat, they can use the same explanation for collapse on every building.

But that's not what happened.

At some point they lost control of flight 93 and they had to shoot it down. (Yes, it was shot down)

They had a problem. Building 7 was still standing, rigged to be brought had to come down, so the decision was made to "Pull it".

If a plane would have hit building 7, they would have been able to point at all 3 buildings and this would have been their excuse, their reason for 7 to collapse as it did.

Instead they totally ignored building 7 hoping that no one would notice. They had to. Even with the way they attempt to twist physics, they could not lie their way into any possible reason as to why building 7 imploded upon itself. No plane, small and complete collapse.

Of course this is all just supposition on my part. You could very well be correct. Unless someone becomes "enlightened" and decides to change their ways thus coming forward with what really happened, we will never know.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:41 pm ]
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Good theory on Bldg 7 I think. Had not thought of it.

I am frequently befuddled by the truth movements insistence on focusing on I and II since they are the most readily defended. I suppose it is possible that the collisions could have caused the structure above the collision to fail. The problem is that the buildings exploded into dust that coated lower Manhattan with several inches. The only thing left of the people were small bone fragments, some of which got tossed very long distances.

The Pentagon boggles the mind. We are supposed to believe that a 120 five foot wide airplane squeezed into a 16 foot wide hole before penetrating three rings of possibly the strongest office building on the planet. The titanium alloy engines simply went....poof...and disappeared.

That five pound piece of brightly painted aluminum was supposed to be enough evidence. Then there is the disappearance of over 100 video cameras footage.

The Pentagon story is beyond immensely absurd. Bldg 7 is just insane. Yet most of the talk focuses on I and II.

I used to find that discussing 9/11 was an excellent way to find the police state agents prowling the busier boards. They could never resist pouncing on any 9/11 conjecture. I guess they were all pilots and architects before becoming agents for the globalists and Zionists. Their problem is that they all used the exact same modus operandum. I can't tell you how many times I seen them display identical tin foil hats, down to the last pixel. I think I could of written much of their 9/11 disinformation manual back in the day when people were still trying to make up their minds.

If an insider decided to blow the whistle, they would never be able to bring their story to the light of day.

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