The south tower
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Author:  expiretheliars [ Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  The south tower


Something hit me recently, about the south tower, regarding 9-11. I, like the rest of us here probably, have done a lot of research on 911 as well.

Anyway, as many of you probably recall, the "streams of molten steel," running off the corner of the south tower, shortly before it collapsed.

Question: Was the corner where the molten steel was running off the building, the same side as the direction that the top of the building started to tip towards? Remember? There was 1) A bunch of molten steel, running off the corner of the building. 2) As the south tower started to collapse, (from the top) the top "leaned" forward, then straightened up, AND DISSENTIGRATED, right before our very eyes. I'm thinking it was, because it was a sunny morning, and I DO BELIEVE, that was the sunny side of the building, in which the corner of the molten steel was running from.

I was just wondering, if there was a connection with the plane hitting just the corner of the south tower, to the corner of the building, in which the molten steel was running from. (like, same side)

I've always thought the planes were "remote controlled anyway." I'm starting to think, (especially if the answers to my questions are yes) that the plane was just used to loosen up one corner, while the "thermite," loosened up the other corner (on the same side?) in which the top of the south tower was leaning towards. Why "the evildoers" would do this, is beyond me. (possibly to prevent damage to other buildings?) But this would just come off, as a mere coincidence, in the lake of lies and disinformation from the 9-11 (o)mission report. (just like both towers getting hit in different places, on different floors, YET FALLING AT FREE-FALL SPEED, EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!)

...imagine that huh!! :?:

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