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 Post subject: Scholors for Truth
PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 2:17 am 
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James A. Fetzer PhD is a representative of an organisation called scholors for truth, and is asking for your help.

The whole story that the government told us is a sham and a conspiracy reality. It is not a story, it is a reality of a conspiracy by the government that has so many holes in it that no laws of science, thermodynamics, physics, structural engineering etc., can apply to it. The buildings were built strong enough that running into them is analogous to sticking a pencil through mosquito netting. According to Frank D. Martino, the Project Manager at the WTC the building were designed to withstand multiple impacts from planes like 757's and barely shake due to sophisticated load redistribution capabilities.

The company, Controlled Demolition Inc., collected the scrap immediately and shipped it off to China. The Fire Chiefs Association said this was illegal and they were tampering with a crime scene. This is the same company that cleaned up after the Oklahoma City bombing which couldn't have been caused by a fertilizer bomb external to the building. How CDI could have got these contracts would probably be very revealing to the whole story. It would be interestring to find out their connection to the government. Hey, hey, hey, it's the CIA?

People in Pennsylvania said they heard an explosion before the plane went down. Police gathered up people and told them they were looking for airplane parts and if anyone said the police told them to do this, that they would say they were lying. The debris from the plane should have covered 1 sq.block but was distributed over 8 square miles, which suggests an explosion. Then they shot a rocket into the ground to simulate a plane impact. Ever wonder why the hole was so small and there was no visible plane debris. The government murdered those people on that plane.

There is a National Guard unit called the Happy Houligans out of Fargo, moved to Langley, and a pilot named Rick Gibley is said to have fired the rocket- but he will deny this. These people will lie about everything. Imagine the threats or bribes he got.

Norman Manetti while in a bunker on 911 saw a young soldier coming up to Cheney and saying- "Sir, it's 70 miles out, it's 60 miles out, it's 50 miles out,. Does the order still stand?" Cheney snapped back -"Of course the order still stands. Have you heard anything different?" When Manetti went up before the 911 cOMMISSION and told them this story, they chose to ignore it. This was the pentagon plane- or drone that was coming in. If it was a plane and hit the first floor then there would have been a crater in the lawn. Of course the lawn was perfect. The FBI was there in 15 minutes to get all the film from the gas stations, which would have shown a big fireball on the outside of the pentagon.

There is a petition to sign. It has been presented to congress, senate and the house in 11 different categories including documents, films, physical evidence and audio. If you want to sign the petition go to or as well. Check out the top left corner and sign on.

Fetzner is well known for his site which covers such murders as Kennedy and Paul Wellstone. He also gives a convincing argument about America NOT landing on the moon. Check it out.

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