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 Post subject: Boom.
PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:17 pm 
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Not sure if this was put up here yet, but listen very, very closely between the 9 and 10 second mark just before the penthouse collapses. I had to replay it a few times before I caught it, but it is there.

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 Post subject: Re: Boom.
PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 9:43 pm 
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CrimsonEagle wrote:
Not sure if this was put up here yet, but listen very, very closely between the 9 and 10 second mark just before the penthouse collapses. I had to replay it a few times before I caught it, but it is there.

Interesting CE!! I don't have my stereo system hooked up, so I don't know if the explosions can be heard through my "pukey little pc speakers" or not. However, I DO KNOW, that my pair of Velodyn Subwoofers, flawlessly picked up the explosions in the World Trade Center Buildings in the documentary, "Eyewitness." Even Helen Keller (god bless her) couldn't of missed these explosions going off that dreadful day. (and were also recorded by the magnitude guys as well, as we all know/2.1 and 2.3. respectively)

I have two videos I have uploaded. One, is your original you tube video from your link here. I have cut out the glare a little bit, to show the shadows, as well as the buildings in the fore/background as well. In addition, I have slowed this video down by 75% (1/4 speed) I run a script on my computer that does fairly decent slow motion, without a lot of jitters. It's not quite as good as a 1500 frames per second high speed camera, but it ain't too bad either imho. (sorry, not made of $$$) I use it all the time, because I'm a video head. In addition, I stripped and reworked the audio, to play "in synch" with the video as well. The audio (naturally) is slowed down to 1/4 speed as well. However, the pitch has not changed, so for the most part, the sounds are pretty close to normal/natural, as 100% speed. Unfortunately, with these cheap pc speakers, I was unable to pick up any expolsions. I set the frequency levels from 20hz. to 2khz. (2000 hz.) I figured that this would be the optimim frequency range, of the sounds of the explosions, while eliminating some of the excess noise surrounding this event.


After watching this video at 1/4 speed, I'm amazed at a few things...

1) How far in advance, that the center to the left part of the building, collapsed before the rest of the building did.

2) How there is NO SMOKE, coming from the front of the building EVER!! Before, during or after the collapse of building 7.

3) Notice when the "box thingy" sitting at the top left side of the building 7 starts to collapse, is when you start to see black smoke, shooting out the left side of building 7.

...but that ain't nuttin'

Look at all the "squibs" shooting out the front of building 7, right when the "box thing" sitting on the top left of building 7 starts to collapse!!

4) I've seen the other side of this building collapse, and you can see the squibs everywhere. However and I do believe anyway, that most of the energy used to bring down building 7, was focused on the other side. Not only because very little is exposed on this side, (the one that most people have seen in this particular video) but because none of the smoke FROM THIS DEMOLITION, never makes it to the front side of this building. This also, can be supported after building 7 collapses. Notice the large amount of smoke IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING, JUST BEHIND THE (once was) BUILDING 7!!

...kinda like wacko, when we weren't suppose to see the tanks crashing into the branch divitcan, (sorry for the misspell) filled with ceran gas. (sorry for the misspell again) Just the fires ranging from the front of the branch divitican. (go away spell check)

5) Notice the shadow exposed, after I killed the gamma. Notice the direction of the smoke, after the building collapsed. This tells you, that it took a force greater than the wind speed/direction, to keep all the smoke from the demolition, TO THE BACK OF THE BUILDING, UNTIL SEVERAL SEVERAL SECONDS, AFTER BUILDING 7 COLLAPSED!!


Notice the "box thingy" at the top left side of the building again, shortly before the collapse. Now, look at all the black smoke, (squibs) shooting out the front windows, EXACTLY UNDERNEATH THE "BOX THINGY" AT THE TOP LEFT SIDE OF BUILDING 7, right when the "box thingy" starts to collapse. Yep, all the squibs are generally left of center of the building, and right below the "box thingy."

7) Now, let's focus on the bigger "box thingy" at the very top of building 7. Both 'thingies" are in clear view before the explosions, but take a look at the remaining one, after the first "box thingy" on the left has disappeared. Now, look at all the shitload of squibs that pop out everywhere, right underneath the bigger box thingy, right when it too, begins to collapse. This is a clear sign, that these explosions were set into motion "sequentially," to effectively bring down this building at free fall speed.

8) No biggie here!! But the shadow on the remaining front building (foreground) indicates the height of the smoke in the air, in relation to the height of the (once was) building 7. The black smoke turns to white, once it reaches (essentially) the height of the once was building 7.

Of course, you can see this in real time. However, and at least I have observed at 1/4 speed anyway, the overall "precision" of these explosive charges, to effectively bring down building 7. (as well as the other two buildings I imagine as well) WTC 7 Demolition

The other video is for the "right winged lurkers," who may be "droning in" on our conversations.

It is a video of building 7 owner Larry Silverstein, admitting that his building was pulled, on the afternoon of 9/11/01.

And in case some of you may have started your Indy 500 festivities a little too soon, (yes, I'm in Indiana) I have slowed this video down 2/3. (33%)

I'd hate to have you "right winged lurkers," miss a criminal activity in action!! :roll: Larry Silverstein

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