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 Post subject: Karl Schwarz Truth For 9/11
PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2004 7:06 pm 

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This man is amazing.......
Subj: FW: A fabulous 911 piece by Karl Schwarz who will be
Date: 9/23/04 7:41:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Karl W. B. Schwarz)
To: (Tapirlover@aol. com)

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Meria Heller sent it out to all of her members.


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Subject: A fabulous 911 piece by Karl Schwarz who will be back on the show
October 6th

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Truth

By Karl W. B. Schwarz

I am a Conservative Republican that has come to the conclusion over the past
12 months that I would not vote for Bush Cheney 2004 under bribe, duress or
at gunpoint. I have come to that conclusion for many reasons that are well
documented and in some instances is information that is known only to myself
and several executives that I work with. I have written a book about my
experiences with the RNC and Bush Cheney, and bring forth facts that I found
stunning and disgusting to the point that I am convinced that both the DNC
and RNC, and our political system, are in need a serious house cleaning.
America needs leadership, not an endless stream of talking heads and game
show hosts to keep us entertained. That is my opinion and I am sticking to

It would also help if Americans had The Truth but that seems to be something
that Washington, DC fears these days.

I read the recent analysis written by Sibel D. Edmonds regarding the 9-11
Commission findings and recommendations. That article was posted on for those readers that missed it. For those that do not know
who Sibel Edmonds is, she is the FBI translator that Bush, Cheney and
Ashcroft have gone to great lengths to silence.

The 9-11 attorneys Motley & Rice zeroed in on her as a possible key witness
after filing that $1 trillion lawsuit, and when that happened none of us
should be surprised that Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft when into “shut her up

Out of curiosity as to how her facts might concur or disagree with the facts
I assembled in my book, I tracked Sibel down and we had a long visit via
telephone. That conversation was just another example of “don’t believe
everything you read” in our major media outlets.

I followed her story as it developed and the media always reported to us
“mushrooms” that her testimony was being blocked “due to national security”
and “protecting the Global War on Terrorism”. Good enough reasons I thought
at first, until I had the chance to hear it from the source.

During the FBI translations Sibel came across pre-9-11 drug trafficking and
money laundering and that is evidently what they are trying to keep quiet.
It does not take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that first, the Saudis do not
need drug trafficking to generate cash flow to finance terrorism if they are
in fact the culprits, and secondly, that tidbit of information does not fit
what we have all been told about how Al Qaeda financed the attack upon
America. After I weigh it all, I think the 9-11 attorneys might not be as
interested in Sibel Edmonds’ testimony as they first thought because drug
trafficking and money laundering is not exactly a Saudi modus operandi.

More importantly, what Sibel Edmonds found was not from counter-terrorism
sources. It was from ongoing FBI investigations of Americans and foreign
nationals involved in drug trafficking, money laundering and apparently
pre-9-11 activities and financing of that attack. Now that explains why
Emperor GW cannot dare let Sibel Edmonds testify under oath in that $1
trillion lawsuit, or before Congress or before the 9-11 Commission. We have
not been told that Americans might have been in part involved in 9-11.
Wouldn’t that be a hoot compared to the endless lies we have heard from the
Bush Administration?

No wonder her testimony (if ever heard in an open forum) is giving heart
palpitations to Emperor George, Prince Dick, and Squire Ashcroft.

Hmmm, I said to myself. That Sibel story sounds familiar, like Iran Contra,
which was in part run through my home state of Arkansas. Who in this
menagerie of current “bad actors” has that type of MO and history, including
involvement in Iran Contra? The first name that comes to mind is Richard
Armitage of the State Department and reportedly our go between with the
Pakistani ISI. Hmmm, it was the former director of ISI that wired Mohammed
Atta that $100,000 for 9-11 and then was conveniently in Washington, DC when
9-11 happened meeting with Senators Graham and Kyl and Congressman Porter
Goss, Bush’s nominee to keep the lid on at CIA.

Hmm, Richard Armitage, drug trafficking, money laundering, Iran Contra,
Pakistan ISI, what is the connection?

Then there is Baron Rumsfeld over at DoD that seems to dart around like a
bee pollinating CBW to Saddam under the Reagan Administration, being part of
Iran Contra, planning and practicing the invasion of Afghanistan in early
2001 well in advance of 9-11, attacking on October 7, 2001 to get rid of
those silly Taliban folks, and immediately after 9-11 wanted to start
planning to go kick Saddam really good.

Somewhere along the way Baron Rummy forgot to tell us all what Karen
Kwiatkowski disclosed, that being the Pentagon was running a little shop of
lies known as The Office of Special Plans to skew intelligence to fit the
policy that Emperor George II, Prince Dick and Baron Rumsfeld wanted us all
to believe. I think the entire world now knows they lied, so no sense
wasting time here to belabour that point any further today.

Before I forget, of course George H.W. Bush was head of the CIA when Iran
Contra was being done as a CIA black op. CIA, GHWB, Drug trafficking, money
laundering, Armitage, Pakistan ISI, what is the connection? I seem to
recall that when Barry Seal’s body was found (he was the drug part of Iran
Contra) they found George H W Bush’s personal telephone number in his car.
Curious indeed. Maybe GW should slap “SECRET” all the way back to before
his birth just to be on the safe side.

However, I have come across other facts due to personal and professional
reasons that the Bush – Cheney Administration and the 9-11 Commission
evidently do not what you as a reader to know.

Do you recall in March 2003 when the FBI and Ashcroft flashed the
photographs and name of Adnan G. El Shukrijumah across our TV screens and
the next day in major newspapers? Following my divorce in 2002 I dated a
lady from Canada for close to 20 months and when those photographs first
appeared she recognized him immediately. Two of the five photographs shown
on the FBI website directly involved how she knew it was him. He was in
Hamilton, Ontario, at McMaster University and under an alias.

The call to the FBI was made from my home office telephone.

The FBI did not go after him. They don’t want the “mushroom Americans” to
know that fact either. If you happen to have caught US Attorney Comey’s
press conference on Shukrijumah recently, at least one aggressive (i.e.
awake) reporter pinned him down that they do not have enough evidence on
Shukrijumah to arrest or convict him.

Hmmm, then why run his name and photographs on the national and
international TV stations claiming he is the ultimate boogeyman? They are
looking for him for what exact reason?

I have repeatedly asked the FBI to update their website to include that new
alias or provide an explanation as to why they have not done so. I have
asked the same of Homeland Security and they of course, never respond to
mere American citizens who pose an embarrassing question as to their

Where it gets even more curious is following positive ID of Shukrijumah and
the FBI did not go after him, they called the person I know in Canada that
knows him, and demanded that she never tell anyone that she had identified
him within 10 minutes of them running his photographs and name. They have
since run his name and photographs at least four more times since March 2003
pretending to be looking for him, and I emphasize, pretending to be looking
for him. They had a chance and did not even go after him.

The FBI never gets around to mentioning that Adnan G. El Shukrijumah and the
rest of his family have lived in Florida since 1986 without incident. That
is, until someone dreamed up what I am beginning to believe is a GWOT Fable
to cover up other actions.

Hmmm, who is dropping his name as the boogeyman and he is not the boogeyman?
I want to know who is doing that and why they are doing it.

Then it gets even more curious. I met a company in 1999 about oil and gas
ROW across South America in key places. The name of that company is Bridas
Corporation of Argentina. Well, 1999 was a long time before 9-11 and it was
of little importance to me at that time when they told me that they had
filed a $15 billion interference of contract lawsuit against Unocal for
interference of contract in Turkmenistan.

They also informed me that they had signed contracts with General Rashid
Dostum (that Uzbek that controls the northern part of Afghanistan) and the

Seems Bush and Cheney do not want anyone to know that Bridas had contracts
to build that pipeline across Afghanistan and we now control it after
October 7, 2001 and the attack we levied on Afghanistan. That pipeline is
now under construction, is under US control, so It’s Miller Time, Emperor GW
finally got a “Mission Accomplished”.

Now, why didn’t Emperor George, Prince Dick or the 9-11 Commission ever say
a word about a non-US company having beat the US to that pipeline contract
across Afghanistan? Did any of you readers hear a word about Bridas
Corporation, Afghanistan, or that pipeline, or that lawsuit in Texas?

Didn’t think so.

That sort of explains to me why Emperor George wanted a whole new CIA
division just for Argentina, since Bridas is from Argentina.

For you information sleuths, on September 9, 2003 Bridas Corporation
prevailed at Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals on an arbitration award
reportedly over $500 million in the matter of Bridas Corporation v.
Turkmenneft, the oil ministry arm of Turkmenistan. For the geographically
impaired, that is the northwest end of that pipeline that is going across
Afghanistan even as you read this, but under US control. Of course, the
Bush friends went running to the US Supreme Court but on March 22, 2004 the
high court Denied Writ of Certiorari and left intact the decision out of New
Orleans; matter of Turkmenneft v. Bridas Corporation 03-1018, U.S. Supreme

Drug trafficking, money laundering, 9-11, attacking to take away that oil
pipeline contract so Emperor George can claim “Mission Accomplished” on
something, all of the big Caspian Basin oil deals that need that pipeline.

Seems Sibel Edmonds might have stumbled across a key link that might unravel
why WTC is now a hole in the ground and US companies now control a pipeline
they had not a chance of controlling, that is until 9-11 and October 7,

I keep thinking about that Project for a New American Century announcement
in 2000:

In 2000 PNAC issued a report predicting that their proposed "transformation"
of U.S. military and diplomatic policy in the Middle East wouldn't come very
quickly, barring the occurrence of "some catastrophic and catalyzing event,
like a new Pearl Harbor."

Hmm, Pearl Harbor and WTC, what is the connection?

Guess what law firm represented Turkmenneft to keep Bridas tied up in court?
Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw and senior partner Richard Ben Veniste was sitting on
that 9-11 Commission while Bridas was winning. His law firm stands to make
hundreds of millions in fees having now positioned themselves in Pakistan,
Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Isn’t DC Policy a wonderfully
profitable endeavor?

I was part of a 9-11 program presented in NYC and when the panel I was on
was completed a woman got past security and came running up to me on the
stage, wanting to tell me something. She had just been fired from a job in
Argentina with one of our major banks and informed that all of Argentina is
hoping an American figured out what Bush Cheney, et al did to Bridas
Corporation. I had a strange peace before that presentation, maybe I knew
she would be there to let me know that my information is right on target.

Lastly, eight of the ten 9-11 Commission members (that I know of) are
directly benefiting from 9-11 or companies they represent or sit on the
board of directors, that pipeline, that big Caspian Oil deal being “open for
business” soon thanks to the US controlled pipeline, so I think we can all
rest assured that The Truth Commission on 9-11 has yet to convene. The ones
with serious conflicts are Kean, Fielding, Lehman, Thompson, Hamilton,
Gorelick, Ben Veniste, and Roemer and just for kicks, a former Lee Hamilton
staffer Christopher Kojm was in the back office with Zelikow.

Stay tuned - there is plenty of truth to be found. There are few if any
truth seekers in Washington, DC. The truth will not set some of them free.

Karl W. B. Schwarz lives in Little Rock, AR and is the author of “One-Way
Ticket to Crawford, Texas, a Conservative Republican Speaks Out”. He is the
President and Chief Executive Office of Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC and
I-nets Security Systems, a designer of intelligence and UAV systems. You
can email him here.

The Meria Heller Show
5th year on the net & WARL1320am R.I.
This note is for paid subscribers ONLY by agreement. If you would like to
opt out of this list at any time, please send me an email with your request.

"In an age of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act" Orwell

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