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 Post subject: Evidence that Israel was responsible for 9/11
PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 10:56 pm 

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■ 9/11 was masterminded by those involved with the neoconservative organization Project for a New American Century (PNAC), an organization that includes Bush's vice president Dick Cheney as well as most of Bush's defense department at the time of 9/11. It's basically a deal between the neocons and the Bush family. Prior to 9/11, PNAC had publicly stated the need for "a new Pearl Harbor" to galvanize support for its agenda.

■ The neoconservatives are mostly Jews with close connections to the Israeli government and to the hawkish, right-wing Likud party in Israel. They want US invasions of Iraq, Iran, and Syria, and the broader effect of increased sympathy for Israel that a suicide attack on American soil would bring. With their close connections to Israel they are basically able to subcontract out all the dirty work to the Mossad.

■ Why President Bush and others in the Bush administration are willing to go along with this plot is not entirely clear, though it is likely that they had an interest in the Afghan opium production or a geopolitical interest in the Central Asian oil (possibly to build a pipeline through Afghanistan).

■ The explanation for the presence of the alleged hijackers in America is that they are part of a drug smuggling operation. They are involved in bringing opium grown by the Taliban in Afghanistan (which produces 75% of the world's opium) into Florida (one of the main entry points for drugs coming into the US). The infamous flight schools in Florida are fronts operated by Dutch and German organized crime elements.

■ The basic idea is to frame these drug smugglers for a major terrorist attack. This is done by a several-hundred-man Mossad operation generally referred to as the "Israeli art student spy ring", after the fact that it was first detected in the months before 9/11 when some of its members posed as art students and attempted to penetrate Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) bases by pretending to be selling art. This was likely done to get dirt on the Arabs they want to frame (since the Arabs are drug smugglers).

■ The Israeli art students choose suitable patsies and begin surveiling them and impersonating them to frame them for the attacks. These Israelis are known to have tracked all 19 of the alleged hijackers. It has been suggested that the Israelis used Egyptian and Yemeni-born Jews who look like Arabs and speak fluent Arabic to "penetrate" "al-Qaeda cells". Israel was caught trying to set up a fake "al-Qaeda" cell in Palestine in 2002, and it is possible they used similar means to infiltrate the Arab drug smuggling network.

■ There are a number of accounts of Atta having been in two places at once, and the FBI is blatantly lying about when Atta was in Venice, FL. It has also been reported that according to Atta's girlfriend Amanda Keller, Atta listened to the Beastie Boys (a Jewish rap group) non-stop and was able to speak Hebrew, a peculiar ability for an Arab (see the book Welcome to Terrorland by Daniel Hopsicker). Most likely, one of the Attas is an Israeli spy.

■ When the video of Nick Berg being beheaded was released, it was reported that the FBI had previously questioned Berg because Zacarias Moussaoui had sent emails from Berg's computer. Nick Berg had quite an interesting story. He travelled all around the United States, attending four different universities, and had lived in Africa before going to Iraq to do telecommunications as an independent contractor. After Berg was unable to actually get the work he'd been promised he decided to stay in Iraq anyway, travelling around unsupervised for no apparent reason. Berg had visited Israel just before beginning work in Iraq and had been detained for several weeks by the US government just prior to his disappearance. Given Berg's antics in Iraq, it seems likely that Berg was working for Mossad, and that while he was in the United States he was part of the operation that framed the Arabs for 9/11 (i.e., he sent the emails himself to help frame Moussaoui). This incident gives us some insight into how the frame-up was actually done.

■ A number of the Israeli art students are reported as having experience in "explosive ordnance units". These are the people who planted the explosives that brought down the WTC buildings.

Larry Silverstein signed a 99-year lease on the WTC less than a month before 9/11 and increased the insurance in the event of a terrorist attack. After 9/11, Silverstein attempted to sue the insurance companies for twice the value of the WTC, claiming that because two planes hit he should be covered for two attacks. Silverstein is a close friend of many prominent Israeli leaders, including Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Ehud Barak. It is likely that the 9/11 attacks occurred with his knowledge and support.

■ The Zim American-Israeli Shipping Company announced its plans to move out of the WTC in April 2001 and officially moves out on Sept. 4th, 2001, although several of its employees are still in the building on 9/11, but manage to escape alive. Zim broke its lease and paid a $50,000 fine in order to leave the WTC early. It is almost certain that the company had advance knowledge of the attacks.

■ The company that ran the security at all of the airports from which planes left on 9/11, ICTS, is Israeli-owned.

■ It's unclear exactly who piloted the planes, but the maneuvers executed by the pilots (especially by the pilot who crashed into the Pentagon) were well outside the abilities of the alleged hijackers, who were notoriously inept pilots and had only trained on small Cessna planes, never on jet airliners. The real pilots almost certainly had experience as fighter pilots, and were likely ex-Israeli Air Force pilots. It is interesting to note that one of tne of the passengers on Flight 11 was Daniel Lewin, a former member of the Sayeret Matkal, Israel's most elite commando unit, and that early reports on the day of 9/11 included a shooting involving this passenger.

■ On 9/11, five Israeli men masquerading as Arabs are arrested by the FBI after eyewitnesses reported seeing them filming the collapsing WTC towers and dancing in celebration. At least two of the Israelis arrested worked for the Mossad.

■ Several prominent Israelis and American Zionists point out that the 9/11 attacks will help Israel. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of the attack, "It's very good... Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy".

■ After 9/11, claims of an obviously false theory that "none of the Jews showed up to work at the WTC on 9/11" are given widespread currency by the mainstream media. This is done to ridicule the idea of Israeli involvement in 9/11 inoculate the public against paying attention to the very real evidence for the involvement of Israelis and American Zionists in the attacks.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 7:47 am 
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Welcome Analysis.

I like it. Around here we don't have much sympathy for the fundamentalist Israelis. Not that all Israelis or Jews are bad, but their leaders seem to have no qualms about a secret agenda, and they are quick to bring up the Anti-Semite defense. This is an interesting view on the conspiracythat includes the American government as well, as they were in on it .
The only part that doesn't make sense is the pilots being Jewish. It would be better to believe that the planes were radio remote controlled and somehow a switcheroo was made at an airport where the hijackers were probably tied to their seats while the planes were flown into the towers. Cheney was doing war games that day and the planes, when they left the airports that day initially, were only half full. Probably had CIA or military security and the unsuspecting arabs or their Mossad look alikes, as they were filmed that day entering the passenger loading zones. They then left and landed at Cleveland airport and the remote controlled planes took over the flights.

Chances are they wouldn't get someone Jewish to commit suicide on that day, but had an alternate plan to get the job done. Israel is happy and America gets its "Pearl Harbour". As for Al-Qaeda, it has been theorised that they were an invention of the US/Israeli secret service that now may be a real construct as a consequence of the war on terror and the crusade against the Arab/Muslim nations.

We like theories that tie together, so welcome again and thanks for the leads. I followed some of the Nick Berg references including the 50 fishy stories link. His father on Democracy Now in August, 2004 was interesting also.
It leaves some legitimate questions about US/Israeli military involvement.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 10:01 pm 

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Good stuff. Some things I didn't know or didn't think of.

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