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 Post subject: Our true memorial to the men and women murdered on 9/11
PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 2:39 pm 
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I don't have a lot of time to watch this site and contribute, so dori has been the main mod watching. I have time to read and post small items only. This is a Robert Fisk article from 2003 that nails the problem pretty well. He paints America and Britain as the co-conspirators and explains our priorities pretty well.

Indeed, many Americans don't even know what the chilling acronym of the "US Patriot Act" even stands for. "Patriot" is not a reference to patriotism. The name stands for the "United and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act".

This article also states the obvious about America ansd its self interests.

This America that eats its young and whores out its natural resources while focusing on such comic-book hooey as the "preemption of evil" is not any America to which I feel kinship. The young girls get knocked-up by boys who get trained to kill, one way or another. All of them seemingly locked into unattainable fantasies, into ideas that silicone tits or fiberglass cars can offer any salvation from the drudgery of their daily tasks. They live in some permutation of tense between a bleak present and a future of limitless possibilities, all of which must be underwritten by one corporation or another. Because that's all there is. But they don't think too much about it. Thinking ends up shutting you out of the good things in life -- the emergence of Michael Vick as the next great NFL QB, a sizzling steak at the Outback, a thongy lap-dance on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Better to just chill out and enjoy it, because things are pretty much OK. Those people that make you piss in a jar just to make money to spend on rent and watered-down beer, they'd never screw you over, would they?

Perhaps Americans only pretend to care about 9/11, but are too bored and self indulgent for instant gratification and easy living to really spend the time to research and investigate the truths about what that day really means.

Is there any examples of the pretense to freedoms and security that you have noticed since 9/11 that illustrates how full of shit this era we live in has become? Do you think there is an alternative to the "Patriot Act" and 9/11 memorials that would come out if the official conspiracy story were exposed for the cover up it hides?

What would ground zero memorials say if the truth about who was responsible for allowing 9/11 to happen was revealed? Who would America turn their hatred and revenge on? Knowing how people blame shift situations, like any fundie tries to do, can we expect our leaders to punish fully the perps, or will we just consider it business as usual and go on with our need for greed and war. Is slavery the option to truth that is awaiting us if we get the picture?

Personally, I think that they will never reveal the truth but continue their move towards world slavery of the people. Both sides of the house are in on the take. With the momentum of fear working so well and the perverted distractions of the pathetic masses programmed into their pleasure centers, there seems to be no resistance to authority, only self indulgent gratification at any cost.

Just as long as they keep food fast and plentiful, the price of gas reasonable, the TV going and the game is on, most Americans don't seem to care what happens.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 5:40 am 
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In it's way, the United States has become a nation of slaves.

In Washington and every state capitol and city and town council, people are ciphers fighting over power and money. Churches are pretty much the same.

Businesses long ago merged and have no responsibilities towards their products or the people who buy/use them. They are slaves to their love of money too.

The very poor are ciphers trying to live one more day, one more night. They do whatever they can to keep themselves from being attacked or starving or freezing to death. America's throw aways.

The working poor are ciphers cramming as much into every day as they can to keep food on the table, in fact to have a table. There is nothing but work and caring for one's family as best as one can. The always guilty conscience accompanies them day in and day out because conditions do not imporve in their lives or the lives of their families.

The middle class are ciphers, held hostige by their TV sets. From day one of their lives they were placed in front of those sets to drink in advertisement after advertisement. Sex and violence are norms for them, the drive to have everything they see has been cultivated carefully to make them the backbone of our society.

These are the buyers. They will buy just about anything they are told to buy, including ideology. They will do just about anything they are told to do, including worship the evil we know as 'family values'. They don't seem to notice the people selling them 'family values' do not practice them, nor do they care about our nations' families. 'Family values' is a brand name for a political party that cares about nothing beyond keeping power.

Is there anyone who 'gets it'? Yes, but just as it was in the days of the Bible, there are a few good people, and a lot of people who follow the leader no matter which way that leader takes them. Human nature has not changed one iota since before Christ walked on this earth, and it won't.

Genetically we are who we are. We have so many toxins in our air, water, food and land now, genetics will change but not for the better. Future generations will not be as lucky as we have been.

Someone was telling me the other day that periodically the earth rejuvenates itself. She said when that happens, the first thing to go is the dominant species. That possibly some life would remain to form another 'life cycle' as it did when the dinosaurs were wiped out.

Maybe it will be cockroaches that keep earth going again, eh?

See, Republicans live on!


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