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 Post subject: 9/11 Mysteries (video)
PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 9:31 pm 
What a conservative Republican has to say. Well produced.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 10:07 pm 
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good film I have it on DVD

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 10:27 pm 
The bit about the 34th floor was fascinating.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 7:46 pm 
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This film is a welcome addition to the list of DVD's etc. available. It gets to the point and gives some real unanswered questions about all aspects of the cover up, especially how NIST was compromised and sold out. I like the picture of the demolition worker explaining how they use Thermite on an angle on steel columns, so they melt and allow the column to "Walk or crawl" off the support, leaving a perfect angle- just like the pictures of the WTC columns that were taken!

Thanks again GR for your hard work at bringing out truth.

Here are some other comments/sites to peruse.

Send your thoughts and concerns to- - and state your concerns daily.

TVNL Editor's Comments: Politically Correct or Factually Correct About 9/11

I have decided on a New Year resolution. I am going to stop beating around the bush (no pun intended) when it comes to the events of 9/11. I have seen enough to know for a fact that the official explanation about 9/11 is a crock and that most of the evidence indicates that it was an inside job.

In the past I have refrained from openly discussing this in some circles because I wanted to avoid getting into uncomfortable social situations. But I have now decided that I am the one who is made to feel uncomfortable when 9/11 is referred to as defined by the official story.

I have learned many things about the event. I have also learned that when I tell people about some of these facts more often than not they listen. I have learned that information is more powerful than personal opinion and I am armed with a lethal amount of information where it comes to 9/11.

From now on, regardless of the venue, when the issue is raised I am going to speak my mind. I am going to do so politely, calmly and with the attitude that encourages people not to believe me but to research the official body of evidence. This surreal experience has to end once and for all…and I am going to do my part to end it. Either I am going to show all around me that 9/11 was an inside job or someone is going to set me straight by showing me information that I do not have. But none of this will happen unless we start talking; and that is exactly what I am going to do! Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

Traitors and silver tongued devils-

“Progressive” Pundits:

[The writer of this review focuses on the lethal CAREERISM of the Neo-cons and Neo-liberals; but the craven careerist hacks embeded in some of the most influential “progressive” media are at least as dangerous to our democracy:
David Corn of The Nation magazine, for instance, is currently RUNNING AN AD on Air America Radio frantically urging us to leave off questioning the Bush regime’s account of 9/11 (even though scientific polls clearly show that only SIXTEEN PERCENT of Americans accept that account!), and to banish impeachment from our thoughts!
Some of the others who are advancing their careers by helping the Neo-cons and the Neo-libs to squelch questioning and investigation of their crimes:
Alexander Cockburn of , Ed Schultz of , The Young Turks of .
Then there is the new “democratic” site which with great fanfare advertises that its readers can vote on its articles for importance and relevance — but anything having to do with 9/11 or anything the least bit critical of the Israeli government is instantly deleted from the site! Karl Rove could learn from these people.
And we must not forget to include in this list of treachery the grand old man of Manufacturing Consent himself: Noam Chomsky, diligently manufacturing cover-up for the most dangerous regime in US history!]

Vol. 29 No. 1 dated 4 January 2007
by Corey Robin

Why Arendt Matters by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl · Yale, 232 pp, £14.99
Hannah Arendt: The Jewish Writings ed. Jerome Kohn and Ron Feldman · Schocken, 640 pp, $35.00
Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil by Hannah Arendt · Penguin, 336 pp, £10.99

“….Many people believe that great crimes come from terrible ideas: Marxism, racism and Islamic fundamentalism gave us the Gulag, Auschwitz and 9/11. It was the singular achievement of [Hannah Arendt’s book] EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM, however, to remind us that the worst atrocities often arise from the simplest of vices. And few vices, in Arendt’s mind, were more vicious than careerism. ‘The East is a career,’ Disraeli wrote. And so was the Holocaust, according to Arendt. ‘What for Eichmann was a job, with its daily routine, its ups and downs, was for the Jews quite literally the end of the world.’ Genocide, she insisted, is work. If it is to be done, people must be hired and paid; if it is to be done well, they must be supervised and promoted.
“Eichmann was a careerist of the first order. He had ‘no motives at all’, Arendt insisted, ‘except for an extraordinary diligence in looking out for his personal advancement’. He joined the Nazis because he saw in them an opportunity to ’start from scratch and still make a career’, and ‘what he fervently believed in up to the end was success.’ Late in the war, as Nazi leaders brooded in Berlin over their impending fate and that of Germany, Eichmann was fretting over superiors’ refusing to invite him to lunch. Years later, he had no memory of the Wannsee [’final solution’] Conference, but clearly remembered bowling with senior officials in Slovakia.
“….Most modern theorists, from Montesquieu to the American Framers to Hayek, have considered ambition and careerism to be checks against, rather than conduits of, oppression and tyranny….
“The main reason for the contemporary evasion of Arendt’s critique of careerism, however, is that addressing it would force a confrontation with the dominant ethos of our time. In an era when capitalism is assumed to be not only efficient but also a source of freedom, the careerist seems like the agent of an easy-going tolerance and pluralism. Unlike the ideologue, whose great sin is to think too much and want too much from politics, the careerist is a genial caretaker of himself. He prefers the marketplace to the corridors of state power. He is realistic and pragmatic, not utopian or fanatic. That careerism may be as lethal as idealism, that ambition is an adjunct of barbarism, that some of the worst crimes are the result of ordinary vices rather than extraordinary ideas: these are the implications of EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM that neo-cons and neoliberals alike find too troubling to acknowledge.”

CAREER-ism- Another warped human principle based on the theory of success. Kind of thing required when empire building. Take Tony Goebbels- er Snow for example. Carreerism at its most obvious- unless you look at the presidency as the pinnacle of obedient yes man careerism- then you see these talking heads as the real liars they are! Read the whole review to get a grasp of her genius!

Young-Bruehl claims that the section on imperialism is of ‘equal importance’ to the one on totalitarianism, yet she devotes a mere seven scattered paragraphs to it. Samantha Power uses the last section to examine recent genocides, despite Arendt’s insistence that totalitarianism seeks not the elimination of a people but the liquidation of the person. And when Power tries to explain al-Qaida or Hamas, she also looks to the last section, even though Arendt’s analysis of imperialism would seem more pertinent.

Arendt saw totalitarianism as the product of mass society, which arose from the breakdown of classes and nation-states. Neither a political grouping nor a social stratum, the mass denoted a pathological orientation of the self. Arendt claimed that its members had no interests, no concern for their ‘wellbeing’ or survival, no beliefs, community or identity. What they had was an anxiety brought on by loneliness, ‘the experience of not belonging to the world’, and a desire to subsume themselves in any organisation that would extinguish their ‘individual identity permanently’. With their insistence on absolute loyalty and unconditional obedience, totalitarian movements filled this need: they fastened mass man with a ‘band of iron’, providing him and his fellows with a sense of structure and belonging.

Ideology and terror reinforced this grip. Racism and Marxism confined their adherents in a ‘straitjacket of logic’, lending the world a spurious consistency and relieving people of ‘the freedom inherent in man’s capacity to think’. By reducing men and women to the barest animal life, terror ensured that no one would resist ideology’s law of nature, in the case of Nazism, or history, in the case of Stalinism. Because ideology ‘may decide that those who today eliminate races’ – or classes – ‘are tomorrow those who must be sacrificed’, terror must ‘fit each of them equally well for the role of executioner and the role of victim’. The purpose of totalitarianism, in short, was not political: it did not fulfil the requirements of rule; it served no constituency or belief; it had no utility. Its sole function was to create a fictitious world where anxious men could feel at home, even at the cost of their own lives.

Wooo scary- the mind of man explained in simple terms- but NOT to be believed! What purpose would that serve? What meaning can one get from that! Reality? I'll tale the illusion that fits, thanks. :roll: :shock:

Esteemed Professor and Law Expert Warns Of Police State
Francis A Boyle says 9/11 was allowed to happen, war on terror is facilitating the downfall of The Republic, concentration camps are in place and US citizens are the targets ... 6Boyle.htm

These lying talking heads are consistent about one thing - they know how to buy obedience. After all, on one side of the dollar bill it says- ' In God We Trust" but inscribed with the blood of the millions of martyrs to trusting gods cause, is written in words that cannot be removed- "But In Money We Believe"!

From the current issue of THE WASHINGTON FREE PRESS:
Does the World Trade Center Study Add Up?
by Rodger Herbst
[Numbered references appear at end of this article.]
….why did the building disintegrate into dust?
….The study does not attempt to explain why much of the mass of the building vaporized into fine dust….
….The NIST investigation also omitted or distorted many important aspects of the collapses, including movement of the WTC1 antenna before the adjacent facade, the pyroclastic dust clouds, and pools of molten metal In the WTC basements weeks after the attacks….
….The NIST study is a product of the Bush administration. An enumeration of the inconsistencies of the NIST study is consistent with a long standing and well documented pattern of Bush administration abuse of the scientific method.
The House Committee on Government Reform found “numerous instances where this Administration has manipulated the scientific process and distorted or suppressed scientific findings.”
On February 18, 2004, over 60 leading scientists, including Nobel laureates, signed a statement that “The distortion of scientific knowledge for partisan political ends must cease”. Since then, over 9000 additional scientists and engineers have signed on. [7]
A clear example of distortion of scientific knowledge was seen in the subsequent declaration by EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman that the “air is safe” in Manhattan a week after the attacks. In fact, according to top scientists, the air at Ground Zero was highly corrosive, and a “significant threat to health.” The White House Council on Environmental Quality directed the EPA to edit the scientific findings “based on how it should be released publicly.”[8]….
[Rodger Herbst has a bachelor degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and a master degree in Mechanical Engineering.] ... nter.shtml

The NIST 911 Report On The World Trade Center Collapse
By Mark H. Gaffney

From a 911 blogger-

9/11 Signs of The 9/11 Times
“I’m going to keep pushing WTC 7 until I have little kids saying:
“‘Mommy, what’s WTC 7 mean?’…
“If any of you have any ideas for signs, let me know.
“I’m hoping that these signs will help me recruit for the local 9/11 study and activist groups that I will be starting in the new year….”

Counterpunch their threats-

Michael Keefer on Alex Cockburn’s anti-9/11 skeptic stance.
Into the Ring with Counterpunch on 9/11: How Alexander Cockburn, Otherwise So Bright, Blanks Out on 9/11 Evidence ... Keefer.htm

Article updating the brave hero Mr. Rodriguez

William Rodriguez Featured in Devon Newspaper and Interviewed on BBC Bristol
Hero of 9/11 Won’t Stop Speaking Out Against Bush
One minute he was going about his business, the next he was looking at a vision from the depths of hell. Still reeling from a blast which rocked the World Trade Center, William Rodriguez could hardly believe what he was seeing.”A man came running into the office shouting ‘explosion, explosion!’” Mr Rodriguez soon saw a third of his body had been badly burnt by the blast. “When I realised, I started screaming. I looked at his face and it was missing parts.”
It was the start of a day that transformed Mr Rodriguez from a maintenance man to the hero of 9/11… ... ebarsearch

Barrett: Academic freedom is good policy
(Barrett is a part-time lecturer at UW- Madison.)
Wisconsin State Journal
In the former Soviet Union, the monopoly media acted as cheerleader for a brutal, repressive government. Dissident academics were silenced, fired, or institutionalized.
For two or three years after 9/11, our media served as a megaphone for Bush administration lies, and academics were intimidated into silence….
….The excuse that my position is marginal no longer holds, given that only 16 percent of the American people believe the government is telling the truth about 9/11 (New York Times poll) and 36 percent of Americans, and half of New Yorkers, believe top US officials conspired to commit mass murder and high treason on 9/11 (Scripps-Howard and Zogby polls).
It is long past time for a rational, evidence-based debate on the facts and meaning of 9/11. Any takers? ... 86&ntpid=5

U.S. Being Awakened from Media-induced Coma by AIR
AMERICA RADIO: Find your station HERE:

Completely sane world
madness the only freedom

An ability to see both sides of a question
one of the marks of a mature mind

People don't choose to be dishonest
the choice chooses them

Now I know how Kusinich feels.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 9:08 pm 
DO.g's wrote:
Thanks again GR for your hard work at bringing out truth.

Thank you, DO.g's. Keep the faith, brother.


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PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 9:19 pm 
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If your interested in watching these movies they are available for free download here.

There are plenty there to choose from. Make sure you watch the ones by the BYU Professor.

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