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 Post subject: 911 details frighten blair
PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 5:09 pm 

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A book has just been published in Argentina that suggests a very plausible reason why Blair went to war. Titled 'Bush, Blair Diana and blackmail' by the author of this letter. In it I raise the question of why Blair, an intellect of the first order, is in bed with Bush. The two men are political opposites, the Labour Party being based on totally different creeds.Bush, an intellectual dwarf with a history of disfunctional behavior, a failure in all his enterprises, with no grasp of reality, is Cheny and co's glove puppet.
How could Blair form such a destructive and immoral partnership with this man?
The answer could lie in the strange behavior Blair has manifested. Gone are the days when he could argue his point with the best. His rapier wit and barrister logic have been replaced with a blind following of the Bush-neocon policies. Blair and the House of Windsor are being held virtual hostages by the Bush regime and are thus suffering from the mental abberation known as Stockholm Syndrome.
This is where the captive sees his salvation in his captors rather than those who could destroy them in any attempted rescue. The victims of this syndrome seek to ingratiate themselves with their jailers , rather like a naughty child tries to seek favour with an irate father.
With the release of evidence of rogue elements of the CIA( remember the leaking of Mrs. Plame's official status) involvment with the British secret services in the death of Lady Diana, Bush could bring down the Monarchy and the Government as easily as he and his pals brought down the World Trade Centre.
Result? Northern Ireland would turn into a Kosovo. The loyalists having no Queen to be loyal to, would have to flee Ulster as the separatists declared the province dependant from the corrupt domination of the Monarchy, Establishment and shameful Britain.
The fabricating of evidence, the lies and deceit, the bullshit of the Butler Report, where nobody is to blame and the retrospective veto of the Palestinian's Right to Return' are just some aspects of Blair's madness. The Home Secretary is blindly following Ashcroft's directives and cries of 'Wolf' will wear thin without some actual terrorist acts being carried out. The blame is put on Al Qaeda for all atrocities, such as the timely bombing of Madrid. The convenient evidence is found in litter-bins as the bombers strew the crime areas with Qorans, passports etc.
It is time to wake up to the facts or we will all be wearing orange jump-suits before Santa Claus comes down our chimney. Father Christmas being as equally real as the fairy-tales we are being fed daily.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 6:49 pm 
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Hi, kvinchuca...

Do you have critics' viewpoints of this book yet? The author's credentials would also be welcome information.

Is this a conspiracy theory? ( If you like those, go to and read about the new video recently aired before an audience in Sacramento, CA, entitled 9/11 in Plane View or Plane Sight...I forget which.) My immediate question about that particular video was just who made up the audience..what kind of people? The report didn't say...just referred to them as "an audience."

The people at newswithviews are pretty wacky, IMHO, but it still makes interesting reading. With all of the controversy and division in this country, I like to read anything and everything when it comes to trying to find out the truth.

Blair is definitely showing age, as is George Bush. Being a leader who takes his country into an unjust war, causing the deaths of thousands, including the deaths of British and American soldiers, as well as that of innocent Iraqi civilians, can certainly cause many sleepless nights, I imagine. But then, maybe they're just aging because of the natural process...who can say? Bush has never been the best communicater, I'm sure you know.

However, your post is interesting, not just for the Blair-Bush info, but in that it also brings Princess Diana into the mix, as well as blackmail.



"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime."
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 7:02 pm 
Speaking My Mind
Speaking My Mind

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Here´s another interesting article which mentions a totally different theory about Princess Diana:

Actually I just found it looking for more information on kvinchuca´s book so have only just read it myself.

I found an e-mail address to request more information, which isn´t posted here........

Do you not want to post it, Kvinchuca?? or did you just forget?
The book sounds like a very interesting read.

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