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 Post subject: Daniel Sunjata of "Rescue Me" Speaks Out
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 3:45 pm 

Rescue Me Co-star Daniel Sunjata Says 9/11 an Inside Job
Sunjata plays a Firefighter in post-9/11 New York on FX drama

New York, NY – Tony Award nominated actor Daniel Sunjata who currently plays a New York firefighter in the FX drama Rescue Me and has appeared in Sex and the City, Law & Order, and The Devil Wears Prada, joined author Mark Dice on his radio show Easter Sunday to say he believes that the September 11th attacks were carried out by a corrupt faction within the United States government.

Holding nothing back Sunjata told Mark on Resistance Radio, “9/11 was an inside job. It’s what I think. It’s what I know. I don’t know how to just beat around the bush when it comes to an issue of such grave importance.”

When asked how he came to this conclusion he answered, “It was a process of connecting the dots that I went through. I was doing a Google search one day and Charlie Sheen’s name came up in relation with Alex Jones and I had listened to Charlie’s interview and that got me started doing my own research, and I looked at the things that he recommended the audience to look at and it continued from there.”

Sunjata said the evidence proving the 9/11 attacks were an inside job is overwhelming saying, “The smoking guns are literally blocking out the light of the sun at this point, it’s almost like a big ball of tangled threads and if you grab any loose end it’s going to lead you to the same conclusion. Whether you’re looking at the blocked investigations, whether your looking at the physical inconsistencies in terms of what they say caused the collapse verses all of the other reports of secondary explosions, molten metal found in the wreckage of buildings one, two, and seven…an hour and forty-five minutes almost in the air for flight 77 with absolutely no intercepts…it’s beyond irrefutable at this point.”

When asked why he has gone public making such controversial claims Sunjata explains, “Because people happen to pay attention to what famous people say for some reason, and we have a culture of celebrity and that’s one of the ways it works, and for those of us who make our living in that culture and who recognize that fact and who are aware of certain realities, bottom line, I just want to point people’s attention to those very credible testimonies and opinions from the actual experts.”

When asked if his publicist or manager are worried about his career for making such controversial statements he responded, “My publicist has actually been very supportive. He did want to caution me in terms of what the possible blow back or fallout could be from something like this. I’m a personal who believes in God and as such I have faith that things will work out. I don‘t really have any fear of something bad happening because of this [interview]…I feel emboldened because we have the truth on our side on this particular matter.”

Daniel considers himself a 9/11 truth activist and explained, “I continue to do my share of ordering movies and leaflets and I will actually just go out and walk out to Times Square with my shoulder bag and start speaking on the street corner and passing stuff out and walking up to cops and firefighters and giving them the information.”

He feels anyone exposed to the suppressed information will come to the same conclusions that he has. “Any rational thinking logical person, if they just look at what we were told…look at the videos that were taken that day, listen to the firefighter testimony, the reports of secondary explosions, and on and on and on, how could they not come to the same conclusion, or at the very least acknowledge the fact that we did not have a real investigation and it needs to be reopened.”

When asked where people should start their own personal investigations into 9/11, Sunjata answered, “I very often recommend people go to because Alex [Jones] has a fantastic 9/11 timeline and links to government websites, he is the grandfather of 9/11 truth and his website I‘ve found to be one of the most helpful. You could also just get online and Google 9/11 truth, and just point and click your way through the thousands and thousands and thousands of inconsistencies that are staring us right in the face.”

“The reason 9/11 is so important…this really is a battle against the new world order, it really is a battle against this trend towards globalization and the far reaching implications about how much these tyrants want to control every single aspect of our lives and really enslave us. We have to go after the Federal Reserve and dismantle that. We have to figure out a way to seal our borders and get rid of this North American Union that’s already in the works. We have to have greater modes of civilian oversight of our government to make sure that this kind of thing never happens again. I was shocked to find out the history of the Bush family and the relationship between the Bush family and the Nazis. We never slayed that dragon, it just went into hiding, and has now reemerged in the office of the president of the United States of America.

Sunjata recently wore a t-shirt to Maxim Magazine’s hot 100 party showing George W. Bush’s picture on it with the words “International Terrorist,” and is the featured photo on his profile on the Internet Movie Database.




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Wonderful post GR. Thank you for this.


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