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 Post subject: Many items thrown together- War and Globalization etc videos
PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 7:27 am 
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Just some sites that I don't want to lose. General stuff that lingers on and comes and goes faster than we can remember.

4 out of 10 Americans believe Saddam involved in 911-June 25/07 ... 1003602869

A Newsweek poll in September 2004 showed that 36% believed "Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq was directly involved in planning, financing, or carrying out the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001." Now the number in the same poll is 41%.

In a separate question, 20% said that "most" of the 9/11 hijackers came from Iraq. The correct answer, Saudi Arabia, was chosen by 43%.

Public awareness that Iraq did not possess WMD has gained ground, however, with only 20% now stating that it did have chemical or biological weapons when we invaded.

International terrorism does not exist- by Ivashov
By General Leonid Ivashov, former Chief of Russian Military Staff

As the current international situation shows, terrorism emerges where contradictions aggravate, where there is a change of social relations or a change of regime, where there is political, economic or social instability, where there is moral decadence, where cynicism and nihilism triumph, where vice is legalized and where crime spreads.

It is globalization what creates the conditions for the emergence of these extremely dangerous phenomena. It is in this context that the new world geo-strategic map is being designed, that the resources of the planet are being re-distributed, that borders are disappearing, that international law is being torn into pieces, that cultural identities are being erased, and that spiritual life becomes impoverished.
He goes on to list various items that describe the goals and how 911 served a bigger purpose-
Terrorism is the weapon used in a new type of war. At the same time, international terrorism, in complicity with the media, becomes the manager of global processes. It is precisely the symbiosis between media and terror, which allows modifying international politics and the exiting reality.

Stop the lie- Doug Thompson- A web debate staged by Joe Plummer to answer the statements made by Doug Thompson.
Doug Thompson writes: "I was at the Pentagon the day the plane hit, taking pictures and interviewing witnesses. I talked to the cab driver who saw the plane swoop low over Columbia Pike, knocking down a light pole that fell on his cab. I talked to the driver of the car behind him, an Arlington businessman still haunted by the nightmares of what he saw. I interviewed dozens of others who saw the plane hit. I smelled the burning jet fuel."

Joe Plummer responds: How about this: A Global Hawk equipped with a missile - is this so hard to figure out? (Especially for someone presumably familiar with the Northwoods Document?) According to this: A 757 traveling at 500 MPH could not have gotten low enough to impact the Pentagon where it did. Also, it seems physically impossible for a plane that size to disappear into a hole less than 20 feet across. It also seems impossible for the engines (upwards of 10,000 lbs each) to have "vaporized" without leaving so much as a scratch on the façade of the building.

June 21, 2007 at 06:12:39

New Study from Pilots for 9/11 Truth: No Boeing 757 Hit the Pentagon

James Fetzer outlines pilots for 911 truth and their assessment of flt. 77 blackbox data. ... _pilot.htm This is the written part. Actual video at- ... +Chapter+2 . Excellent video describing details of flight from the black box data analyzed originally by NTSB, but questioned by 911 pilots for truth. The conversation he has with NTSB liars about discrepancies between facts as stated by NTSB and reality that pilots know. 11 minutes- ... 8377726110

War and Globalization- 2 hours long, but well worth it, just to hear him say Bush would have failed miserably in a Canadian University, but got a "C" at Harvard. (education deferrment from daddy)
This is a video that was released in 2003, Professor Chossudovsky from Ottawa U gave this lecture at McMaster University and he basically had it right about the true intentions of 911- ... 3439292490

First part is lecture, middle is Q+A, third is his personal analysis. Great lecture from a brilliant observer of world events.

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An ability to see both sides of a question
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People don't choose to be dishonest
the choice chooses them

Now I know how Kusinich feels.

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