Some Vids to watch- again? Guy who missed flt 93
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Author:  DO.g's [ Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Some Vids to watch- again? Guy who missed flt 93

Here's some video's I found today-

Once again- the attack on the pentagon- watch the film from the security camera again and at 1:16 stop it with the cursor and move it forward on bleep- to 1:27- and you see the cone of the missile. Flash back and forth and see what i mean. It can't be anything else- a few feet above the ground a small cone shape looking like no 767 nosecone I've ever seen pictures of. Then a quick pyrotechnics flash and then- virtually nothing for a minute, until you see a truck driving away from the building. Weird.
Here's a closeup and a streak that appears in the background, what ever it is, the nosecone is blown up as well. ... ed&search=

This next one is about the guy who missed the Continental flight to Cleveland by only 4 hours- 9 am. Lucky guy to sleep in that day?
Then they are filming the towers from La Guardia and some of the comments are priceless. "The top just came off". (Bldg2 as it fell

Two parts if you want to watch the whole thing.
Part one start is priceless- dopey guy missed his flight. :roll: ... ed&search=

Part 2

The last video is one Google pulled. The con was on. ... ed&search=
Who are these people who knew what to say?

Last one is 10 minutes and the others are 1-3 minutes. What a day of infamy- Our Original Sin?

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