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 Post subject: The Wolf in the sheep-fold ...
PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 2:52 pm 
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The Wolf in the sheep-fold

By Robert Thompson and Les Blough
Mar 21, 2005, 13:47

Background: As many Axis readers already know, John Bolton has been nominated U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. to represent the interests of the United States. Bolton is also a member of the Board of Advisors at the pro-Israel Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) in Washington, D.C. Other Zionist friends of Bolton and fellow JINSANS are:

Douglas Feith, the third most senior executive at the Pentagon.

Richard Perle, former chairman of the Pentagon's Defence Policy Board.

Former CIA director James Woolsey.

Michael Ledeen who was described by The Nation as "one of the most influential 'Jinsans' in Washington" [who] has been calling for 'total war' against 'terror' – with 'regime change' for Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian
The opening line in JINSA's Mission Statement is:

"JINSA works to strengthen support for the U.S. military and its ability to meet future challenges and rises."

Following Bolton's appointment to U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, JINSA gushes:

"John Bolton does and he can [fix the U.N.] and it will be fun to watch him take those skills to Turtle Bay on behalf of American interests and American allies, including Israel."

In 2002, Robert Fisk warned the world about the infiltration and the Zionist takeover of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East:
"... a large number of former Israeli lobbyists are now working within the American administration and the Bush plans for the Middle East – which could cause a massive political upheaval in the Arab world – fit perfectly into Israel's own dreams for the region ..."
Three years ago, Fisk named John Bolton as one of those Zionists working with, "Vice-President Dick Cheney – the arch-hawk in the US administration." Now ... despite the chaotic and violent mess in Iraq and with Israel's success at destabilizing Middle East - all designed by him and these fellow friends of Ariel Sharon, John Bolton has been elevated to lead the United States government at the United Nations. Of course John Bolton receives applause from those who put the interests of Israel ahead of the United States. We have no doubt in JINSA's assertion that John Bolton is there to "fix" the U.N. - Les Blough, Editor


The Wolf in the sheep-fold

by Robert Thompson

The nomination of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations was a crude kick in a tender place to the international community, and was clearly meant to inform the world that the Bush régime has no intention of respecting legality, or for that matter either freedom or democracy.

Now the puppet has gone one further by appointing his puppeteer to head the World Bank. This aptly named person is now to be free to raid the world's money in the same way as he has already plundered such funds as the government of the U.S.A. had extracted from its people.

It is not even necessary to go back very far in time to see what havoc this man can create, and we can start with his moves over the past few years to ransack the treasury. Taking just one example, the invasion of Iraq of which he is generally thought to have been the prime mover, we can see that he had three principal aims, which may lead us to learn a lot about his character:

He wished to destabilise the Near and Middle East to benefit his fellow Zionists - this we can classify as Treachery, by betraying Freedom and Democracy (as well, almost incidentally and by-the-way, the real vital interests of the U.S.A.);

He wished to gain control over huge oil reserves - let us call it Greed;

He wished to provide juicy contracts for his neo-conservative financiers - in other words Corruption.
Each of these factors should be carefully examined by the world, including by the Senate of the U.S.A.


No amount of sophistry makes it possible to argue that the Zionist "state" helps either freedom or democracy. Calm and careful reading of the writings of Theodor Herzl and/or of the Aliyah and Property Laws adopted by the Zionist Knesset allow one to see that this (supposedly democratic) "state" is founded on two principles, namely:

the superior status given to anyone who can claim to satisfy the conditions set out for being considered to be a "Jew" and

the oppression, by terror, murder and expropriation, of the indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land.
The genuine vital interests of the whole world, and this includes the U.S.A., are to foster and encourage justice and peace, but the illegal invasion of Iraq appears to have been most carefully calculated to create mayhem throughout the region, which can only benefit the Zionists in their desire to steal the lands and homes of others after driving out the owners. All genuine followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the spiritual descendants of Abraham and we therefore all have a claim to treat the Holy Land as our inheritance, but that does not mean that we are entitled to take over the homes and lands of our brothers and sisters. The people of the U.S.A. have, by this invasion as by the support given to the Zionists, been put at risk of more and more attacks by those seeking revenge for those perpetrated against them, and against those whom they see as their brothers and sisters. This man has betrayed his country as well as the whole idea of freedom and democracy in order to help his power-crazed "friends".


This seems essentially to be this man's greed for power, and to be able to manipulate first his own country and then the rest of the world. It is a travesty of the efforts made by so many over centuries to bring freedom and democracy to the peoples of the world. His puppet mouthed these two words on cue in January, and managed thereby to create confusion in the minds of the ignorant and ill-educated. The obvious aim was to get control over further vital oil reserves to give this man and his colleagues as near as possible absolute power over the destiny of us all. This also shows his stupid over-weening pride, because, to use a well-known phrase, he cannot take it with him, and his evil acts are hardly likely to give him an enviable place in history. As the Latin has it sic transit gloria mundi.


Here he follows in the footsteps of other senior figures, whose empire seems to be allowed by the politicians in the U.S.A. to cheat and swindle the humble tax-payer with impunity. From the outside, it appears at first sight that the financiers of the Bush régime are now reaping the harvest from their investment with startling and indecent levels of profit, and we cannot understand how these backers manage to avoid being pursued by the normal functioning of justice. On closer examination, we see that our man treats national law and order with the same disdain and lack of respect as he does such international rules as the Nuremberg Principles and the Geneva Conventions.

We are led to believe that the international community will allow this Wolf not only to enter the sheep-fold but also to take it over completely, and it will then be too late to think of the poor innocent lambs under its watch. This is a tragedy for us all and we must fight back. - Robert Thompson ... 6375.shtml

You will know you have spoken the truth when you are angrily denounced; and you will know you have spoken both truly and well when you are visited by the thought police.

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