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 Post subject: My Sweet Hoosier (fascist) State!!
PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 4:28 pm 
Hear Me Roar!

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Well, come right on in Mr. Policeman!! No need for a warrant!! All I need to see from you is your stun gun, 9mm and your k-9 dogs. I have a nice picture of the Patriot Act on my living room wall, and if you need to use the bathroom fine. You can wipe your ass on the constitution on the way out.

But even in this neo-facist state, (the worst in the country) people here ARE, starting to come out of the ether, AND starting to understand what fascism is all about.

Now, if I can get SOME of them to connect the dots oh let's say like, from today, all the way back to 9-11-01, then maybe they'll realize that our government doesn't give a rat's ass about them.


...but there is hope (just look at the comments) ... |FRONTPAGE

p.s. I simply love the third picture of the slideshow as well, with a colored lady saying it all about the "filthy right."

...supports my statement about the next President of the United States... should be an unemployed worker. He/she knows what the problem is!!

Please attend the "Indianapolis Fascist 500" this weekend.
Or maybe watch the "Indiana Fascist Pacers" next season.
Or my home team, the "Purdue Fascist Boilermakers." :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

I was out for a walk about a month ago around 3 in the morning. A cop passed me slowly, then circled my neighborhood, and I stared at him the entire time. From the moment he left my sight, until he came back around, my eyes never left his squad car. Instead of rolling down his window, and asking me if everything was o.k. he got out of his squad car, pulled his pants up, and asked me for my name. He was about 6'-8" 280lbs. I'm about 5'-10" 170 lbs.


He told me, that there were some robberies going on in the neighborhood (DUH!!..Don't they all say this bullshit!!)

I told him that I was a 52 year old man, minding my own business, AND THIS SHIT ISN'T THE FIRST TIME IT HAS HAPPENED!!

(and it wasn't)

He was not a day over 21, and his "hard ass approach" towards me changed in the bat of an eye.

As God as my witness, this is a true story. I don't put up with this nonsense!!

I have had literally, several "near misses" with this kind of behavior as well.

...and on the side of this "hearse" called a squad car, it says, "To Protect and To Serve."


People need to wake up. There is simply no easy way to fight these bastards. I really really wish there was.

Simply put, expressing your dissent, sometimes means leaving your "table manners" at home.

I'm simply nobody's fool!!

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