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 Post subject: Shake-Up Again
PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:11 pm 

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I posted the essay "Shake-Up" November 18, 2003.

`-------------Shake-Up Spoils Colombia's Effort
--------------------To Cast Stable Image
-----The NY Times November 14th [2003] reports:
` the last seven days...Uribe's reputation has
--------been tarnished with the resignations, in quick
--------succession, of
------------------three cabinet ministers,
---------------the armed forces commander and
---------the chief of the Colombian National Police.
-----Of course puppet Uribe's reputation disappeared long
-----ago, for as the Times explains:
--------...Uribe's administration...enjoys strong backing
--------from the Bush administration....
-----The Times wishes to suggest:
--------...Uribe's first political defeat came last month
--------when voters rejected a referendum that would have
--------handed him new powers....
-----But four months ago The Superpower/puppet war against
-----South America suffered
--------------------BIG POLITICAL DEFEAT
-----when FARC-EP and ELN issued their Joint Communique:
--------The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-Peoples
--------Army, FARC-EP, and the National Liberation Army of
--------Colombia, ELN, inform the Columbian and Latin
--------American people that:
--------We, the leadership of both organizations, met re-
--------cently in the mountains of Colombia in an atmosphere
--------of camaraderie, fraternity and mutual respect, fully
--------agreeing in:
--------a. Characterizing the current regime of Uribe Velez
--------as the enemy of peace, a warmonger by conviction, the
--------generator of misery for the broad national majori-
--------ties, and a prostitute of imperialist policy for our
--------peoples and nations.
--------b. Because of this character, we confirm that while
--------the illegitimate government of Alvaro Uribe Velez
--------persists with its fascist and militarist policies,
--------we will not proceed with any process of political
--------rapprochement and national dialogue.
--------c. Nevertheless, we reiterate our commitment to
--------peace and the pursuit of political solutions to
--------the social and armed conflict that is bleeding our
--------Colombia, and for this aim we will persist in
--------* Pushing forward all the political processes that
--------favour peace with social justice and the pursuit of
--------political alternatives in opposition to Plan Colom-
--------bia and the FTAA;
--------* Confirming the policy of an exchange of the
--------prisoners of war and political detainees being held
--------by the sides;
--------* Supporting the struggles of the Colombian people
--------against the disastrous privatizations, the repres-
--------sion of all just political protest, the cutting of
--------pension rights, the fiscal adjustment programme,
--------and in defence of the public wealth and national
--------d. We call upon the Colombian people and inter-
--------national public opinion to mobilize and denounce
--------the anti-democratic policies of the current
--------government that aims to cut the few civil, citizen,
--------democratic and political freedoms, through applica-
--------tion of the anti-terrorist statute, the policy of
--------"Democratic Security", and the embroiling of the
--------civilian population in the war.
--------e. We reject the Referendum called by the regime
--------for the coming days in order to use it to strengthen
--------state terrorism, militarist authoritarianism and
--------the surrender of our national sovereignty. In the
--------face of the present social and political crisis
--------we Colombians are suffering, we reaffirm that all
--------the democratic, patriotic, revolutionary and
--------guerrilla forces are compelled to work for the
--------formation and construction of a new democratic and
--------patriotic government to once and for all face the
--------process of national reconstruction and unity with-
--------in a framework of defence of our sovereignty and
--------of the dignity of the national majorities.
--------Committed as we are to make of Colombia a nation
--------that is just for all, we of the FARC-EP and the ELN
--------will persist with renewed strength and revolutionary
--------enthusiasm on the roads blazed during our 39 years
--------of existence, holding high the banners of unity,
--------patriotism and anti-imperialism.
--------------------UNTIL FINAL VICTORY;
------------------COLOMBIA FOR THE WORKERS;
--------------------NOT ONE STEP BACK...
--------------------LIBERATION OR DEATH"
--------For the FARC-EP, The Secretariat of the General
--------For the ELN, Central Command,
--------Mountains of Colombia, July 13, 2003


Here's a barebones account of a newsstory published by Associated Press June 2, 2011.

Headline: Chavez: We won't tolerate rebels in Venezuela.


"...adding that he's confident Colombia's government would in turn capture any opponents conspiring against his government."


"...Chavez and Santos [Uribe Jr] have forged a pragmatic friendship despite their deep [?] ideological differences...."

My comment:

Pragmatic friendship? They read each other's faces. ... 2-22-13-47

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