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 Post subject: Khamenie's Comments
PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:30 am 

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Khamenie's Comments

Khamenei met May 6th with a large group of ordinary civilians from across the country.

He made interesting comments about events in the wave of awakening.

(1) "The events in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain should be analyzed in different ways...."

(2) "Libya is an important oil-rich country and it is very close to Europe. The west wants to weaken Libya with a civil war so that it can, directly or indirectly, take control of the country later on." [See 2d paragraph of comment 6 below.]

(3) His Eminence said that the situation of Yemen is similar to the situation of Libya.

(4) "...the issue of Bahrain is not a Shia-Sunni issue, rather the oppressed Bahraini people are just claiming their basic rights - namely, the right to vote and play a role in the government of their country."

(5) "Palestine cannot be partitioned, and it entirely belongs to Muslims. Palestine will undoubtedly be restored to the world of Islam." [See comment 7 below.]

"...the entire Palestinian lands should be determined on the basis of a referendum among the people of Palestine."

"After the establishment of a government elected by the Palestinian people, the people of Palestine will make a decision about the Zionists who have immigrated to Palestine."

(6) ...being Islamic, popular, anti-America and anti-Zionist are the main characteristics of the popular movements in the region.

"The Islamic Republic will support any movement that enjoys these characteristics, but if we notice that a movement has been provoked by America and the Zionists, we will not support that movement because we are sure that the Great Satan and its allies will not act in the interest of nations." [See comment 2 above.]

(7) His Eminence said that the Egyptian people took very valuable actions regarding the issue of Palestine, Gaza and the Rafah crossing. [See 1st paragraph of comment 5 above.]

(8) "If we insult and persecute our faithful brothers and those who believe in the Islamic Republic and Islam but are intellectually opposed to us, we have strayed away from the Imam's [Khomeini's] path."

"If we destroy the security of a portion of our population in the name of revolutionary sentiments, it would be another example of deviation from the path of our magnanimous Imam."

...political opponents who are not after overthrowing the government and carrying out the enemy's orders must not be deprived of justice and security.

(9) ...those who try to distance Iranian youth from politics by recourse to religion and spirituality are making a mistake.

(10) ...presence of the people will bring about security for Iran and will foil the enemies' plots.


My comments


We should not just lump everything together and shout Hurrah. Things that look alike are sometimes not alike at all. Things that look unalike are sometimes quite alike.

For instance Libya and Syria look unalike, Libya being in Africa, Syria being in West Asia. But both are alike in being under the gun of The Superpower and its followers, who wish to clear China and Russia out of the Mediterranean. See: "U.S. provoking China and Russia in Mediterranean." Tehran Times. Thursday, April 28, 2011.

In that respect, the sitation in Libya and the situation in Yemen are not similar.


Let's go back 5 years to my July 8, 2006 post "Taking Away, Putting In Place."

AP quotes the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

"This [= Puppet-israel] is a fake regime ... it won't be able to survive.

"I think the only way (forward) is that those who created it (the West) take it away themselves."

It so happens that the occasion has arisen for The Superpower and its cronies to take Puppet-israel away from West Asia.

The Superpower can easily set up its Military Frontier along the Mexican-Superpower border and people it with what are now Puppet-israelis.

Hold it! What's this about Military Frontier?

"Military Frontier... was a borderland of Habsburg Austria which acted as the cordon sanitaire against the Turks from [=beginning in] the Middle Ages...


[after a relatively peaceful period, acted as the cordon sanitaire against the Turks] from the late 17th and 18th centuries...until the 19th century."

And what's this about peopling this new Military Frontier with Puppet-israelis?

"In the 1630s, the [Austrian] Imperial Court decided to give land and certain privileges to immigrants into the Frontier..., and in return they would serve in the Imperial army."

Serve in the Imperial army! That was then. What about now?

Puppet-israelis are in effect *already* mercenaries --right now, serving The Superpower in West Asia.


"The remaining local population was also encouraged to stay by receiving the status of free peasants (rather than serfs) and other privileges."

Free peasants! That was then. What about now?

Completely taxfree local population.

What if some Puppet-israelis are so stupid that they refuse to leave an active warfront to live in relative safety?

Their fellows will have the opportunity to persuade them. ... essage/786


As for comment 9 above, compare "Few options for Europe's indignant youth." Associated Press, Sunday June 5, 2011. ... 05?sp=true

That's one look from below.

Here's one look from above:

Trichet Threatens Greece with Iron Heel
Europe's New Road to Serfdom
By Michael Hudson

The indignant youth may be used to terrorize debtor countries.

See Khamenie for yourself:
Supreme Leader: “Palestine Cannot Be Partitioned”
04/06/2011 ... ew&id=1464

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