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 Post subject: Nasrallah On Khamenei
PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:36 am 

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Nasrallah On Khamenei

Starting June 6th a conference began in Beirut, Lebanon on the intellectual dimensions of the character of Iran's Leader Khamenei.

Nasrallah gave the introductory speech. He's known Kamenei since 1986. Nasrallah is also aware how little others know Khamenei.

"We are speaking about a great and exceptional figure. Many people in the Islamic Ummah do not know anything about him. There are few people who are familiar with his character. We know how little he is appreciated in the Islamic Ummah and [>] even in Iran. Even the most prominent dimension of his character - namely, his leadership and the political dimension of his character - is hardly appreciated. You are faced with a figure who has been besieged by enemies, and his friends do not appreciate him the way they should."

Nasrallah explains what "besieged by enemies" means.

"Even some government officials of Iran used to come to me and say that we had to come to terms with the new realities and that we had to negotiate a compromise with the US."

That was after the 9/11 attacks organized and financed by post-Yeltsin Russia.

"But Imam Khamenei adopted a different strategic position and told me, 'You should not be worried. America [The Superpower] has reached the peak, and we will be witness to its decline from now on. And after invading Afghanistan and Iraq, America's [The Superpower's] decline has already started. They are heading towards a precipice, and this is the beginning of the end of America [The Superpower] and its goals in the region. You should act on the basis of this assumption.'"

Khamenie stated the facts of the matter:

"America is unable to defend its interests in the region [West Asia] by using the regional regimes and [instead is defending its interests there] by deploying its army and its fleets. America has been forced to bring all its fleets to the region. This is [1] a sign of America's weakness, and [2] it shows that the regional rulers do not know anything about their peoples who rely on the culture of jihad and resistance. For this reason, what is happening is not a cause for concern. Rather, what is happening is a source of hope."


Indeed, what is happening shows up those who are

Buddying up to The Superpower's puppet Afghanistan

Buddying up to The Superpower's puppet Iraq

Buddying up to The Superpower's puppet Pakistan

and it explains what the word "enemies" means!

A most interesting speech. See for yourself:
Nasrallah’s Speech Regarding Ayatollah Khamenei + Video
06/06/2011 ... 5&Itemid=2

The 9/11 attacks organized and financed in post-Yeltsin Russia were payback for the overthrow of society (sociocide) by The Superpower and its agents in the fake Soviet Union.

Here's a sanitized version of the sociocide:

"The late 1980s witnessed major economic reform in the Soviet Union under Mikhail Gorbachev’s glasnost and perestroika initiatives.

"Among the consequences were severe unemployment, the virtual collapse of a previously comprehensive social welfare regime, and a sharp contraction of many public services.

"This was followed by the breakup of the [fake] Soviet Union into independent republics and the introduction of multiparty politics."

--Box 3.3 "Violence can increase during fast institutional transformations" at page 102 of WORLD DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2011 Conflict, Security, and Development published by The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank, a front for The Superpower.

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