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 Post subject: Aggregated News II
PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:41 pm 

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AP analysis: States face long slog after recession

An Associated Press examination of 50 balance sheets shows state budgets and bank accounts still ravaged by a drop in tax revenue.

Many states are also facing enormous long-term pension and health care obligations.

At the same time, the payout of stimulus money from Washington that helped many states in their darkest hours has come to an end. ... 3-15-10-41


Hezbollah rise in Lebanon gives Syria, Iran sway

Lebanon Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced a new Cabinet dominated by the militant group and its allies after the country has operated for five months without a functioning government. The move caps Hezbollah's steady rise over decades from resistance group against Israel to Lebanon's most powerful military and political force. ... 3-17-29-21


Jordan's king liberalizes, but stones still fly

Stone-throwing youths in a poor southern town exploded in anger at rough handling by police during a visit by King Abdullah II on Monday, a symptom of simmering popular frustrations in Jordan even as the monarch [duh] moves toward democratic reform. ... 3-16-58-00


AP survey: Economists warn against more Fed action

Despite their gloomier outlook, 36 of the 38 economists surveyed oppose any further efforts by the Fed to invigorate growth.



KCNA on South American Countries' Efforts for Self-Reliance National Defense

A meeting of the Defense Strategy Research Center of the Union of South American States was held in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, in late May. It displayed the united will of regional countries to reliably defend their national sovereignty free from military dependence on the United States. > Past News > June > June 12, 2011


The Financial Road to Serfdom: How Bankers are using the Debt Crisis to Roll Back the Progressive Era

By Michael Hudson

Financial strategists do not intend to let today’s debt crisis go to waste.

Foreclosure time has arrived. That means revolution – or more accurately, a counter-revolution to roll back the 20th century’s gains made by social democracy: pensions and social security, public health care and other infrastructure providing essential services at subsidized prices or for free.

The basic model [>] follows the former Soviet Union’s post-1991 neoliberal reforms: privatization of public enterprises, a high flat tax on labor but only nominal taxes on real estate and finance, and deregulation of the economy’s prices, working conditions and credit terms.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf ... e28319.htm


How Gaddafi Helped Bring An End to the Humiliation of Apartheid

Lest we forget: When former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher refused to allow sanctions against then apartheid South Africa and used to call Nelson Mandela a terrorist, Col Gaddafi was embracing him and funding his fight against apartheid by training ANC fighters, arming them and paying for their education abroad. ... nd-to.html


Syria's state TV director dismissed

Haddad had recently told the state-funded BBC in an interview that the crowds of Syrians going across the border to Turkey have relatives there.

Relatives = fellow Superpower mercenaries


Ex-Dara'a gov. barred from leaving Syria

A Syrian judicial committee has issued travel bans against former Dara'a Governor Faysal Kalthoum and Brig. Gen. Atif Najib.

The two officials were barred from traveling outside Syria by the Special Judicial Committee, which is tasked with investigating the circumstances that led to the death or injury of citizens in the southern province of Dara'a.

Najib is a cousin of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Al-Muqatran was quoted by the Syrian state television as saying on Monday that "no one has immunity, whoever he is."


Army Units Restore Security to Jisr al-Shaghour, Hunt Down Fleeing Members of Armed Terrorist Groups

Syrian TV correspondent said that a mass grave containing the bodies of 12 security forces personnel killed by the armed terrorist groups was discovered, with more than 20 Arab and foreign mass media documenting this horrid crime and the atrocities committed by the terrorist groups who mutilated the bodies and cut off their heads and limbs with cleavers.


Navy chief [Adml Sir Mark Stanhope]: Britain cannot keep up its role in Libya air war due to cuts

Despite his [duh] remarks, Sir Mark said there could be no going back on the cuts.
"We have got to [duh] look forward."

MENTALLY CAPSIZED ... -cuts.html


Dr. Muthanna Speaks to al Jazeera

Dr. Muthanna mentioned that they [Iraq patriots] were not heeding the news of Buratha News (very fanatical web page linked to one sectarian party) that has always spread deceit news on [= about] HEYET.

However they have taken action after witnessing spread of [such] news on some [puppet] government satellite channels and [>>] Iranian news channels through issuing a press release refuting the allegations.

He also said that behind such attempts there were escalating public demonstrations even reached at the southern [tip] of Iraq against fifth [puppet] occupation government.

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 15:00 ... zeera.html


Worst Drought in More Than a Century Threatens Texas Oil Boom

The worst Texas drought since record-keeping began 116 years ago may crimp an oil and natural- gas drilling boom as government officials ration water supplies crucial to energy exploration. ... -boom.html


U.S. Senate Computer Networks Breached

LulzSec, a hacker activist group made up of former members of the hacker organization Anonymous, said it had also broken into the networks of Bethesda Softworks and released sign-ons and passwords of users of a pornography website. ... vists.html


Mujahideen attack on PRT causes US attack helicopter to burn to ash

...triggering the oil dept to set on fire which burned down vehicles and other stuff, whereas, in the mean time, a US invaders’ attack helicopter approaching the scene and hovering overhead to put out the fire caught fire and fell down burning to ash.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011 00:24 ... s&Itemid=2


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