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Author:  jaspar2002us [ Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Aggregated News II

White House [Black House] defends legality of Libya mission

Defying congressional criticism, the White House [Black House] insisted Wednesday that President Barack Obama has the authority to continue U.S. military action in Libya even without authorization from lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

HEIL B.O. HEIL B.O. HEIL B.O. HEIL B.O. ... 5-19-05-31


Nato chief urges Europeans to boost defence spending

He echoed the comments made last Friday by the outgoing US Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, who criticised the Europeans for not doing enough.



'NATO sliding into ground war in Libya'

“It is our observation that NATO is sliding down and being dragged [by The
Superpower] more and more into the eventuality of a land-based operation in Libya,” Reuters quoted Russia's ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, as saying at a press conference in London on Wednesday.


UN Syria failure shows declining power of the West

By Mike Urban, Diplomatic and defence [war] editor, Newsnight

There is, though, a deeper truth shown up by the failure of this [UNO Security Council] Syrian resolution. It is a narrative of the declining power of the West and of the increasing confidence of those who dispute what are often labelled as "Western values".


As these industrialised countries, struggling with budget deficits and (in some cases) public war weariness chose to sit out foreign crises more often, the world seems to be becoming a less predictable and more volatile place.



Arizona wildfire biggest in state history

...the massive wildfire and two others threaten separate corners of New Mexico.

FILE UNDER LIBYA ... 5-20-37-01


LulzSec opens hack request line

Lulz Security's request line features the voice of Pierre Dubois - possibly the name of its comic icon


CIA [public] website goes down, hackers claim responsibility

"Tango down," the group [Lulz Security] Tweeted, pointing to ... JC20110616


ADP [Automatic Data Processing Inc] says investigating data breach

The Roseland, New Jersey-based processor has about 550,000 clients and is best
known for managing their payrolls. ... BB20110615


Mexico drug war: US sting 'let cartels buy guns'

US lawmakers expressed outrage at the details of Operation Fast and Furious.

The news comes one day after a report suggested Mexican drug cartels have armed themselves with US weapons.



Rich world economy prospects darken: Reuters poll [of economists] signs of a slowdown in the United States [The Superpower] compounding fears about the poor [>] fiscal health of Western economies.


Unlike in major emerging powers, which have managed a sustained and forthright policy of tightening interest rates to counter high inflation, Western central banks have shown no such coordination. ... LS20110615


2 Iraqis killed in US [Superpower] helicopter attack

“Those people were farmers. They came early this morning to reap the plants. They were working when a helicopter attacked them with four missiles,” said Abu Ali, who is also a local farmer.

The [duh] incident reportedly happened after a rocket attack [by Iraqi patriots] on Basra airport, where forces from the United States [The Superpower] are based.


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