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 Post subject: The Superpower's WORLDholocaust - Part 2 [June 12, 2004]
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June 12, 2004

The Superpower's WORLDholocaust - Part 2

Iraqis Put Contempt For Troops On Display
By Edward Cody
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, June 12, 2004; Page A01
This is what a Muslim preacher said to his
flock Friday:
"It was discovered that the freedom in this
land is not ours.
"It is the freedom of the occupying soldiers
in doing what they like, such as arresting,
carrying out raids, killing at random or
stealing money.
"No one can ask them what they are doing,
because they are protected by their freedom.
"No one can punish them, whether in our
country or their country.
"The worst thing is what was discovered in
the course of time: abusing women, children,
men, and the old men and women whom
they arrested randomly and without any guilt.
"They expressed the freedom of rape, the
freedom of nudity and the freedom of
The Superpower's freedom is exactly like
Hitler Germany's freedom.
You may think that's an exaggeration.
Let's turn to Daniel Goldhagen's *Hitler's
Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans
and the Holocaust* for guidance based
on experience:
"The camp system had four essential
. . .
"2. It was a site of the freest self-expression,
where Germans could become masters
who were not hemmed in by the bourgeois
restraints which Nazism was rapidly super-
seding with a new anti-Christian morality.
. . .
"The camp system was for its German
masters not just a tool for achieving [dom-
ination over subject peoples]. It was also
--and this is the second feature of the camp
system, even if it was not openly described,
or by many, probably most, even concep-
tualized [= thought of] in this manner-- a
world without restraint, a world in which the
master could express in word and deed
every barbaric desire, could gain any psych-
ological satisfaction and pleasure that
dominion over others might bring.
"Every German guard was an unquestioned,
untrammeled, absolute lord over the camp's
inmates. He or she could indulge any urge
by degrading, torturing, or killing a camp
prisoner at a whim, without fearing or suffer-
ing repercussions. He or she could indulge
in orgiastic displays of cruelty and gratify
whatever aggressive and sadistic impulses
that he or she might harbor.
"The camps thus became institutions in
which Germans could indulge and give
expression to any ideologically suggested
practice, any psychological impetus, by
using the minds and bodies of the inmates
as instruments of work and objects for
every gratification.
"It was a world without restraint, where the
new Germans could express their deeply
held hatreds, could practice their mastery
over their `inferiors' and their enemies,
could give free reign to the Nazi German
morality of pitilessness in the application
of violence to `subhumans.'"
When WORLDholocaust is the goal, can
there be any crime The Superpower's
military and civilian troops will not commit?
Terrorisms of every kind --military, political,
economic, psychological-- are the means
to accomplish WORLDholocaust.
` ... Jun11.html

[Above link is still live.]

The book quotes are at pages 172, 174 and
175 of--
Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary
Germans and the Holocaust
Alfred A Knopf, 1996
619+ pages
ISBN 0 679 44695 8

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