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 Post subject: Economic Jihad II
PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:41 pm 

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Economic Jihad II


July 26th Khamenie established a board "to assess and advise in matters concerning the arbitration and coordination of relations between the three branches of government...." [1]

The next day Ahmedinejad "voiced his government’s readiness to cooperate with the high arbitration board proposed by" Khamenie. [2]

Khamenie did not propose the board, rather he established it.

July 26th Larijani, Head of the Legislative Branch, thanked "Khamenei for the institutionalization and establishment of a body to improve relations among the branches."

"Through convergence of the three branches of power, we can witness development, materialization of the 20 year Vision Plan and proper implementation of rules and regulations." [3]


20 Year Vision Plan? Here's some background:

" the post victory [of the '79 Revolution] years and

after the end of the war imposed by Iraq [on orders from The Superpower] on Iran[,]

compiled programs on the country's development and progress were implemented in the form of five-year programs.

The first five-year program of Iran which immediately started in 1988 was put into effect with the goal of reconstructing the ruins and devastations resulted from the imposed war.

Consequently the second phase of efforts for building a developed Iran began with the implementation of the second five-year program aimed at development and construction.

This process speeded up with the implementation of the third five-year program and new achievements were gained by relying on the Iranian experts in different industrial, agricultural, scientific and technical sectors and

[the third was] a preliminary to enter the 4th development program."

The 20 Year Plan itself:

In 2003 Iran's 20-year perspective plan was conveyed to the heads of the three branches of government for implementation after the Supreme Leader's approval.

The plan contains remarkable points on the basis of which the future perspective of Iran has been illustrated. The 20-year perspective document is a strategic program which has been arranged on the basis of


realism and

social factors.

Therefore according to the 20-year perspective plan and the overall strategies of the [4th development] program some important points have been stressed, the most important of which can be cited as

stressing the Iran's active presence on the international political arenas,

development of software technology, and

production of various branches of sciences and knowledge.

The 20-year perspective plan stresses that the Islamic Iran is a country which will rank first in the field of science, technology and economy in west and south Asia." [4]


Iran International Magazine is a publication of Iran's Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. It reported in March 2007 on a roundtable discussion of Iran's 20 Year Perspective Plan. [5]

"In that roundtable, Bijan Namdar Zangeneh, former Minister of Petroleum criticized non-compliance of some ongoing trends in the country with the 20-Year Perspective Plan and talked about the necessity of realizing the plan’s major objectives.

Dr. Seyed Safdar Hosseini, former Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance talked about the details of 20-Year Perspective Plan and the reasons behind its formulation.

Another guest was Dr. Alinaqi Mashayekhi, a faculty member at Sharif University of Technology, who discussed the 20-Year Perspective Plan and its necessity.


"Economic development is a cultural affair, which will not be meaningful as long as it has not been accepted by people," according to Zangeneh. The Perspective Plan is not a state-run affair; rather it’s a national one. Thus, its implementation hinges on the evolution of a national understanding. That understanding starts among the elite and should spread down to ordinary people. Therefore, the first requirement is nationalization of the plan, which has been largely ignored.

In this light, Zangeneh criticized the state television for not paying due attention to this issue. He questioned in what part of the country it has been explained and which state official talks about the perspective?

The plan should be "discussed in the society and should even be taught. The textbooks should contain something on it since the beginning of education. This is not a responsibility for the government, but should be done through a national will. It should be followed by a national effort. Everybody should do its part. The Perspective Plan ensures future prosperity of Iran."

Moreover, he mentioned that one of the main goals of the Perspective Plan is to show that we are proud of being Iranians. Therefore, there should be more emphasis on this from the educational sector as well.

"I don’t think that our educational system has been attuned to the perspective’s objectives. Therefore, our graduates may not be able to create comparative advantage [vis-a-vis other countries] for us. I think we must work to realize the perspective’s goals. We must strictly observe our responsibility for the realization of the plan’s goals. That is, if we take all cultural steps, but officials fail to observe their responsibility, the goals of the plan will not be achieved."

Repeat that last part, please.

"...if we take all cultural steps, but officials fail to observe their responsibility, the goals of the plan will not be achieved."

See for yourself:

[1] Formation of the Supreme Board for Arbitration and Coordination
26/07/2011 ... ew&id=1496

[2] President: Government ready to cooperate with arbitration board
05/05/1390 - 13:29

[3] Larijani voices Majlis readiness to cooperate with arbitration body
2011/07/26 23:03

[4] Three Decades Of The Islamic Revolution
Sunday, 19 April 2009 14:43 ... nt&print=1

[5] Requirements and Necessities
March 2007, No. 43 ... 0-year.htm

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