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 Post subject: Economic Jihad III
PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:43 pm 

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Economic Jihad III

Monday August 8th Leader Khamenie "met with

heads of the three branches of government [Ali Larijani, Speaker; Sadegh Ardeshir Larijani, Chief Justice; Mahmoud Ahmadinenejad, President],

chairman of the Assembly of Experts [Mahdavi Kani],

cabinet members, members of the Majlis,

military commanders and government officials from different organizations of the country." [1]

This big meeting is a followup to Khamenie's establishment July 26th of the Supreme Board for Arbitration and Coordination Between the Three Branches of Government. [2]

Khamenie points out that

[1] "Iran's international dignity is increasing";

[2] "hatred towards America [The Superpower] is increasing in the region and [in] the world";

[3] "Iran's international dignity is the result of the insistence of the people and government officials on the main principles, values and slogans of the [1979] Revolution."

Khamenie reminds the government officials:

"There are certain people who want to say Iran's international prestige has decreased because the Islamic Republic has insisted on its principles.

This is while at certain points when our government officials backed down against the west, their [The Superpower and its followers'] responses grew harsher and more insulting."

Khamenie reiterates:

"At a certain point, our government officials even praised American government officials, but the dim-witted US President labeled the Islamic Republic of Iran as ‘Axis of Evil' immediately afterwards."

There's no shortage of dimwits in either country!

Khamenie stresses:

"Whenever the Islamic Republic backed down against America and Europe [The Superpower and its European hangers-on], they grew more insolent and

whenever the Islamic Republic insisted on its revolutionary slogans and principles, the dignity of the Islamic Republic was increased."

Moving on:

"America [The Superpower] and certain western powers invaded Afghanistan and Iraq in order to besiege Iran, but today they are stuck in a quagmire in these two countries and they have been besieged."

Unfortunately, the Coordination Between Dimwits is active:

the Salehi-ites are buddying up to The Superpower's puppet Afghanistan and

the Salehi-ites are buddying up to The Superpower's puppet Iraq.

This buddying up detracts from Iran's international dignity.

A glance at history:

"...after the death of Stalin and Khrushchev's advent to power, vacillations and deviations appeared again in the line of the French Communist Party and the stands of its leaders.

These vacillations were apparent as early as 1954, in its attitude towards the liberation war of the Algerian people. What did the French Communist Party do to assist this war? It waged only a propaganda war and nothing more.

It was its DUTY to display its internationalism towards the liberation war IN DEEDS, because in this way it would have fought for the freedom of the French people too." [3]

Returning to Khomeinie at the big meeting:

"In order to reach a correct and realistic view of the situation of the country [Iran], it is necessary to take current conditions of the region and the world into consideration.

This is because the current wave of Islamic Awakening in the region, the economic crisis that has plagued the west and the emergence of extremist [?] movements in the west have been unprecedented since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution."

The existence of such unprecedented conditions in the region and the world has presented the Islamic Republic with a great opportunity.

In the absence of a realistic evaluation of the conditions of the country [Iran], this opportunity may be ruined or turned into a threat."


Example: the Salehi-ites may seize on the word "extremist" to refuse actual help to ALL those fighting for freedom, thus detracting from Iran's international dignity yet again.

Khamenie adds "that certain newspapers promote pessimism with ulterior motives."

That's why Rafsanjani, a member of the Assembly of Experts, advises reporters --on the same day as the big meeting-- "to avoid basing their news reports on rumors, lies, and false allegations."

MNA reports: "He also said that concealing and distorting realities will undermine people’s confidence in officials and domestic media and will encourage them to turn to foreign [Superpower] media outlets.

He added that a true reporter should try to raise people’s awareness to facilitate the country’s progress." [4]

But the next day...

"Tehran, Aug 9, IRNA – A ceremony commemorating Reporter's Day opened in the presence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran on Tuesday."

"Several high-ranking Iranian officials including

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hosseini and

Presidential Advisor for Media Affairs and current head of IRNA Ali-Akbar Javanfekr as well as

Iran's Vice-President for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammad-Reza Mir-Tajeddini

are accompanying the President."

"Iran marks Reporter's Day on Aug 8, annually, coinciding with the martyrdom anniversary of IRNA reporter Mahmoud Saremi, who was killed along with eight Iranian diplomats, when the Iranian consulate in Afghanistan's Mazar Sharif, was taken by Taliban forces in 1998." [5]

Mazar Sharif is Afghanistan's fourth largest city. It's in the northrn part of the country. In 1998 that part of the country was held by the Northern Alliance of warlords.

The troops of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan were clearing the country of Superpower- and Russian-backed warlords. The Iranian dimwits were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Commemorating stupidity is the opposite of "raising Iranian people's awareness to facilitate the country’s progress."

In fact it's another


for Khamenie

and for Iran.

See for yourself:

[1] Supreme Leader: “Iran’s International Dignity Is Increasing”

08/08/2011 ... 0&Itemid=2

[2] Formation of the Supreme Board for Arbitration and Coordination

26/07/2011 ... &Itemid=16

[3] Enver Hoxha. *Eurocommunism Is Anti-Communism.* Tirana, 1980. English edition. Page 94. I capitalized "duty" and "in deeds." ... env2-1.htm

[4] Rafsanjani advises reporters to follow code of conduct

19:21 , 8/8/2011 ... ID=1378845

[5] Reporter's Day ceremony opens in Tehran

18/05/1390 - 12:46

For territories at about that time of [a] the Northern Alliance warlords; [b] the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, see:

On this map, Mazar Sharif is in warlord Dostum's part of the warlord alliance.

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