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Author:  jaspar2002us [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:17 pm ]
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President al-Assad Issues Legislative Decree No. 107 for 2011 on Local Administration Law

Aug 23, 2011

The law has five goals.

The first goal is applying decentralization of authorities and responsibilities and placing them in the hands of the people to achieve democracy, while

the second goal is establishing administrative units capable of devising and implementing development plans for local communities efficiently and effectively.

The third goal is boosting financial revenues of administrative locals to enable them to pursue their developmental and services roles, and

the fourth goal is improving society on local levels and achieving balance growth and equal opportunities among areas through cooperation among administrative units, while

the fifth goal is simplifying procedures for providing services to citizens via establishing services centers.


US, UK, French forces land in Libya

Several hundred “defence advisors” to support anti-Ghadafi Forces

by Akhtar Jamal

Pakistan Observer

This newsstory was picked up by Global Research [>] February 28, 2011. ... &aid=23426

Global Research Editor's Note

This report by the Pakistan Observer is unconfirmed. [back then in February]

Google cached it: ...

(disregard current date in header)

Islamabad—The United States, Britain and France have sent several hundred “defence advisors” to train and support the anti-Gadhafi forces in oil-rich Eastern Libya where “rebels armed groups” have apparently taken over.

According to an exclusive report confirmed by a Libyan diplomat in the region “the three Western states have landed their “special forces troops in Cyrinacia and are now setting up their bases and training centres” to reinforce the rebel forces who are resisting pro-Qaddafi forces in several adjoining areas.


[Imperial] India sending 3 warships in support

Cyrenaica [the correct spelling]:


Note the new:

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