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 Post subject: Some More Newsstories
PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:20 pm 

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Aug 25, 5:57 PM EDT

Rebels lay siege to Gadhafi forces in Tripoli ... 5-17-57-56

The streets where rebel fighters bombarded snipers loyal to Moammar Gadhafi were strewn with bullet-ridden corpses from both sides Thursday. Streams of blood ran down the gutters and turned sewers red.

By sundown the rebels appeared to have won the battle for the Abu Salim neighborhood, next to Gadhafi's captured Tripoli compound, but the fallen dictator continued to elude them.

Speaking from an unknown location, he exhorted his supporters to fight on.


Gadhafi troops in Tripoli lay seige to NATO terrorists

The streets...were strewn with bullet-ridden corpses from both sides Thursday. Streams of blood ran down the gutters and turned sewers red.

By sundown the Gadhafi troops appeared to have won the battle for the Abu Salim

Speaking to patriotic Libyans, the Leader exhorted his supporters to fight on.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Central Role of U.S. and NATO Forces in the Invasion of Tripoli ... es-in.html

Despite claims that the rebels are carrying out the carnage, imperialism is the real force behind the genocidal war in North Africa


U.S. May Snap Up Qaddafi’s Missiles in Mali Black Market to Soak Up Supply

Aug 25, 2011 4:13 PM ET ... upply.html

The potential proliferation of Libyan small arms, portable weapons, and old artillery shells [>] that can be made into roadside bombs is a threat the U.S. considers serious and has taken urgent steps to combat


The dead end of globalisation looms before our youth

Thursday 25 August 2011 21.00 BST ... youth-rage

As Forbes magazine, that well-known socialist tool, describes it, protesters everywhere are driven by "the conviction that the power structure, corporate and government, work together to screw the broad middle class" (and the working class too, whose distress is not usually examined in Forbes).


The Financial Times, which recently compared India's oligarchic business families to Russia's mafia-capitalists, pointed out two weeks ago that "the 10 largest business families in Israel own about 30% of the stock market value" while one quarter of Israeli families live below the poverty line.

The background of a threat

The Superpower considers serious


Aug 25, 11:33 AM EDT

Low rates squeeze savers and may hold back economy ... 5-11-33-19

Super-low interest rates haven't done what they usually do after a recession. They haven't ignited economic growth or revived the home market or persuaded consumers to spend freely again.

They have, though, caused misery for retirees and others who depend on interest income. Such income plummeted 27 percent from 2008 to last year.




August 25, 2011

Steve Jobs and the Essence of America ... america-3/

When I heard today that Steve Jobs was resigning, I noticed tears welling up in my eyes. It is not that Steve was the “greatest CEO of all time” as MSNBC says he was. It was not that he resurrected a company that was once in danger of going under and worth only $10 million—later to become the most valued company in the United States. It was not that Steve knew how to run a corporation correctly (it has a market capitalization of $400 billion and has $78 billion in cash, not debt.)

And it was not that Steve had a sense of what his employees needed and that he was empathic, gave them a luxurious campus, benefits, a gourmet cafeteria, and asked no more of them than to give their all and to be as creative as they could.

No, it boils to down to something far simpler. Steve Jobs made me happy!



NATO’s secret armies linked to terrorism?

by [>] Daniele Ganser



At a time when experts are debating whether NATO is suited to deal with the global “war on terror”, new research suggests that the alliance’s own secret history has links to terrorism.



Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan military operations

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Among which,

Imam and 4 civilians martyred by American criminals Aug. 25 – Reports from Khas Uruzgan district say that last night, a Mujahideen attack on those US invaders which landed by helicopters in Shali Nawa area triggered a 1 hour gun battle during which the invaders took on deadly casualties

after which, the criminal American troops shot and martyred 5 innocent civilians including a mosque imam as revenge.

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