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 Post subject: Some More Newsstories
PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:14 pm 

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The time has arrived where we must understand the realities of the dark forces amongst us.

Sep 12, 6:23 AM EDT

Afghan [puppet] militias, [puppet] police accused of abuses ... 2-06-23-10

Afghan [puppet] militias and some units of a U.S. [Superpower]-backed local [puppet] police force have been committing abuses [terrorism], including stealing from homes during raids and beating residents, Human Rights Watch said Monday.

It was the second international report outlining [duh] alleged abuses by Afghan [puppet] forces that NATO [The Superpower] has promised to investigate.


October, 1943


Signed by President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Premier Stalin.

The United Kingdom, the United States and the Soviet Union have received from many quarters evidence of atrocities, massacres and cold-blooded mass executions which are being perpetrated by Hitlerite forces in many of the countries they have overrun and from which they are now being steadily expelled.

The brutalities of Nazi domination are no new thing, and all peoples or territories in their grip have suffered from the worst form of government by terror.

What is new is that many of the territories are now being redeemed by the advancing armies of the liberating powers, and that in their desperation the recoiling Hitlerites and Huns are redoubling their ruthless cruelties. This is now evidenced with particular clearness by monstrous crimes on the territory of the Soviet Union which is being liberated from Hitlerites, and on French and Italian territory.

Accordingly, the aforesaid three Allied powers, speaking in the interest of the thirty-two United Nations, hereby solemnly declare and give full warning of their declaration as follows:

At the time of granting of any armistice to any government which may be set up in Germany, those German officers and men and members of the Nazi party who have been responsible for or have taken a consenting part in the above atrocities, massacres and executions will be sent back to the countries in which their abominable deeds were done in order that they may be judged and punished according to the laws of these liberated countries and of free governments which will be erected therein.

Lists will be compiled in all possible detail from all these countries having regard especially to invaded parts of the Soviet Union, to Poland and Czechoslovakia, to Yugoslavia and Greece including Crete and other islands, to Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Italy.

Thus, [>] Germans who take part in [>] wholesale shooting of Polish officers or in the execution of French, Dutch, Belgian or Norwegian hostages[,] of Cretan peasants, or who have shared in slaughters inflicted on the people of Poland or in territories of the Soviet Union which are now being swept clear of the enemy,

will know they will be brought back to the scene of their crimes and judged on the spot by the peoples whom they have outraged.

Let those who have hitherto not imbued their hands with innocent blood beware lest they join the ranks of the guilty, for most assuredly the three Allied powers will pursue them to the uttermost ends of the earth and will deliver them to their accusors in order that justice may be done.

Nobody laughed then.

Now they guffaw.

URL to:


The time has arrived where we must understand the realities of the dark forces amongst us.

12 September 2011 Last updated at 11:17 ET

France nuclear: Marcoule site explosion kills one

blast...caused by a fire near a furnace in the Centraco radioactive waste storage site

(updates to follow)

The time has arrived where we must understand the realities of the dark forces amongst us.

French banks hit as SocGen ditches assets

PARIS | Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:41am EDT ... US20110912

Societe Generale said it would cut costs and sell assets to free up 4 billion euros in fresh capital on Monday, although the surprise move failed to stem a sell-off in French bank shares, driven by fears of a Greek debt default.

A rapid decline in French bank stock prices since the beginning of the summer has led to speculation that the French state may have to intervene and recapitalize its banks, in the same way as the British and other governments were forced to during the first wave of the financial crisis.


(updates to follow)

The time has arrived where we must understand the realities of the dark forces amongst us.

Five die in Italy firework factory explosion

Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:14pm GMT ... I720110912


(updates to follow)

The time has arrived where we must understand the realities of the dark forces amongst us.

Pro-Gaddafi forces kill 17 at Libya oil refinery

RAS LANUF, Libya | Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:19pm EDT ... I820110912

"We cannot give up Libya to colonization one more time ... There is nothing more to do except fight until victory."


(updates to follow)

The time has arrived where we must understand the realities of the dark forces amongst us.

S.Africa's Malema found guilty of hate speech

Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:54pm GMT ... 12?sp=true

South Africa's firebrand ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema was found guilty on Monday of hate speech for singing an apartheid-era song that called for the killing of white farmers.

He sang "Shoot the Boer" at a number of public events last year.

His regular calls to nationalise mines and seize white-owned land have unnerved investors but struck a chord with poor blacks who see him as a future leader of Africa's biggest economy.


The time has arrived where we must understand the realities of the dark forces amongst us.

New generations in Europe tipping into homelessness

Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:28pm GMT ... 12?sp=true

Officials say the number of homeless in Greece has increased about 20-25 percent in two years, a staggering rise in a country where adult children often live with their parents and pensions traditionally go to supporting young families.

It's a statistic that resonates across many European countries laid low by the one-two punch of recession and austerity, as rising unemployment, shortages of affordable housing and social benefit cuts push more people over the edge and affect people who thought they were immune.


Dmitry Medvedev's address at the plenary session of the Global Policy Forum

8 September 2011, 15:00, Yaroslavl

[The main theme of the Forum was The Modern State in the Age of Social Diversity]

"In my view, the state’s efforts must be concentrated, first and foremost, on overcoming widespread poverty. We have already done much in this respect. Let me remind you that in 1992, one third of our people had an income that put them below the poverty line, and in 2000, when I began to work in the Government, that rate was 29 percent, while by 2010 this share had decreased to just over 12 percent. That is progress.

Still, we cannot leave it at that.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of this year a sharp increase in prices on global markets caused the situation to deteriorate. Today, this figure has become higher; it already stands at about 15 percent.

This means that we are not fully managing this situation, which indicates that we have problems.

Besides, if we are to talk frankly, even people who earn somewhat more than the very minimum nevertheless lead very difficult lives. We understand that these indicators are merely points of reference for whatever countries."

NOTE: The widespread poverty was the result of the collapse of the Khrushchov (with or without Khrushchov) fake Soviet Union. The Superpower eagerly pushed the collapse over the brink, which in due time led some of the Russian oligarchs to organize and finance the 911 payback-plus.

Medvedev frankly confesses his supercapitalist nature:

The sanctity of private property, regardless of its size, must be guaranteed, even if it frustrates someone.

And he expresses the oligarchs' Great Fear:

Progressive economic stratification, which may have been less evident in the period of economic growth, has lead to acute conflicts between the rich and the poor during the downturn.

I believe the extremist [genuine] class struggle doctrine [Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism] is being revived in many regions of the world; there are riots and [duh] terrorist attacks, and some countries are torn by very real civil wars.

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