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 Post subject: Profanity by Cheney was uncalled for
PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2004 10:43 am 

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:arrow: I was greatly disgusted to read about the conduct of the vice-president last week towards a member of Congress. That news was followed by an article revealing how the once-civil attitudes in Congress are deteriorating, and members are openly hostile to one another. At a time when the FCC is putting fines on radio and television personalities for obscenities and suggestive behavior, the vice-president undoes what little progress that has been made towards restoring common decency in our public attitudes towards each other. Not only did he own up to using an obscenity, he was almost bragging as he said he felt better after he did it! I realize that he's a human being like anyone else and subject to fits of temper, but he also needs to realize that he is supposed to uphold a higher standard of behavior. We American's are trying to show the world that we're not the sadistic and barbaric people that we're accused of being, but our political leaders can drag us down to that level with just a few thoughtless words. I have to wonder if a man who has such little control of his tongue is able to be politically effective. I hope he's able to maintain his composure for the rest of his term, let's also hope he's not re-elected. At the very least he should apologize for his un-professional conduct. :(


 Post subject: He's disgusting...
PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2004 3:25 pm 
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Don't hold your breath, scootiedude, for anyone in this administration to behave correctly...they don't know how! Their arrogance and stupidity have been as "catching" as the flu and about as devestating over time.

I think one of the reasons the attitudes in Congress are deteriorating is that this administration has led so many members around by their collective noses for a long time, including some intelligent Democrats. It must be very frustrating for many of them.

If you're a member of Congress, it must be hard to acknowledge to the person in the mirror that you've voted affirmative to allow a President to wage a war based on lies and half-truths..that you've sent young men and women to their unnecessary deaths so this same President can swagger around, smirking and stuttering, acting like a self-appointed messiah, that you've opened the door to mass hatred of your country by former friends and allies, and in doing so, have also made your country more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Yes, our Democratic candidate for President voted the same way, but like so many others, he believed in the integrity of the Presidential office, failing to see until it was too late that the man currently occupying that office has no integrity...doesn't even know the meaning of the word. But, at least Kerry is trying to correct the mistake in his bid to take over the office himself and try to salvage something of our former leadership status as a nation among the rest of the world.

We cannot expect this President's closest colleague to be different. Indeed, I'd wager Cheney is even more of a charlatan than Bush is...look at his Halliburton connections.

AND, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...ever! :P

Cheney will look worse and worse now that Kerry has chosen the young and charismatic John Edwards as his running mate. Bush may even dump favor of McCain...who knows?


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