Iraq's Insurgents
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Author:  Channel Zero [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 2:41 am ]
Post subject:  Iraq's Insurgents

Though, I don't think all the "insurgents" are Iraqi good old boys, this article does shed a different on "the enemy".

Bush likes to claim the troops are their to fight for the freedom of the Iraqi people. And it might turn-out that these Iraqi people are fighting the US to be free (of the US).

What Connors and Bingham discovered has been corroborated by Department of Defense reports, which found that over 70 percent of the attacks in Iraq from 2004 to 2007 targeted U.S.-led coalition forces, and by BBC/ABC polls, which said all the Iraqis polled disapprove of attacks on civilians, but the majority approve of attacks on the U.S. troops.

"What the U.S. is facing in Iraq is highly nationalistic," Connors said. "It's not an issue of outside forces coming in to try and screw up an American project."

Iraq's Insurgents Are Ordinary People
By Emily Wilson, AlterNet. Posted January 11, 2008.

A new film delves inside Iraqis' reasons for getting involved in the violent resistance movement.

Molly Bingham says the information most people in America are getting about the insurgents who oppose the U.S. backed occupation of Iraq is very different from what she found when she talked with those insurgents.

"There are two impressions we seem to have here," Bingham said. "The first one is the majority of violence is against civilians, and they are on the brink of a huge civil war, and the Sunnis and Shias hate each other, and the Americans are standing between these two groups that are just going to kill each other. The next one is that the people fighting against us are some radical fringe group who can be isolated and killed."

After 10 months of interviewing insurgents, Bingham, an American photojournalist, and Steve Connors, a British photojournalist and former soldier, found that these impressions aren't true. The insurgency is mostly ordinary Iraqis. Doing the interviews for their documentary Meeting Resistance, Bingham says they tried to approach the subject with no preconceptions.

Author:  dori [ Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:11 am ]
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I keep wondering why people look at our forefathers fighting the English as heroes, men and women to be respected--yet look at Iraqis who want their country back as 'terrorists'.

Author:  DO.g's [ Sat Jan 19, 2008 2:04 pm ]
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Once you're stuck within a thought process it is hard to see any other options- your facts make you blind to reality.

Such is their sane view from the West- it refuses to see what it is being spoonfed as fact, that is really just bullshit, spiced up cooked and served with garnish to make it seem more than it is- a pile of shit that is no different than what we went through to secure our freedoms. Murder, theft and stories to reinforce that bullshit is really good for you.

It's enough to makes you ignore reality.

Our forefathers were insurgents at best and terrorists- just like the British were- to the world. So America is copying this and creating the ultimate plate of crap and we're supposed to swallow this bullshit story too.

The superpower that is dictating our diet of information learns from its predecessor how it is done and just uses the same techniques to create their version of change. That change is based in bullshit and is the one constant factor that people possess to feed each other so their version of what shit is smells better than someone elses. Truth is, it all comes from assholes and we have a solid group at the top that really knows how to dish it out over and over again.

The saddest part is, that each time we forget it's just crap we're swallowing and the fecal matter is spread for one and all to believe wherever its odiferous smell should rise up. The aroma from America is unbelievably officious bullshit and is a self sustaining cyclical cloud obscuring the truth from its own people. But the rest of the world sees it and smells it.

More American BS.(My dads favorite saying) Well it is America's turn as top of the pile sooooo.... they deserve to wear this ignorance like a vest they wear proudly- a vest- nurtured, shaped and crafted over many centuries- made of crap. Perhaps the symbolism of the coat of many cholera's, is the kind of dung that started it all.

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