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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:27 pm 
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The two kinds of conspiracies -
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The CIA rendition teams sent to Milan and Munich were similar:

1. both were rather large (26 identified in Milan and 13 in Munich);
2. both lived the high life in luxury hotels while they awaited their respective missions;
3. both (mostly) used fake identities;
4. both showed deplorably sloppy tradecraft, making it easy for local authorities to track them down;
5. both committed the crime of kidnapping as part of the rendition process.

The 9–11 hijacking crew was also large (19), lived more frugally than the CIA agents (but also had bouts of excess), used fake identities, were very sloppy (but less so than the CIA agents), and were in place preparing to commit a crime. The differences seem to be connected with the fact that the rendition missions were conducted outside of the United States, leading to a reduced need for building walls between American officialdom and its thug employees.

I don’t want to over-generalize, but there was a sea change in the conduct of American conspiracies after Iran-Contra. It became apparent that it was impossible to claim any kind of plausible deniability if the apprehended conspirators were government employees, or obviously working for government employees. Ollie North was dangerously close to Reagan-Bush. People went to jail, or almost went to jail. The old method of ‘hiding in plain sight’ by having the media cast a trail of disinformation was no longer safe. It was thus decided to contract out the actual workings of the conspiracies. The conspirators in government would hire a third party contractor to hire the criminals and run the operation. If anyone was caught, there would be no easy way to tie the conspiracy back to anyone in the American government. I note that the history of this idea goes back to using organized crime to commit crimes for government agents, a method which didn’t always work very well.

The opening attempt at the new kind of conspiracy was the first attack on the World Trade Center. The contracting out worked, but FBI connection to the conspiracy led to a lot of questions being asked. A more successful example was Oklahoma City, but again it took intentional blindness by the mainstream media to avoid seeing the many inconsistencies in the Official Story. Andy Strassmeier was a loose end that was dealt with by just ignoring him. Timothy McVeigh was, however, your classic ‘new conspiracy’ employee, with no obvious links to anyone important.

By the time we got to September 11, they had polished up the workings of the second kind of conspiracy. There were still a lot of problems, which were dealt with by having the mainstream media avoid looking too closely (Hopsicker reports that Florida witnesses were told by the FBI not to talk to anyone about what they knew). The key point of the ‘new conspiracy’ remains that there is no way to connect any of the identified criminals with any government authorities. The wall is created by having a contractor run the conspiracy.

>--Cont--> Scroll down to second story.

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