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 Post subject: The heroes....
PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 3:09 pm 
Lots to Say
Lots to Say

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Since 9/11 there has been much made of the police and how they are protecting us from the terrorists. the Iraq war drags on...much is heard about "supporting the troops".

But is there another side to the coin...and other "truths" about the police and the military you should know?

Here are a few...

* The proposed U.S. military spending for FY 2008 is larger than military spending by all of the other nations in the world combined. So which country could be seen as the greatest threat in the world?

* Around 2/3s of the military voted Republican in the '96 Presidential election....later years after 2001 have probably seen a higher % voting Republican....I'd guess in the 75% range.

You won't easily finds the "facts" on this issue and you will find misinformation. Why isn't the data available?

* The police and the military are "enablers" that they enable the aggressive foreign and domestic policies of the US government....which seem to primarily serve corporate interests?


* Those in the military have placed themselves in a kind of voluntary/involuntary Stockholm Syndrome situation...where they have tended to indentify with their captors...during basic training and later.

This does not include the seemingly endless indoctrination during school years.

* The emphasis in the military is on the buddy system...where the decisions...stress and emotions of risky situations is focused on a soldiers survival and that of his fellow soldiers...not on moral or political issues. They are "drones" trained to do what they are told?

* Those who join the military have a certain personality type...if there were no wars...the whole process would need to be invented to keep them happy? They are told and they think they are doing you a great favor and service...and believe they will come back as a hero.

* Many cops were once in the military. The police have increasingly become more militarized.


http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf ... e16058.htm


* added comments *

"Soldiers and Imperial Presidents

By Charles Sullivan

01/03/06 "Information Clearing House" -- -- The vast majority of
those who serve in the United States military probably do so with the
best of intentions and with honor. The belief that they are defending
their country from foreign attackers and doing their patriotic duty
as citizens is persistently reinforced. Military service is one of
America’s sacred cows; it is something that is rarely questioned and
is surrounded by an invisible aura of nobility. No one, especially
those who serve, wants to think of their time in the military as
anything less than honorable and worthy of glorification.

But the trouble with sacred cows is that they tend to preclude
critical examination and often escape the scrutiny of rational
thinking and moral judgments. The premise of honorary military
service thus goes virtually unchallenged, and often becomes the
essence of dogma. But it seems to me that anyone contemplating a
military career, especially since it may require killing other human
beings and broad scale environmental destruction, should do so with
open eyes and clear senses. They need to know who they are serving
and whose interests they are protecting.

There is no escaping the fact that the U.S. is an imperialist nation
conceived in genocide and racism that has continued through the ages,
and worsened with the rise of modern technology and weaponry. With
the advent of smart bombs came stupid and immoral leaders. Our litany
of crimes against earth and humanity are concealed under layers of
moral language, but the actual deeds belie the intent behind what is
being done in our name. Ignorance, however, does not absolve anyone
from culpability.

Anyone considering military service should deliberate upon the
promises proffered by recruiters with extreme skepticism. Recruiters
are trained to exalt war as the highest expression of patriotism and
love of country; when, in fact, it is often the most debasing
expression of our humanity that makes a shallow mockery of real
service to god and country. The war resister and the conscientious
objector may be the true patriot.

I will make no effort to conceal my contempt for military recruiters
who prey upon unsuspecting and inexperienced youth, especially the
poor and economically disadvantaged. No parent should expose their
children to these predators. Recruiters are the moral equivalent of
ambulance chasers, and they should be accorded no more respect than
them, or the corporate con men who sell us goods that are detrimental
to our health. These people are not concerned about the welfare of
our children or the country; they are the representatives of
imperialism, empire, and Plutocracy; and they are in search of cannon

Marketing militarism and war to society at large is no different than
selling potato chips laced with trans-fats or carcinogenic chemicals,
without regard to public health and its attendant social costs. It is
all about managing public perception and providing widening profit
margins to the corporations that are running the government. To hell
with the public welfare and moral pronouncements, the plantation
owner demands blood sacrifices as a show of loyalty and gratitude.

* There are strong similarities between Israel and the US? Both involve genocide to near genocide and a land grab. Israel has "Zionism". The US has "Manifest Destiny". Both involve ideas of political/religious/military domination.*

* I'd have to say that one of the underlying reasons for the United States it's perpetual wars is that of always having a loyal & trained group of "heros" to keep the rest of us in line politically and otherwise. *

Thus it is not surprising that military sacrament is couched in the
language of service to country, patriotism, and other noble causes
that are as divorced from reality as the President is removed from
sanity. The hypocrisy of righteous language contrasted to the actual
deed is readily apparent to anyone who knows history. It is
propaganda in the purest and most lethal form.

No doubt, the millions of men and women working in the armed forces
today do so in the belief that they are heroically serving their
country, as well as the cause of freedom and democracy. But in fact,
they are serving the ruling clique, the Illuminati, and a few
thousand wealthy investors, which represent less than 0.02% of the
population. There must be no confusion that the financial interests
of Halliburton, Bechtel, and the Bush dynasty are not the interests
of America’s citizens, especially those in the armed forces.

* Seems that in a true democracy...foreign policy should ultimately be
determined by the citizens...since the citizens evnetually bear the brunt of the
consequences of said policies? *

There is nothing noble or moral about invading defenseless sovereign
nations and killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of
innocent human beings. There is no morally justifiable way of making
occupation and the outright theft of natural capital, such as oil,
respectable or gallant. Genocide and theft are crimes against
humanity, regardless how the corporate advertisers and public
relations firms couch them; and the military is complicit in the
commission of those crimes, whether they are ignorant of their role
in them or not.

* I've heard the expression..."join the will make you into a man"
or variations of it...many times. Those in the military are societies trained
killers that are not only socially accepted, but are called "heros" on their
return. The so called "respect" for the military & police is actually more
a fear of bullies? *

Consider, for example, the role the military has traditionally played
in carrying out the plans of one imperial president after another. We
have troops permanently stationed in 135 nations protecting America’s
corporate interests from democracy. Stifling democracy is quite
different from nurturing it. Either most of our presidents are
pathological liars or they do not know the difference between
nurturing and destroying. America’s record of imperialism speaks for
itself; and it is something that, when critically examined, is not
easily mistaken for anything other than what it is.

Similarly, the bogus war on terror is a contradiction in terms, as
historian Howard Zinn has so aptly pointed out. War is terrorism.
Terrorism begets terrorism, and nothing but terrorism. War does not,
and cannot ever lead to peace.

Aided by the CIA and death squads trained at the School of the
America’s at Fort Benning, Georgia, the U.S. has crushed one
fledgling democracy after another and replaced them with brutally
oppressive right wing dictatorships friendly to American corporations
and financial investors. Let us recall that Saddam Hussein was our
man in Iraq until he converted from the dollar to the euro. From Iran
to Chile there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cases that could be
cited. For a more detailed analysis of these incursions, I refer
readers to William Blum’s provocative book, Killing Hope: U.S.
Military and CIA Interventions since World War Two.

Let us assume that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq is a
fairly typical example of imperial policies that have been in vogue
for well over a century. Like previous military actions, the invasion
of Iraq was based upon a litany of lies set forth by the president
and his cabinet, and carried forth in the corporate media. Iraq did
not pose a threat to America or to the interests of the American
people, and both the President and the commercial media knew it.
Their intent was to deceive and to garner support for unconscionable
acts of aggression and terror that are not in the people’s interest.

Thus our armed forces are in Iraq under false pretenses that have
nothing to do with spreading democracy or liberating oppressed people
from tyranny. They are there for reasons that are as nefarious as
they are treasonous. More than anyone, the men and women in the armed
forces need to know why they are in Iraq and what is expected of them
by the commander in chief.

The Plutocratic interests in Iraq may be summarized as the use of
technologically advanced military forces and high tech weaponry that
provide incalculable wealth to a privileged few. In this context,
soldiers are nothing more than a means to and end; a Machiavellian
way of socializing costs and privatizing profits—the ultimate in
corporate welfare. Well over $50 billion in profits have been hauled
out of Iraq by 150 U.S. corporations, including the privatization of
lucrative Iraqi oil. The profits and the death toll continue to rise

To date, some 700,000 Iraqi people have died in the war and
occupation, and the violence is rapidly escalating. Most of the dead
are civilians, many of them women and children. Over 3,000 American
soldiers have died on the basis of lies and thousands more are
permanently maimed and traumatized—all to enhance the bottom line of
America’s wealthiest and most privileged elite.

It is not well publicized in the western mainstream media that
fourteen permanent military bases are under construction in Iraq. The
occupation is growing deep tap roots that are drawing the life, and
the oil, out of the region, and consuming it in a firestorm of
self-perpetuating violence.

President Bush and his kind, always eager to exploit a photo
opportunity, frequently pay homage to the troops stationed around the
world and in return garner their respect and admiration, neither of
which is deserved. Placing soldiers in peril when there is no threat
to America or to national security is an expression of utter contempt
for them; it is a treasonous offense worthy of the most severe
punishment short of execution.

Aside from photo ops, Bush and his wealthy brethren do not associate
with enlisted men, whose petty lives transpire far below the lofty
socio-economic status the elite were born into. Enlisted men and
women are permitted to wipe the cow dung from the president’s cowboy
boots, but they are not allowed to wear them or travel in the same
social circles as their owner.

The parasites that are running the country produce nothing, and have
no more loyalty to the American people or to the Constitution than
Frito-Lay or Halliburton. Their only allegiance is to accruing ever
more wealth and power to themselves by all possible means, including
war. You see, America is also an occupied country.

Neither the Iraqi nor American people’s interest is served by the
military industrial complex. War is never in the interest of those
who are fooled into fighting them. War benefits those who instigate
them and reap their financial reward from the safety of posh offices
and marbled halls. War is the century’s old tradition of peasants
doing the bidding of kings and queens. That is whose interest is
being served by our soldiers.

The truth is that soldiering is a particularly virulent manifestation
of America’s unending class war; the continued exploitation of the
working class by the ruling elite—the rich preying upon the poor. Now
the President and his accomplices in Congress intend to send even
more soldiers to Iraq, further escalating the violence, and acting
contrary to public sentiment. The lives of these men and women mean
nothing to the emperor and his minions. They are only so much
excrement to be wiped from their boots; the sacrificial lambs of
empire crawling beneath their ignoble gaze.

Despite my severe criticism, it is not my intention to disparage
either soldiers or military service. However, these men and women are
being duped and exploited, and someone has to tell them what they are
killing and dying for. It will remain for each individual to weigh
the evidence and decide whether it is right or wrong, courageous or

* On the other hand...when there is a real need for getting down and
dirty...somebody has got to do it. IMO though...this serious kind of
scenario should only occur infrequently...not be a standard reaction based
on typically false premises.

In other can't talk from a moral high ground and expect to
be taken seriously, if you never stand there long enough to say anything. *

* Don't EVER believe that these "heros" couldn't be turned on their fellow
citizens if someone in power had an excuse or just decided to. The laws are
now in place to do so at the whim of those in power. But would they really
need laws?

http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf ... e17683.htm

"A recent U.S. Army survey shows that some 40 percent of American soldiers and Marines support the use of torture as a means of gathering intelligence. Some 66 percent would refuse to turn in a fellow soldier or Marine for abusive actions against civilians, and less than 50 percent believe that noncombatants should be treated with dignity and respect. Ten percent of those surveyed actually admitted to abusing civilians and their property for no reason whatsoever. While acknowledging that this mind-set is at complete odds with official policy concerning the conduct of military personnel in a combat zone, the Pentagon did its best to portray the survey results as clear evidence that there was, in fact, “good leadership” in place, since the desires of the troops had not manifested themselves in large-scale acts of abuse or torture. True, but the survey is also clear evidence that when such abuse or torture does occur, it is not the result of a few “bad apples,” so to speak, but instead indicative of a trend that could easily spiral out of control on any given day.

The survey results should not come as a surprise to anyone. The innumerable home movies shot in Iraq and Afghanistan, some immortalized on YouTube, some in documentary film, some simply shared with friends and family, all show the same disturbing trend. Whether it is a Marine singing the lyrics to the self-written “Hadji Girl,” or soldiers speaking disparagingly about “ragheads” or “sand niggers,” or any other dehumanizing remark imaginable, the reality is our troops aren’t in Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people. We’re there to kill them and we do an extraordinarily good job. The British government recently certified as “sound” the methodologies used by the study published in the medical journal The Lancet which estimates the number of deaths (as of 2006) that can be directly attributed to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and its aftermath at 655,000. If anything, this number has grown by leaps and bounds since the study was conducted."

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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 7:10 pm 
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Gee, I hate to start out with this, cUDYXubu, because you have left a fantastic post! But our guidelines only allow one to leave five (5) paragraphs from written material. Especially anything that is copywrited. Five paragraphs and a link--always a link. Unless, of course, you are expressing an opinion which should then be labeled as your opinion.

That said, your post is right to the point! I will leave it to someone else to edit if necessary. But you have so much information that tells the plain truth, people really do need to read it.

There is nothing noble or moral about invading defenseless sovereign nations and killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent human beings. There is no morally justifiable way of making occupation and the outright theft of natural capital, such as oil, respectable or gallant. Genocide and theft are crimes against humanity, regardless how the corporate advertisers and public relations firms couch them; and the military is complicit in the commission of those crimes, whether they are ignorant of their role in them or not.

The 'job' of our media seems to be to brainwash those who are willing to accept without questioning. I keep listening for honesty, and there are bits and pieces here and there, but small and easily overrun by endless propaganda.

As I have asked before, how many times do we hear anything about PNAC, that group who had plans to invade Iraq years before the stolen 2000 election. It isn't amazing that those very people are the ones running the Bush Administration--something most people do not understand because they have never heard of the Project for a New American Century. They have no idea why we are continually told this 'war against terrorism' is going to last many, many years. Well, it was planned that way.

As you have stated, most people are not aware the United States has 14 permanent bases now in Iraq. I wonder how Americans would feel if another country were to put 14 permanent bases on American soil? How did we feel when Soviet missles were put onto Cuban soil?

We are such hypocrits! Partly because we have believed the propaganda fed to us from day one, and partly because so many of us still don't question what we are told by our corporate leaders and government (the two are intertwined pretty much, eh?)

Our local 'hero' went to Iraq and killed '8 or 9' Iraqis and it was the BEST time he has ever had in his life! Killed them in their homes. He firmly believes he is ridding the world of 'terrorists'.

I had no idea how long our country's aim was to take over the world one country at a time. I certainly didn't understand that growing up--schooled in my little town American school. It wasn't until Ronald Ray-Gun sent the Army, Navy, Air Corp, Marines and whatever else he could get his hands on to rid a little island of a handful of 'enemy' armed with pea shooters, and ended up bombing their hospital that I clearly saw we are doing something very wrong for the people of the world. For the people of our country for that matter. And our people love every minute of it!

I don't know which is worse, to be ignorant and happy, or to be aware and not able to penetrate the thick shield people have around their minds.

Thank you for your intelligent and informative post, cUDYXubu. Welcome back to tvnewslies.


Libertarianism Makes You Stupid

 Post subject: You are being programmed....
PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:13 am 
Lots to Say
Lots to Say

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http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf ... e17822.htm


"A very disturbing commercial is being shown on network television in the United States with alarming regularity. I have seen it frequently during the past few weeks on an NBC station that broadcasts from the nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

It opens with a male chorus—perhaps a military choir--singing: “Over hill, over dale; we have hit the dusty trail.” The song has the cadence of a forced march. In muted light soldiers are seen wading through fetid water with weapons aloft, while well coordinated precision military operations are unfolding all around, like a Rogers and Hammerstein musical. We are supposed to be impressed with the military and technological prowess on display, awed into admiration for it; awed into submission to it, the oracle of our times.

As a montage of war images flicker across the screen, each of them portraying military operations (none of them showing the real horrors of war); a male voice extols the virtues of technological warfare and the unification of all military branches. Air force. Navy. Marines. Army. One force. The commercial ends with the statement, “Northrop Grumman: Defining the future.”

The infomercial clearly targets a male audience. Northrop Grumman and other defense contractors are realizing staggering profits from U.S. imperial policy in the Middle East and around the globe. The social and environmental costs, as always, are born by others. This is corporate welfare in its most hideous form—socialized costs and privatized profits. It is parasitic capitalism in its most malignant incarnation. It is the kind of propaganda Americans are exposed to their every waking moment.

No one who views the advertisement is going to run out and buy an advanced weapons system from Northrop Grumman. Thus one must ponder the real purpose of the ad. The message is not designed to sell weapons systems; it was created to sell the American people on the notion of superior technological prowess, perpetual warfare and war profiteering that guarantees, for a little while longer, at least, an unsustainable way of life: ideas that have already won widespread acceptance among the slumbering masses and the willfully ignorant.

We are supposed to believe that the Military Industrial Complex, a conglomeration of defense contractors with its long poisonous tentacles firmly lodged in the gangrened flesh of government, is protecting us and our way of life from a hostile world intent on destroying both. We are supposed to see perpetual war in Orwellian terms of peace; ignorance as strength, evil as good. Destruction of the commons and our civil liberties by fascist corporatism is supposedly good for the country because it is good for the war profiteers in government and Northrop Grumman—which is only the tip of a much larger malignancy rooted deeply in the cadaverous flesh of American society.

If Northrop Grumman is indeed defining the future, America—and the world—are in deep trouble. We are witnessing the blatant militarization of our culture by the forces of darkness, the machines of misery and death."

 Post subject: The War on Terrorism?
PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2007 8:05 am 
Lots to Say
Lots to Say

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... ... fined.html


"Michel Chossudovsky on "The War on Terrorism"

No one has been more prominent or outspoken since the 9/11 attacks in the US than scholar/author/activist and Global Research web site editor Michel Chossudovsky. He began writing that evening publishing an article the next day titled "Who Is Osama Bin Laden," perhaps being the first Bush administration critic to courageously challenge the official account of what took place that day. He then updated his earlier account September 10, 2006 in an article titled "The Truth behind 9/11: Who is Osama Bin Ladin." Chossudovsky is a thorough, relentless researcher making an extraordinary effort to get at the truth no matter how ugly or disturbing.

Here's a summary of what he wrote that was included in his 2005 book titled "America's War on Terrorism (In the Wake of 9/11)" he calls a complete fabrication "based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden (from a cave in Afghanistan and hospital bed in Pakistan), outwitted the $40 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus." He called it instead what it is, in fact - a pretext for permanent "New World Order" wars of conquest serving the interests of Wall Street, the US military-industrial complex, and all other corporate interests profiting hugely from a massive scheme harming the public interest in the near-term and potentially all humanity unless it's stopped in time.

On the morning of 9/11, the Bush administration didn't miss a beat telling the world Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center (WTC) and Pentagon meaning Osama bin Laden was the main culprit - case closed without even the benefit of a forensic and intelligence analysis piecing together all potential helpful information. There was no need to because, as Chossudovsky explained, "That same (9/11) evening at 9:30 pm, a 'War Cabinet' was formed integrated by a select number of top intelligence and military advisors. At 11:00PM, at the end of that historic (White House) meeting, the 'War on Terrorism' was officially launched," and the rest is history.

Chossudovsky continued "The decision was announced (straightaway) to wage war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in retribution for the 9/11 attacks" with news headlines the next day asserting, with certainty, "state sponsorship" responsibility for the attacks connected to them. The dominant media, in lockstep, called for military retaliation against Afghanistan even though no evidence proved the Taliban government responsible, because, in fact, it was not and we knew it.

Four weeks later on October 7, a long-planned war of illegal aggression began, Afghanistan was bombed and then invaded by US forces working in partnership with their new allies - the United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan or so-called Northern Alliance "warlords." Their earlier repressive rule was so extreme, it gave rise to the Taliban in the first place and has now made them resurgent.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at"

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2007 2:37 am 
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You are leaving us posts with excellent information, cUDYXubu. Adds greatly to the knowledge we need.

Thank you, and please keep posting.


Libertarianism Makes You Stupid

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